While our American media is focused on a conflict between our socialists and conservatives, a more important, near civil war, is taking place in China.

The Chinese workforce has been infected by the Vietnamese version of capitalism. The communist government and capitalist workers are competing for domination.

It could be bad news for America if capitalism wins in China. A capitalist China would grow faster and surpass the United States years sooner. The Vietnam economy, by importing workers, grows faster than other Asian economies.

They advertise “your job waits here for you.” Most of their new migrant workers are educated Chinese.

Gary Miller

Texas City


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David Hardee

Absolutely correct Gary. The Afghan Taliban government is already are negotiating with China to reopen the Copper mines and exploring Lithium mining (which Afghan has the worlds largest known deposit). All while Biden's administration is mining the largest deficit in money and idiocy of bureaucrats in the world. Phooey on Biden.

Gary Miller

Yes! But Biden wants 5 or 6 trillion $ to make sure the US is third or fourth in a year or two. 90% of it salaries for bureaucrats and welfare clients. 1 dollar for a brick, ten dollars for the bureaucrat that bought it.

Charles Douglas

Gentlemen! Gentlemen! It is Joe China's duty to make money for Red China! Who will supply America with the Lithium Batteries for all the Electric Automobiles Joe China is trying to get here? Did yall say Red China? Then yall are correct! Heyyyyy! If I had a partner, I'd help him too! Look at Ole Hunter, and the Big Guy who gets ten percent! Partners to the bone!

" As Iron sharpens Iron, so shall a man sharpens the countenance of his friend." ...Proverbs 27:17

Gary Miller

Self anointed political experts say it was not Vietnam alone that ignited the free market movement in china. Hong Kong started it. They claim if free market capitalists gain full control of the Chinese economy Tiawan might ask to return to China with economic and political protections. They say rumors that China could invade Tiawan by 2025 would be eliminated it Trump is elected president in 2024.

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