Thank you for publishing the guest editorial from The Austin American-Statesman editorial board ("The American-Statesman on Dan Patrick censoring debate," The Daily News, July 15).

Yes, all Texans should be “deeply troubled by Patrick’s ... use of his authority ... to cancel a panel discussion at a public institution supported in part by taxpayer dollars.”

I reiterate and agree that “what Patrick gave us last week was a textbook case of real censorship, a clear case of the government stifling free speech. Patrick abused his authority. The free exchange of ideas ... is the oxygen that keeps democracy alive.”

And, sad to say, our governor is no better as he “tried to curtail an honest ... examination of our state’s history, opting for indoctrination over discourse.”

Wake up, Texans! Aren’t those hired by we the voters “messin' with Texas?"

Yes, they are.

Maris P. Helfrich


Editor's note: On Thursday, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick asked the University of Texas to assemble a panel of historians to join the authors of the book "Forget the Alamo" in discussion and debate. The university has agreed to that, according to reports.


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Carlos Ponce

July 15, 2021

AUSTIN – Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick issued the following statement today announcing that he has asked the University of Texas to host a panel to discuss the book Forget the Alamo, which purports to examine the motivation for the fight for Texas independence and the defenders of the Alamo:

“After learning that the authors of the book Forget the Alamo, which is highly critical of the defenders of the Alamo, had been scheduled to make a presentation at the Texas State History Museum without any rebuttal or critique, I immediately made sure the event was cancelled. The Texas State History Museum is overseen by the Texas State Preservation Board on which I serve, but I had not been informed that the event was being held.

“We are all interested in continued study and research on the history of Texas and the people who founded our state, but we must make certain that the information being put forward at state-sponsored events is well-researched and based in fact.

“That is not the case with Forget the Alamo, which has been debunked by a number of professional historians who point to the book’s shoddy research and selective use of facts. Virtually no respected Texas historian agrees with the thesis of this book — that the defenders of the Alamo were fighting for slavery in Texas. With its incendiary title, the authors clearly want to make Forget the Alamo another 1619 Project — a polemic posing as history which has also been debunked.

“The authors of Forget the Alamo are not historians — one is a Democrat operative and the other two are newspaper reporters.

“It is time that these writers are asked tough questions by serious historians about their research and thesis. I have asked the University of Texas if they would host a panel with the Forget the Alamo authors alongside history experts to explore the scholarship of this book, debate the facts and get to the truth. The university has agreed to host this event and I hope it will be scheduled in the next few weeks.”

Carlos Ponce

Read a review of the book from Dr. Kevin D. Roberts, historian, doctorate in American History from The University of Texas who taught U. S. and Texas History.

"Lost in the back-and-forth about the event is the fact that the book is atrocious history. ..... Far more of an anti-Texas polemic than serious history, the book is an utter disappointment." "The result is a series of glaring historical errors, each of which could have been mitigated if the authors started with the historical evidence rather than imposing onto the evidence their desired conclusion."

Don't worry, Liberal readers, he isn't kind to Dan Patrick either.

Bill Broussard

Carlos. The issue is not it’s historical correctness. Lord knows there’s zero historical correctness in any Marvel comic you might pick up or any move made about Marvel themes but no one ever expects Patrick to cancel the premier of Ant Man

The issue is a man paid as a public servant deciding for us how our tax money can be spent and what we should hear, read or think all the while being a member of a party currently seeking mass donations to sue google, Twitter and Facebook for censorship

Personally, I am aware that Bowie was active in the slave market being the outlet for Laffites captured Spanish slave ships and Travis owned slaves at one point. But I’m not aware of either bringing that despicable trade with them to Texas. Always seemed like they were doing a do-over once they came

Be that as it may, god help us if Dan Patrick us in charge of our lives content. He is one of the few people around that just looks like the owner of the hotel in the horror flicks Hostel and Hostel II but managed to bite into a lemon just before his part was filmed

Carlos Ponce

"The issue is a man paid as a public servant deciding for us how our tax money can be spent ..."

DUH, Bill, All elected officials decide for us how our tax money will be spent.

