A new proposal by Sen. John Cornyn seeks to reduce oil company’s federal royalty payments during the coronavirus pandemic.

If approved, this bill could reduce funding for national treasures such as Big Bend, Guadalupe Mountains and other local, state and national parks.

Royalties help compensate for the damage that drilling causes by funding conservation projects in these areas, helping to preserve treasured landscapes and recreation areas across Texas.

Oil companies should at least pay for the damage they cause to these unique and delicate ecosystems; after all, even my younger cousin knows to clean up their mess.

Kate Moffatt


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James Woodall

Do you live or own property in Galveston County?

PD Hyatt

I wonder whether she uses hydrocarbons of any type in her life? For if she does then she needs to be taxed heavily for the mess she is creating in her world....

Bailey Jones

You're right, PD. We all do. It's good to see someone here acknowledging the environmental toll of our carbon addiction.

Jarvis Buckley

Without our oil companies we would be a 3rd world country.

jimmy winston


Walter Dannenmaier

Nope. Without oil companies and refining we would all be living like the Amish and dealing with mountains of horseshit.

jimmy winston

Republicans are all about accountability until it comes to holding oil and gas companies Accountable for destroying natural resources.

Carlos Ponce

Laws in place hold mining and drilling companies responsible to maintain the environment, jimmy. Your mind is set to the early part of the last century when the rules were not in place.

Claudia Burnam

Jimmy, when oil and gas is used they are not destroyed but transformed into fuel, electricity. chemicals,tires and numerous other things. You may want to live like a cave man but I don't. I'll bet you don't think once about destroying the natural resources when you get into your vehicle made of these resources. E G Wiley

Charles Douglas

One more thought is this, even if they could strip America of fossil resources GOD supplied us with for our use, and even if they were to ttansform or transmogrify America into a non fossil fuel society, who is going to be big or bad enough to go make Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, Mexico, and Venezuela give up their fossil fuel? Certainly not Joe Biden, San Fran Nan, AOC nor Ilhan Omar! It is a LEFTIST master plan put in play for tearing this country down like they are attempting to do now, and making it like Mr. OBAMA said he would, before he was done, and that was ...make it into a country not being exceptional! They want this country to be another little BOOTY Butt country begging for help, like all the rest in the world! [wink]

Paul Sivon

I’ve found and produced oil and and gas all over the world. Imaginary beings never played a role in its creation or distribution.

Paul Sivon

In the absence of the oil and gas industry, your quality of life would have been greatly diminished. If you want accountability for damage to the natural resources, all you need to do is hold mineral rights and royalty owners, including the government, liable for damages equivalent to their revenue percentage share. That would create significantly more oversight and thoughtful decisions and improved risk management. The large oil and gas companies try very hard to be good citizens. The small companies are good to bad.

Bailey Jones

That's what I've read. Especially the mining companies out west.

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