Remember when the Republican Party was the party of "fiscal responsibility?"

When Trump took office the deficit had been cut from $1.4 trillion to $438 billion. The debt was at $20 trillion. The deficit is now topping $1 trillion and our debt is over $23 trillion.

Don't tell me the GOP is fiscally responsible. Ever. Again.

John R. Cobarruvias

Houston (Clear Lake)


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Carlos Ponce

"Fiscal Responsibility" is spending money where it is supposed to be spent.

Military - provided for in the Constitution and it needed more spending after the neglect of past.

Wall construction - necessary to protect us from drug traffickers, human traffickers (especially those who engage in the child sex market) as well as "bad hombres" who harm Americans.

The omnibus Bill was NOT to Trump's liking. It contained much pork but where was it initiated? Answer: The Democrat led House. If the Republican Senate or President had not agreed to it then government would have shut down and the Democrats and Liberal press would make political hay.

The president who accumulated the highest deficits is still Democrat Barack Obama.

Note of interest: the revenue from taxes has increased under Trump despite claims from the opposition party that the tax cuts would decrease revenue according to Investor's Daily.

David Smith

Please review years 2008 / 2016.. and then respond

Bailey Jones

John, the Republican Party is whatever Trump says it is. He sold the lie that his tax cuts would pay for themselves, instead we have a deficit of almost a $trillion. He was correct in that dumping $billions into the economy would stimulate growth - for a while - and tax receipts increased, but since he also increased spending it was, for the national debt, a wasted effort. When it comes to making deals with congress - he can't. He simply doesn't know how.

But I agree - the GOP is no longer the party of fiscal responsibility. Or the party of free trade. Or small government. Or personal morality. Or law and order. Or honoring commitments. Or "compassionate conservatism". Or institutions. Or meritocracy. Or accountability. Or statesmanship. Or history. Or literacy. But he did cut taxes and a couple hundred extra bucks a month buys a lot of souls.

Carlos Ponce

"the Republican Party is whatever Trump says it is" No, Bailey. You see the GOP as a monolithic thought group which is far from reality. "Group think" is a bad phrase among Republicans but we know the loyal opposition has adopted it as canon.

"He sold the lie that his tax cuts would pay for themselves" Check the FACTS, Bailey. Tax revenue is UP. The deficits come from overspending. Much of the overspending was from the Democrat's old friend - Mr. Pork. Same thing happened during the Reagan administration. Reagan wanted to bring the military up to snuff but Democrats had their own objective. Government shut down. Liberals blamed the President for the shutdown. I know you were alive when this happened. Question is - were you awake and aware of what was going on?

"Free trade" - Trump has said he is all for it. Problem is other countries have gotten a sweetheart deal from previous administrations from both sides of the aisle leaving the US on the downside.

"law and order" - Now I know you are being disingenuous. Police officers throughout the country back the Trump administration for a reason.

Let us know when you wake up.

Bailey Jones

Addendum - facts are whatever Trump tells you they are.

Deficits are up - as you say - because Trump lacked the political skills to negotiate spending cuts. Yet he cut taxes anyway, irresponsibly and unnecessarily increasing the deficit. Unlike Obama and Bush, who increased deficits in response to national emergencies, there was no justification for Trump's increased deficits.

Free trade - yes, we've all heard your talking points before. As you admit in "previous administrations from both sides" - what free trade used to mean in Republican circles is now at odds with your president's tariff policies.

Law and order - yes, I have no doubt that he is as revered by police officers as he is by you. What I'm referring to is his seeming inability to associate himself and his administration with people who can obey the law (Flynn, Gates, Papadopoulos, Cohen, Manafort, Stone, his lifelong mentor, Dr. Evil aka Roy Cohn), his settling of lawsuits around his fraudulent university, his bogus charity, his payoffs of partners in adultery, and his public displays of affection for autocratic tyrants.)

And I'm sure I can think of more after I'm fully woke.

