In response to the article ("IRS imposes $17K penalty on park board," The Daily News, Sept. 24): Local government entities have now received two fines on procedural issues from the IRS. Yet, at no time have I seen any reference to Congressman Randy Weber's office being consulted or involved.

There was no intent to violate any laws, and it's an issue between two different taxing authorities.

1. Why have the local elected leaders not contacted the congressional office for assistance? If they haven't done this, why are they in office?

2. If a congressman cannot mitigate procedural fines, of less than $100K, from the federal government on local government — then why is he in office?

Neither of these stories should've seen the light of day — but because of arrogance or ignorance they have. One of the critical tasks of congressional offices is mitigating issues like this on a personal or regional level.

Ron Woody



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Gary Miller

Why would Randy be involved? The IRS doesn't work for him and he doesn't work for the IRS. County agencies failed to observe IRS rules and got caught.

Ron Woody

Mr. Miller with all due respect the IRS works for us and Mr. Weber represents us. That may be the most foolish thing I have ever heard anyone say. I have read your comments and you are more intelligent than this. You may be friends with Congressman Weber and that is fine, he is a good Congressman from what I can tell in my short time in Galveston. My problem is local officials should have picked up the phone and at least inquired. This is exactly what Congress does! Congressman Weber doesn't work for Exxon/Mobile, Shell or Texas A&M but if they call you don't think he lends assistance.

This is socialism at it finest where governments just take money for very little money and it all gets spread around so nobody knows who to blame.

I am truly dumbfounded by your statement!

Don Schlessinger

"County agencies failed to observe IRS rules and got caught."

And you and I are going to pay the price.

Ron Woody

And the exact reason a call to the Congressman should have happened. It is double taxation for a crime of omission not commission.

As you said the other day Mr. Schlessinger it is OPM. The problem is the OPM is you and I.

My concern is how can any American over the age of 16 not know all government agencies work for Congress and thus the citizens.

Mr. Miller did you go to HIgh School in Texas? I just can not believe he wrote that!

Paul Hyatt

My concern is how can any American over the age of 16 not know all government agencies work for Congress and thus the citizens.

If Congress really worked for us they might listen to us, but over the years they have grown deaf to We The People as the example of what is going on in D.C. today.....

Carlos Ponce

"all government agencies work for Congress" In reality, all government agencies work for the people - or are supposed to.[innocent]

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