Residents of Galveston County should note that our congressman, Randy Weber, voted against the Coronavirus Relief Bill (HR-6201). The bill provides free coronavirus testing, emergency family and sick leave, additional funds to states for unemployment insurance, expanded food assistance programs and removal of employment requirement for Medicaid until 2021.

Even President Trump has indicated support for the bill in this national emergency.

Weber has consistently supported the far right Republican agenda, and this is yet another example. Voters should remember this in November.

Robert Tesh



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Keith Gray

Once again, someone wants me to make a decision without all the information. So, will the author kindly let everyone know what else the bill included... I don't know, but with any emergency bill there is always pork..

Carlos Ponce

Let's see. The alternative to Randy Weber is someone who wants to shut down the petrochemical and plastics industry, costing tens of thousands of jobs in Congressional District 14 and Galveston County. I don't need a job but my friends and neighbors do.

What does Randy have to say about his vote?

"Congress will continue provide funding and legislative resources needed to ensure families and communities weather this storm. While we must address this situation, we cannot use it as an excuse to create permanent programs or government spending that will long outlast this virus. Early this morning, the House passed legislation that was not made available to Members until just minutes before the vote. I did not support it because I am not in favor of passing a bill to find out what is in it. Having said that, if it passes the Senate and becomes law, we will do everything we can to make sure it is implemented and our district receives the full benefits afforded by law."

Mike Zeller

I don't believe for one minute, Randy Weber has read every bill before he has voted on it. When it comes to an emergency, when time is of the essence, you gotta Man Up and do whatever it takes, you can deal with the consequences later. He said " if it passes the Senate and becomes law, we will do everything we can to make sure it is implemented and our district receives the full benefits afforded by law." Wow! [huh] How can he already know he would support it, if he doesn't know what's in it. [huh] Sounds like a fishy excuse to me.

Carlos Ponce

Most Bills are read aloud before the House. Rules were suspended before a vote was called this Bill H. R. 6201:

03/14/2020-12:13am House Mrs. Lowey [D - NY] moved to suspend the rules and pass the bill, as amended.

Diane Turski

Randy Weber's voting record is an embarrassment. He consistently votes however his fearless leader, Mark Meadows, tells him to vote. He might as well not be there at all since he has not shown any indication that he is representing anyone other than Meadows. Vote him OUT!!!

Carlos Ponce

Diane didn't vote for him in the past and will not vote for him in the future.... and he was still elected and re-elected. Vote for whomever you want. Congressional District 14 will re-elect him.

Ted Gillis

Carlos, just because she supports the “Green New Deal” doesn’t mean she wants to see all the existing petrochemical industry to close up shop. That has never been their goal. The green new deal is idea for a whole new industry. Those existing industries can participate in the new deal too, and become part of it. Or they can stay on the sideline and stagnate, not growing like we need them too. We need both adding more good paying jobs.

Besides, Bell is a public school teacher, and I love our public school teachers!

Carlos Ponce

Ted Gillis, I suggest you read her position. Allow me to repeat my post from Oct 7, 2018:

"I have signed the #nofossilfuel pledge to represent my commitment to prioritize the health of our families, climate, and democracy over fossil fuel industry profits." - Adrienne Bell

Apparently she's not aware that "fossil fuel" is a key industry in Texas City, La Marque all of Congressional District 14. No fossil fuels means no jobs in the petrochemical industries that employ many of the hard hard working families of our County.

"End Plastic Pollution"

Where does the plastic come from? The same petrochemical industries in this area that employs thousands and is a substantial part of the tax base of Congressional District 14.

Let's give the people of Galveston County and Congressional District 14 the NO BELL Prize. She's not for us.

Additional: I am a retired public school teacher, taught 32 years in Galveston County public ISDs.

Randy Weber's wife was a public school teacher.

Did you love us too?[love]

Jim Forsythe

The House voted 363-40

Ted Gillis

Yes I do Carlos

Kimberley Jones Yancy

Wow! As a former Intern for State Rep. Al Edwards - Weber's response is a bunch of HOGWASH. That vote of No will come back to haunt him come November. We have to do better. Smh...

Carlos Ponce

He will still be re-elected.

Wayne D Holt

That's odd. I contacted him to let him know I fully support every congressional representative--Democrat, Republican, Socialist or Fruitarian--to read every bill before voting on it. The idea this is an emergency and we can sort out the details later is how the legislation following the Reichstag Fire was palmed off on the German public. thanks. I don't look good in brown shirts.

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