What is The Daily News' policy on publishing hunting photos? It has struck me as very odd that, in the very same newspaper, there will be articles encouraging the adoption of pets and support of the animal shelter, and also trophy shots of people proudly posing next to dead animals they’ve killed. Currently, it’s fish, but in hunting season it could be deer. Sometimes the photos can include children and rifles.

While I’ll admit that I can’t see the joy in killing animals for sport, I’m a consumer of animal products. I rarely see any photos of people posing next to giant vegetables they’ve harvested, though, so these photos are clearly trophy shots and not just “look at what food I’ve caught.”

Where does The Daily News draw the line? Are big game photos now considered to be in bad taste, yet deer, pigs and fish are OK? So, no lion or elephant, but what about a house cat or dog? A flounder or shark: yes, but a dolphin or goldfish: no? No blood or guts, but children with rifles OK?

As a reflection of our society, what should be The Daily News' policy on hunting photos? I invite the community to speak up.

Diane Smith


Editor's note: The newspaper's policy falls pretty well along the lines described above. We publish photos of things local people hunt and fish for, although not many hunting photos. About 10 of those appear in the archives dating back to 2005. The policy doesn't specifically address big game photographs, although we concede those are problematic. We might decline to publish photographs of lions and elephants for numerous reasons, including not knowing whether the animal was killed in a legal hunt. 

Meanwhile, in our archives are scores of photos of fruits and vegetables and thousands of column-inches of words produced by our staff and contributors about gardening, and we encourage anyone with a photograph of impressive vegetables to send it in and we'll show the world. 


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Diane Smith

I would request that the title of my letter should be changed to "Should hunting photos be published?". I never wrote that hunting photos should not be published. I merely questioned where the GCDN should draw the line. (Though, I'll admit I'm no fan of any of them.)

Randy Chapman

Heaven forbid that children should learn some animal has to die to provide their hamburgers, chicken fries, nuggets, fish sticks, jerky, Thanksgiving turkey and any other animal meat.

Deer must be harvested. If not, they'd eat themselves to starvation due to lack of large predators that used to exist here and that kept the population in check. Fish, not the same case, but it is nice to see pictures of the big ones that didn't get away.

Brian Tamney

Yes they should, especially the ones with children learning a respect of and joy from the outdoors.

Mike Dean


Susan Fennewald

The hunting and fishing sportsmen have become an important part of the nature conservation effort. They appreciate and support the preservation of wildlife areas and support nature environments that benefit all the fish and animals, and not just those that are hunted/fished. In addition- hunters can be important in controlling deer populations and wild boar populations that would otherwise get out of hand.

I'm not a hunter - but I've learned to respect their conservation efforts (and I do eat meatA0.

George Croix

Yes, they should be published.
Teaching children firearms safety is an excellent way to avoid an 'accident', as knowledge and experience beats fear and lack of knowledge.
Children with rifles?
Done properly, a lifetime of enjoyment and absence of fear about things not familiar with.
I eagerly await taking my grandkids shooting and hunting. My daughter is passing along her .22 pistol to her daughter...the one I bought her when she was, oh, about 3 days old....[beam]

Miceal O'Laochdha

I too think the title of this letter should be changed. I would suggest to the headline editor perhaps: "Should the newspaper publish letters containing the ludicrous concerns of people who are too delicate to see photos of...FISH?" The world has a lot a actual problems available on which to focus one's need to be concerned about something.

Harvey Mueller

Yes, Susan and George. Hunting photos AND children w guns should be published.

It's not reckless killing of animals but wildlife management. Without management many animals will die due to lack of food in wintertime so a better population management tool is hunter activity.

Children playing w firearms that they know nothing about is not safe. Teaching how to safely handle firearms will avoid problems. Yes they should be stored safely and unloaded but curious little minds will find a way. Human nature. It is better to respect firearms and learn proper use.

Steve Fouga

Yes, hunting and fishing photos should be published! I personally no longer shoot trophy bucks or retain trophy specks or largemouth -- I value them more in the wild than on my wall or table. But I have no problem with others doing it, as I did for most of my life, and I enjoy seeing the pictures.

As for the large predators -- lion, bear, shark, marlin -- I've never wished to pursue them myself. Still, if the animals are taken by legal means and are not on carefully and scientifically curated lists of threatened species, then I have no issue with others pursuing them. I must admit I don't particularly like seeing pics of dead ones, but it's not a big deal to me. My preference, though slight, is that the paper not publish the photos, but I don't blanch when I see them.

On the other hand, I always get a kick out of seeing trophy fruit and vegetables.


Don Schlessinger

I don't know Steve, but some people might enjoy a trophy wall full of veggies. Like that giant watermelon taken in the middle of the night.

George Croix

How do we KNOW that a gigantic zucchini feels no pain when we cut it loose...????

Anyway, keep in mind that the GDN staff decides what the title to a LtoE will be....

Michael Byrd

Yes, absolutely the GDN should continue to publish photo's of parents and kids hunting and fishing trips. As long as they are abiding by local hunting and fishing regulations why would they not do so. The taking of game fish and animals is a highly regulated activity and significantly contributes to healthy populations of fish and game. Additionally, these families are spending time bonding in the wondrous outdoors. If you don't enjoy hunting or fishing, that is by all means OK. If the photo's bother you, turn the page and move on with your life. Stop making moral judgements on those of us that choose to participate and enjoy the outdoors with our families. Also, other than having an overabundance of moral superiority, to assume that a photo of a young person, posing with their weapon and animal they have killed is a harbinger of bad behavior is absolutely without merit.

George Croix

Reflecting, we are a VERY internally conflicted bunch of folks in this country when it comes to what upsets or scares us..........
Compared to the everyday death and mayhem we've decided is 'normal', or even choose to participate in, and thus tolerate, even encourage, we get our drawers in a wad over something that amounts to a comparative bean in a big bowl of them.....
Well, differences are what makes it all interesting....

Jarvis Buckley

Diane , I understand your compassion. My believe is if it's consumed. It's totally fine, fish, ducks, hogs, deer, turkey , dove.
Just don't shoot them & not consume them. That also goes for shrimp, crab, crawfish. You seem like a lady with a big heart. But sooner our later
our picture will be in the paper also.
Life is short.Look on the sunny side of the mountain .

Leigh Cowart

Yes....all should be published... continue the practice. I enjoy looking at them and there's a story behind each one!

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