Carlos Ponce

"Deficits are up - as you say - because Trump lacked the political skills to negotiate spending cuts." Your opinion, not a fact. As for your opinion.....[yawn][yawn][sleeping]

Emile Pope

"Excuses are monuments of nothingness. They build bridges to nowhere. Those who use these tools of incompetence, seldom become anything but nothing at all.”

Carlos Ponce

So that's your excuse!

Emile Pope

Trumpsters always have an excuse for Donald's failures...

Carlos Ponce

Trumpsters always have facts.

Craig Mason

Trump is RINO used car salesman and underneath it all is liberal NEW YORKER. He was best buds with the Clintons and even invited them to his wedding. He has sold a bill of goods to the Republican Party and now he can’t deliver.

Carlos Ponce

Trump may not be a Conservative but his policies and actions are.

Charles Douglas

Seems like to me it is not President Trump who does not understand how to get a good deal on trades, and alliances with other countries. It was not Trump who China used to evolve from a rag-tag starving nation to one of the most prosperous countries on earth at American's expense. It was not Trump who set America up to finance NATO, and pay the lion share of their bills, while rich NATO countries like Germany, France and other EU members hold onto their money and even conduct business with the very enemies America is deploying our youňg military people against, and spending American wealth to protect them from! It was not Trump who made deals with Mexico, and Canada, ( NAFTA ) which RIPPED out thousands and thousands of jobs from the heart of America, closing down factories...send them to other countries. It was not Trump who let China, Canada, and India, bamboozle him into singing a Paris Agreement on Climate Change, costing this country TRILLIONS, and China, and India, TWO OF THE WORST POLLUTERS IN THE WORLD, LITTLE or nothing! If The Left ..stop LYING on President Trump, they will have nobody to lie on! Save some of those tales for the next FIVE years of Trumpdom! [beam]

Charles Douglas

Why did I hit that button? I got some more!!!! It was not Trump who said, "TELL VLAD ( VLADIMIR )...I'll be more flexible after my next election!" ...( over an open Mic ). It was not Trump who drew a RED LINE IN THE sand in a foreign land, and turned and ran when it was crossed. It was not Trump who stood idly by and did nothing when His pal VLAD, invaded the Ukraine and he did dilly!!!!! How am I doing? Am I doing alright? Can I proceed? I can go on now......but I will save some for later,...That good? Okay then.

Emile Pope

You've got your presidents mixed up. Ask the Kurds...your president held up military aid to try and get a foreign country involved in our election. Your president is a crook...

Carlos Ponce

"your president held up military aid to try and get a foreign country involved in our election" That's a false narrative - a LIE, Emile.

Emile Pope

The fact that some people ignore facts doesn’t make them right, just stupid...

Carlos Ponce

Sad yet amusing that Emile just referred to himself as "stupid".

Emile Pope


Carlos Ponce

Bottom line if you want the debt reduced, don't gripe when government shuts down. Put blame on Mr. Pork instead of a president who is trying to live within a budget.

Craig Mason

I actually laughed out loud at that comment Carlos. Debt reduced. That is hilarious!!!

Carlos Ponce

Do you want the debt reduced, Craig? It's possible but not without stepping on many entitlements.

Jim Forsythe

Its easy to say "Do you want the debt reduced, Craig?"

Carlos, what is Trumps plan to eliminate the nation’s debt in eight years? Has Trump been working with congress or does he plan on trying to force his will. He has no path that will eliminate the nation’s debt, because of the way the budget process is constructed now! It would require a complete overhaul of the process, which is not going to happen in the near future.

His own budget projects that next year's deficit will weigh in at $1.1 trillion, not a reduction. He already played the Tax cut and tariff cards and the debt is still going up.

Trump promised he would eliminate the nation’s debt in eight years. No President or candidate would make that kind of promise unless they do not understand the budget process or are just lying.

Is Trump going to slash mandatory obligations?

