I hope a lawsuit will take place just as soon as our Republican officials try to use the federal government's pandemic funds for their latest gimmicks.

It appears our electrical grid problem will have to move to the back burners so GOP leaders can pursue their latest efforts to sideswipe federal efforts to solve the immigration dilemma that was left by the Trump administration.

Try as you may; but I believe trying to relocate federal funds for personal needs will not hold up in courts. The governor and the county judge have their own personal political agenda, therefore the needs of Texans have to be put aside.

What about our power grid problem, or the need to combat the pandemic? Don't these problems need to be addressed before the state attempts to tackle a federal immigration problem?

These Texas problems should be the first that should be taken care of.

George A. Laiacona Jr.



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David Smith

The state doesn't own the grid.... they oversee it

Charles Douglas

"It appears our electrical grid problem will have to move to the back burners so GOP leaders can pursue their latest efforts to sideswipe federal efforts to solve the immigration dilemma that was left by the Trump administration.".....(The Author of this Hit Piece)

This is the greatest example of the intensity of present day Democratic Radical, Dishonest, Leftist, Properganda which their surrogates spread hourly and daily through BIG TECH, Mass Media Outlets, and their SWAMP affiliated supporters in this nation! They start early in our schools, then on to our neighborhoods, cities, and statewide all over the country!

They know good and well, Joe China and Cackling Kamala advocated open borders from "Jump Street" even before they were "engineered" into office. One of their first acts were: they made the Border Guards, and ICE Officers to basicly stand down, and allow illegals from everywhere to stroll across our borders, yet this author blames the whole calamity and upheaval on the Trump Administration! It gives a clear indication of what we are dealing with today! The Biden Aministration is using BLACKS & HISPANICS to tear this nation apart from the streets, schools, and cities up to the last state by racial dividing, and race agitation using "CRT" and using life's rear view mirror to look back into the 1800s to bring back the animosity and scrounge of slavery into the present!

Thomas Carpenter

More than 81,000,000 patriots elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the highest offices in the land, rejecting the disgraced, twice impeached Bunker Boy ... loser of the House, the Senate, the presidency and the popular vote in two presidential elections; a grafter who will soon go bankrupt for a record sixth time (because he's really smart) when his creditors start calling in his loans because of the felonies lodged against Bunker Boy's crooked company. Somebody from the radical right blow the bugle and announce once again the return of Cadet Bonespurs to the presidency - any day now ... keep waiting, it won't be long, Jan. 6th, no it will be in April, oh wait it will be in June or July or August. Even the MAGA crowd grows weary of listening to the impotent other guy whine about the nonexistent steal while the nation moves forward.

Carlos Ponce

And Thomas digs his hole even deeper. No truth in his post. But he's a good mouthpiece for the Leftist Donkey Party.

Gary Miller

Actually Carlos Thomas isn't a good mouthpiece for the Donkey Party. He parrots 1990's lines as if he believes them. No one else does.

Don Schlessinger

Tom your constant use of labels destroys any point you’re trying to make about the former president. You humor (?) is old and trite. Why don’t you use your favorite president’s method when you try to make a point, plagiarize someone else’s work. It will make you look like you know what you’re talking about.

Charles Douglas

He forgot one Mr. Schlessinger. He forgot to use adolescent asthma!

That would be the ideal mate for his use of the label "Cadet Bonespurs!"

Oh! Oh! My bad, check that! It appears that it was Moscow, Beijing, Joe China who used Andolescent Asthma, to dodge military service of this great nation, not TRUMP! Old Joe was not even an Adolescent when he used that lie to dodge serving! Once again we can clearly see the ultra-hypocrisy of those on the Radical LEFT. They throw rocks glass houses in the same neighborhood where they reside in .....a .....wait for it.......A GLASS HOUSE!

I can't speak for others but if my President was a Draft-Dodger, I would absolutely refrain from calling somebody else's President, a Draft-Dodger, but that's just me. I got room for one more, I would never call someone a racist, if I voted for an individual who is a known affiliate of KKK Members, who helped make laws to slap down, humiliate, and imprison African-Americans, and Hispanics on the floors of.Congress working with other RACISTS of like thinking, but that is just the way I roll! I learned it when I use to run the streets, and drive fast cars. It is one of those unwritten honor laws which the RADICAL LEFT cares nothing about! [beam]

Thomas Carpenter

Quick Queequeg, a harpoon. The Great White breaches!

Carlos Ponce

Good metaphor, Thomas Carpenter. Captain Ahab describes you perfectly! And you trying to repeat his words is just icing on the cake!

Keith Gray

Tom how about bragging on Biden's ability to formulate a sentence... or find something positive about the man...

Thomas Carpenter

Keep drinking the Koolaide boys.

Carlos Ponce

I don't drink "Koolaide" but it appears you drink it by the gallon.

Anne Reiswerg

Keith Gray, are you still with center point? What’s going on with the grid?

I think both sides would like an honest update.

Thank you.

Charles Douglas

TRUMP will get all these things we seek after fixed when he comes back! He ( Trump ) ...is on his way back now! It is best that we get ready and be not slothful, and STAY ready for him! [tongue]

Thomas Carpenter

Can't wait to hear the three amigos singing "Kumbaya" on August 13th with the Pillow Guy, supposedly the return date of the disgraced former president ... or not ... probably not ... no way ... but just in case please send the Orange Reject more money so he can continue to fight "The Steal!"[thumbup]

Carlos Ponce

Translation of Thomas Carpenter's post, "We stole the 2020 election and there's nothing you can do about it![tongue]"

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