"The Pied Piper of Hamelin" and "The Boy Who Cried Wolf." Trump personifies both of these nursery rhymes. Millions will follow his siren song of promises, and he will never keep any of them.

The facts are: There's no $500 trillion going to develop Black people in America; the monoclonal bodies treatment which he received can never be free and it cost you and me more than $100,000 to treat him; there will be no working trustworthy vaccine within the next two weeks; and there will be no health care bill signed within the next two weeks, either.

Trump has made that literal promise seven times this year stretching back to February; "Just wait two weeks."

If you're a solo issue voter, voting for Trump just because he's installing a justice who's not going to overturn Roe v. Wade, but who just might destroy your health care, then you're one of the unfortunate souls who chose to follow "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" and believe "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" to their own demise.

Why would anyone do that?

Charles McCullough



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Carlos Ponce

Go back to your fairy stories, Charles. Everything will be all right when Trump is re-elected!

David Hardee

The following quote from this article is so inhuman and repulsive it deserves repudiation.

"There's no $500 trillion going to develop Black people in America; the monoclonal bodies treatment which he received can never be free and it cost you and me more than $100,000 to treat him; there will be no working trustworthy vaccine within the next two weeks; and there will be no health care bill signed within the next two weeks, either."

Charles, the expenditure of treatment for any person afflicted is not a subject to be used to denigrate. Those procedures are not at the discretion of the patient and the cost is correct and justifiable in the relief of or from the affliction. Your article is very shallow in substance and became creepy with insertion of this sentence.

As to the vaccine and when it will be effective you have denigrated the effort. The effort is good intentioned. When the results are not on time by the most opportunistic hope it is still a worth while effort Whether it qualifies to your parameters is inconsequential.

Additionally, A single issue voter for Trump is proving a much more logical vote that would benefit our country then any person that would for any reason vote for Biden. The public and even his party and Obama have been less than enthusiastic about Biden as a candidate for President on 3 earlier occasions. This is the third time Biden has offered himself as candidate. The 2 previous occasions he was out right rejected of withdrew when it became obvious his efforts were rejected.

This time the other 13 candidates were so bad and cannibalized each other Biden was the last possibility.

Bidens is a politicians puppet. His inclination is to find the easy feather bed and settle in comfortably.

The maneuvering with the Ukraine with a quid pro po for the billion dollars and strapping it to a financial largest for his son is factual evidence of a flaw in his integrity. The recent disclosure of his son Hunter reaping millions from Joe's intercessions is extremely unethical.

And his affiliation with the progressive liberals proves he will sell himself to any thing he considers will be to his self interest.

Maris Helfrich

Very good, Charles! Those nursery rhymes came to me as well...The "cult" of Trump defies logic, and is truly in the realm of the the two nursery rhymes you describe so well.

Bill Cochrane

Maris - https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-Lkry-SF01&hsimp=yhs-SF01&hspart=Lkry&p=Biden+ramblings+video#action=view&id=27&vid=25280fd4f086c82f40a10665c7904092

Paula Flinn

So now the TRUTH is “shallow in substance,” and “creepy”? What is true is that President Trump received treatment that cost over $100,000 that we “ordinary mortals“ would not be offered. Mr. C. did not say the cost was at anyone’s discretion or not justifiable.

The untruths concerning WHEN there will be an effective vaccine are what denigrate the efforts. People realize that production of a safe, effective vaccine will take awhile. It doesn’t help for the President to set artificial timelines of 2 weeks, the end of the year, etc. whether it is for a vaccine or a Republican Healthcare Plan. It destroys his credibility and offers false hope. Frankly, we have been lied to, too often. My mother used to say, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” The effort to produce an effective, safe vaccine is “good intentioned.” The promises of WHEN it will be available to the public, are just wishful thinking, like that new Rep. Healthcare Plan, and not “good intentioned.” Lies from anyone in this Administration are not “good intentioned.”

Carlos Ponce

The Virus treatment is being made available to all doctors to administer, Paula.

David Hardee

Well Paula, why did C make an issue of $100,000, then. You know! But you discount it as NOTHING because you are either ignorant or defending the undefendable. Which are you?

As to "food intentions" - Your mother mother intended that when she had you. Do you subscribe to that effect as being the consequence of your birth?


David Hardee

David - Typing errors - Food s/b Good and there should be one not 2 mother(s). Posted before edited.- I apologize for any confusion! David

Bailey Jones

As the comments suggest, those who are under the piper's spell think the music is great.

Carlos Ponce

The Liberal Dogma speaks loudly in Bailey!

Bailey Jones

Of course the real question is, who will the Trumpuppets dance to when #worstpresidentever is no longer around to pull their strings? I sincerely hope they can learn to once again think independently.

Carlos Ponce

That won't happen until January 20, 2025 .... maybe[unsure].

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