More than two-thirds of government spending goes to mandatory obligations made by previous Acts of Congress. For FY 2020, Social Security benefits cost $1 trillion a year, Medicare costs $679 billion, and Medicaid costs $418 billion. The interest on the debt is $479 billion.

What's left after mandatory and military spending? Only $676 billion to pay for everything else. That includes agencies that process the Social Security and other benefits. It also includes the necessary functions performed by the Justice Department and the Internal Revenue Service. You'd have to eliminate it all to make a dent in the $1.1 trillion deficit. You can't reduce the deficit or debt without major cuts to defense and mandated benefit programs. Cutting waste isn't enough.

Carlos, what the big plan? Is it just to blame the congress because Trump made promises that can not be kept.

Carlos Ponce

Give Trump a House that will not work against him, sit back and see what happens!

Jim Forsythe

Until 2018 the Republican's had control of the House and a 52-48 majority for Republicans to control the Senate and Trump as president.

Republican's controlled it all and that was not enough? Was else does Trump need? Maybe it could be that he is unable to work with others! Being President is not a apprenticeship for someone that does not have the experience necessary to do the job.

If Trump is unable to work with his own party, he has a larger problem then just the budget!

Trump better hope that the Senate does not vote to use secret ballot, when voting on impeachment.

President Donald Trump could face a secret impeachment vote in the Senate if only three Republicans conditioned the ballot on their accepting the rules governing at trial in the chamber.

The senate has the full authority to pass a rule by simple majority vote stating that this vote be held by secret ballot.

Carlos Ponce

"Give Trump a House that will not work against him, sit back and see what happens!" Much was accomplished in the time span specified. What resulted? An excellent economy. What was not accomplished? Health care reform blocked by a Senator with an R beside his name. May he rest in peace.

Jim Forsythe

"Give Trump a House that will not work against him, sit back and see what happens!" We already had that and he did not reduce the debt but increased it. An excellent economy was already in place. Nothing done by Trump to fix health care.

Carlos Ponce

Trump tax cuts passed by the Republican Congress has led to an increase in tax revenue.

"An excellent economy was already in place." Not true. The only thing that kept our heads above normal was Obama continuing the Bush tax cuts.

Jim Forsythe

While the promised benefits of Trump’s corporate tax cuts have yet to materialize, the costs can be seen dramatically in the data on corporate tax revenue. As a result, since the law passed in December 2017, revenues from corporate taxes have fallen by more than 40 percent, contributing to the largest year-over-year drop in corporate tax revenue that we have seen outside of a recession. This has added even more to deficits than experts had previously predicted. The U.S. Treasury reported that from fiscal year 2017 to FY 2018, the federal budget deficit increased by $113 billion while corporate tax receipts fell by about $90 billion, which would account for nearly 80 percent of the deficit increase. Though the Trump administration and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected corporate revenues to bounce back somewhat in FY 2019, there is no sign yet that that is happening, with 11 of 12 months having already been reported for FY 2019.

Carlos Ponce

"While the promised benefits of Trump’s corporate tax cuts have yet to materialize" Are you kidding? More people hired, higher wages, more tax revenue from those hired, etc., etc. etc..

Charles Douglas

I have my Presidents wrong? Oh no nooooo! I got'em right. The last President I had to watch a so called JV ISIS rag-tag group of discontents humiliate the most powerful nation on the face of the earth, not only that, but also the President of that nation! I watched this so called JV Team set up their own little country, under that President's nose. I watch a Isis fighter named Jhadi John, stand behind a western citizen on his knees, on video, pointing a long knife at that American President blaming him for the death he was about to inflict on the kneeling man! I had to read about a beautiful young American female, who was working on behalf of sick people near IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN, named Kayla Mueller, from Arizona, who was kidnapped and repeatedly raped by ISIS fighters, and ultimately forced to be Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's concubine, for several years before she was brutally KILLED by them! All this times a thousand was happening while, this President, Obama, waged an ineffective campaign against that JV Team of rag-tag malcontents! Fast forward now. The next President, that BADDDDD MANNNN, came through the White House door bombing the HELL out of ISIS, doing things unpredictable, and unsuspected by the enemy! He destroyed ISIS' Caliphate, in short order, and he tracked down Abu Al-BAGHDADI'S compound, and there Baghdaddi was eliminated in a most horrific way, and that Badddd Mannnn dedicated Baghdaddi's demise to that same American woman which Baghdaddi raped, and degraded for months and months before he killed her! No sir, I don't have my Presidents mixed up. What make you think that? [beam]