The book in question is nothing more than Critical Race Theory BS. They wanted a public forum funded by public funds to promote their book.

I personally like what Dan Patrick did. If you don't, then don't vote for him. Most Texans don't want our tax dollars spent on CRT BS .

If you do, go to a bookseller and spend YOUR own money and buy it. You may use YOUR money as you please.... but don't use my money!

Ted Gillis

If the museum directors agreed to let this author have a book event at the Alamo, then they should be allowed to so. Dan Patrick should keep out of it. He is not a historian and he is also just being a grand stander.

Carlos Ponce

"Dan Patrick should keep out of it. " Why? He's on the BOARD OF DIRECTORS that oversees the museum.

"The Bullock Museum is a division of The State Preservation Board, which also oversees the Texas State Capitol and grounds, the Texas Capitol Visitors Center, the Texas State Cemetery, and the Governor's Mansion.

The State Preservation Board

Board of Directors

The Honorable Greg Abbott - Governor, Chairman

The Honorable Dan Patrick - Lieutenant Governor, Co-Vice Chairman

The Honorable Dade Phelan - Speaker of the House, Co-Vice Chairman

The Honorable Charles Schwertner - Texas Senate

The Honorable Will Metcalf - Texas House of Representatives

Alethea Swann Bugg - Citizen Board Member"

“The Bullock was receiving increased pressure on social media about hosting the event, as well as to the museum’s board of directors (Gov Abbott being one of them) and decided to pull out as a co-host all together,” Penguin Press said in an email to the authors.

Carlos Ponce

How many "Boards of Directors" do you sit on, Ted? I sit on two. I have a say. These are not honorary and neither is the one Dan Patrick sits on. They have scheduled meetings.

Ted Gillis

Those are just honorary positions.

Gary Miller

Ted> In this case Abbott used his honorary position in a honorable manner.

Carlos Ponce

The Galveston Daily News Page 2A March 21, 1983:

"Bills on the Senate calendar would increase a long list of state fees, raising an estimated S75 million over the next two years, revise the Texas Mental Health Code to guarantee quick hearings in protective custody cases and establish the State Preservation Board to care for the Capitol and its grounds.The board, including the governor, lieutenant governor and House speaker, would hire a curator, who would prepare a master plan for restoring and preserving the Capitol. Restoration and repairs could be made only at the board's direction and only by a contractor or agency chosen by the board."


Cary Semar

There is nothing new in this controversy. I grew up in Texas, went to Texas schools all over the state. I learned the same white washed version of history that everyone else did. When I went to library and read the history books written for grownups, the truth was all there, the good, the bad, and the ugly. It has always been there, even before Dan Patrick was born.

All you had to do was look for it.

Carlos Ponce

We learned the good, the bad and the ugly of Texas history in Texas City Schools. If you missed it, too bad.

Cary Semar

It sounds like you still haven't read the history books written for grownups. When ignorance is bliss...

Carlos Ponce

I've read the texts written for grownups, Cary Semar. I minored in History in college and I'm certified to teach high school history.

Cary Semar

Carlos, with those qualifications, you should not have to consult with the Lt. Governor in order to determine what to teach or how to teach it. Politicians and educators do not always share the same views, nor should they be required to.

Carlos Ponce

"you should not have to consult with the Lt. Governor in order to determine what to teach or how to teach it."

The Texas Education Agency establishes TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) which establishes the curriculum for each subject. The State Board of Education establishes the direction of education in Texas and what is to be taught in each TEKS.

Ted Gillis

I learned Texas history in diocesan catholic schools, so what! If you stoped there you missed it. And, if Dan Patrick thinks Texas history is what’s portrayed in a John Wayne movie, then he’s a fool.

Gary Miller

History is what was done and who did it. Some, a little, of Texas History is not pretty or honorable. Just as US history is. Most of both history was done by good people for good reasons. This CRT book was written to claim there was nothing good in Texas History. The writers will not subject the book to review by real historians where it would be labeled trash. None of the defenders of the Alamo were angels but they gave their lives to delay Santa Anna long enough for Houston to gather forces knowing if Texas ever became a Soverin Nation they weren't going to live to see it..

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