Is it time for the Lone Star Rally to find another home?

Year after year, I read in The Daily News about the issues the rally causes with residents and business owners on the island, particularly The Strand.

I didn't necessarily share all of their viewpoints until I watched a video by a popular YouTube motorcycle video blogger named Adam Sandoval.

The video is titled "I was shocked/Lone Star Rally — The Ugly," where he showed video he took one night after rally visitors had left The Strand. He was "shocked" at the amount of trash that was left on the streets. In addition, one local business owner claims he saw frying grease from vendors in the gutters and on the streets.

As a Galveston homeowner and a rally participant, I feel embarrassed and I, too, am shocked and disgusted.

Sandoval goes on to lament, as fellow bikers, we are better than this. After viewing the video, I'm sincerely having my doubts.

Stephen Murphy

Santa Fe


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David Smith

And Mardi Graux?

Bailey Jones

"we are better than this" always follows a description of one of the many ways that we are, in fact, not better than this - that this is exactly who we are. People can do better, they simply choose not to. I was raised to believe that you should always leave a place better than you found it. I'm not sure how to inject that sentiment into an event based on partying.

Wayne Holt

Bailey points out something that was said in a different way by a blogger I read some time ago: we don't have problems with politics, religion, business ethics, aggression or in this case, slobs. It is the human mind behind it all. Everything done to improve the world starts with trying to change minds about the world as it is. OR, as in this case, end the opportunity to screw it up.

It is indeed time to actively encourage the Park Board and tourism officials to think about replacing this spectacle with revenue generating events that enhance Galveston's image, not provide a backdrop for drunks, cycle grandstanding, non-stop noise ordinance violations, gangs, drugs and trashing the downtown.

I cleaned up a half a square block of Mechanic at 21st St after the Golden Horde had departed. It was filthy, with piles of trash a few feet from unused trash barrels. Note to city officials: if you think this is normal, or needful, you are setting your sights a lot lower than most Galvestonians do. Time to catch up to taxpaying residents on this issue.

Allen Flores

City manager Maxwell has absolute power to extend bad contracts for drinking-events, despite taxpayer complaints. Council members should rethink the unnecessary drinking-events that are not in the public interest and trash the island. All efforts for a new direction in "tourism-quality" are undermined by Maxwell's version of tourism. My opinion is that the city's contracts for drinking-events are illegal contracts and can be deemed void for many reasons. Any contract that violates public policy, creates unfair competition and let's anyone charge an illegitimate toll to public streets is against Texas laws. The Mardi Gras and Rally contracts encourage lewdness, facilitate fighting and undermine Galveston's family tourism image. The promoters secret profits come from disorderly crowds on the backs of good taxpayers who want change.

Brian Maxwell

Allen.....I know you keep saying this over and over but I sought council approval for all contract extensions. You are welcome to attack me in forums all you like, it comes with the job, but for the sake of others who read these things it helps to be accurate.

By charter the city manager must have all contracts approved by council. Even though the extensions were the purview of the manager I still took them to council for their thoughts and decision.

Vision and policy are the sole discretion of the council. If you would like I will gladly share with you the city charter that outlines all these things. My vision of tourism is that of the council. Period.

If you can point to either current contract or extension on either event you mentioned that I extended without briefing council and seeking their input I would like to see it. I do not and will not act on such large issues without council input and you know that.....I believe you were even there for the discussions.....which makes your statements all the more puzzling.

Again, your input is always valued.....but it sure becomes diluted when not factually correct.

So if you wish to keep blaming me I’m good.....but for those that would like absolute facts, I am always open and available to discuss it.



Don Schlessinger

I haven't spent on the Strand in many years during Mardi Gras, but those years I did I remember the street being very trashed. Has that situation improved or is it as messy as we know the Rally has left the street? My whine about Mardi Gras is that it lasts too long and disrupts travel around the island significantly.

Paula Flinn

Is someone making money having the Biker Rally here besides the hotels and restaurants? Shop owners need to speak up!

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