Charles Douglas

Alright ladies and germs! I got a multiple choice trivia for yall; ..Which individual below, had the murderous, individual called Abu al Baghdaddi who killed, stole, destroyed priceless monuments, kidnapped, raped, pillaged and did every low-down thing imaginable to fellow humans beings in prison, LOCKED UP, in IRAQ during the year 2009, and let him go Free?:

1) DJ Trump 2) J. Carter 3) Bill Clinton 4) GW Bush 5)Barack Obama.

Jim Forsythe

On Oct. 28, 2019, shortly after U.S. President Donald Trump announced the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, an old and persistent rumor holding that the Islamic State (IS) leader had been released from a United States detention facility in 2009 under the Obama administration started to recirculate on social media:

This is not accurate. While al-Baghdadi was once held at a U.S. detention facility called Camp Bucca in Iraq, he was released in 2004, more than four years before Barack Obama took office.

Bowe Bergdahl is not Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi . These is two different people. It is easy to mix up the two!

The rumor that IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was released during the Obama administration first started to gain prominence in 2014 as the U.S. negotiated an exchange for soldier Bowe Bergdahl.

Bailey Jones

Which president spent Friday undermining the military justice system by pardoning 3 war criminals over the objections of the Pentagon?

1) DJ Trump 2) Donald Trump 3) just plain Trump 4) Don Jr's Dad 5) Stormy Daniels ex-misteress

Carlos Ponce

Now Bailey is hating on distinguished veterans......

Silver Star recipient Green Beret Major Mathew Golsteyn was never tried so calling him a "war criminal" is wrong. He was charged with murder after killing an Afghan bomb maker in Marjah, known as Rosoul. Rasoul was responsible for the killing of two US Marines. Rasoul was killed while walking to rejoin terrorist forces. His court martial was set for December 2, 2019 at Fort Bragg. Pentagon officials did not like the pardon before a verdict was rendered.

Army 1st Lt. Clint Lorance was found guilty on two counts of second-degree murder for ordering soldiers in his platoon to open fire at three men on a motorcycle in southern Afghanistan in July 2012. The Army did not permit exculpatory evidence indicating Afghan National Army soldiers accompanying Lorance's patrol began firing at the motorcycle first, and kept biometrics evidence from the jury suggesting the motorcycle riders were Taliban bombmakers. That's called prosecutorial misconduct under the Brady Rule.

Bronze Star recipient Navy SEAL Eddie R. Gallagher was demoted from Chief Petty Officer (E-7) to Petty Officer First Class (E-6) after his trial. He was found NOT GUILTY in 6 of the 7 charges against him including a charge of murder. He was found guilty on a charge of posing with a corpse. No one else in the photo was punished. Trump's actions restored his rank.

Jim Forsythe

Golsteyn's admits to war crimes

Golsteyn’s attorney Philip Stackhouse tweeted his client had been charged with pre-meditated murder, which is punishable by death.

. Golsteyn first admitted during a polygraph test for a CIA interview that he had killed an unarmed Afghan man after a tribal leader told him that the man had built a bomb that killed two Marines.

Golstey believed that the Afghan man would kill the tribal leader in retribution for identifying him, so Golsteyn executed the man off base. After initially burying the man, Golsteyn and two other soldiers later dug up the remains and burned them.

Carlos Ponce

Jim, two aims in war: kill people and break things. Kill the bad guys and destroy their war making ability. Golsteyn killed a man who killed US Marines and would do the same killing more Americans if not stopped. And Jim says that makes him a "war criminal"???? So in your mind, any US soldier who kills a very bad person - the enemy - is a "war criminal"???? Hmmm... Killing is not pleasant but necessary to remove bad guys who aim to kill Americans and innocents throughout the world. Your post this morning seems to condemn all US Veterans and active duty military who have killed the enemy.

Trump is standing by those soldiers who do their duty on the field. His actions are praised by many military - active duty and retired including brass - but the Liberal media refuses to report that.

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, you are OK with what Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher did? Is an unarmed civilian girl,unarmed civilian senior citizen and a defenseless teenage Islamic State captive not off limits for you?

What did Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher do?

Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher was charged with committing multiple war crimes in Iraq, including shooting an unarmed civilian girl and an unarmed civilian senior citizen, stabbing to death a defenseless teenage Islamic State captive, and indiscriminately spraying a neighborhood with rockets and machine gun fire. Seven members of SEAL Team 7 came forward and reported Gallagher’s actions to Navy authorities just as the law, their training and their honor demanded.

He was not following the law of war. Carlos, is what he did OK with you?

All members of the military are taught to obey the Law of Armed Conflict, also known as the law of war. Its many provisions enshrine principles we all recognize as basic to appropriate military conduct, including this one: Unarmed civilians are not legitimate military targets. Articles 118 and 134 prohibit murder. It is criminal to intentionally kill a defenseless civilian or to kill prisoners of war.

Discipline is so important to the military that Article 134 of the Uniform Code specifically makes it a crime for members to engage in conduct that is prejudicial to “good order and discipline” or that “bring[s] discredit to the armed forces.” Enforcing discipline in an organization as large as the U.S. military requires the certainty of punishment for those who violate regulations or the law. If only certain provisions of the code are enforced, or if members think they can get away with crimes because of a presidential pardon, it will have a corrosive effect on every aspect of readiness, and it will encourage others to disobey orders.

Trump may think that formally forgiving those who have been convicted of or charged with committing war crimes is being pro-military. Exactly the opposite is true. Rather than bring “esteem to all,” Trump’s pardons will undermine good order and discipline, increase the risk to our deployed personnel, and stain the soul of our military.

Carlos Ponce

Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher was found NOT GUILTY in military court for much of which you cite.

Article 80 Attempted Murder NOT GUILTY

Article 118 Premeditated Murder NOT GUILTY

Article 128 Aggravated Assault with a Dangerous Weapon x2 on non-combatants NOT GUILTY

Article 134 Firearm, discharging-willfully, under such circumstances as to endanger human life at non-combatants NOT GUILTY

Article 134 Obstructing Justice (three counts) NOT GUILTY

Article 112a Wrongful Use of a Controlled Substance – Tramadol Hydrochloride NOT GUILTY

Article 112a Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance – Sustanon-250 NOT GUILTY

What was he guilty of? Wrongfully pose for an unofficial picture with a human casualty. Everything else you list - he was given an Article 32 hearing, tried in a military court, found NOT GUILTY.

But Jim knows better, charging Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher with war crimes for which he was ACQUITTED.

Carlos Ponce

"In a sweeping series of measures announced Thursday night, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson dismissed all charges against a SEAL officer charged with covering up war crimes, stopped the ongoing probe of another special operator petty officer and ordered a comprehensive investigation into the performance of Navy JAG leaders."

Interesting that the events portrayed in a JAG -TV episode roughly mirror the vents in this case. JAG aired from 1995 to 2005. In the episode Commander Rabb achieved acquittal for his client. In this case, Special Warfare Operator Chief Edward “Eddie” Gallagher was found NOT GUILTY on 6 of the 7 charges. 7th one no additional incarceration because of time served. Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer is looking into reforming the JAG program.

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