In response to the article ("Coastal barrier opposition forms in north county," The Daily News, March 3): I'm appalled by the opposition to the Ike Dike. There has been plenty of opportunity to express views to the Army Corps of Engineers plan.

If residents are against protection from hurricanes, they're selfish not wanting storm protection for anyone. This hurricane barrier has been studied for years, and has the support of cities, counties and industries in the Galveston Bay area.

Texas A&M University has researched the Ike Dike since 2008 to devise the most thorough plan. It's absolutely essential that a hurricane barrier be built to protect homes and industries in Galveston and Harris counties.

We know the corps will revise its plan to incorporate changes recommended by the Ike Dike planning committee. It's comprised of leaders from city, county, industries and universities.

If you're interested in the work that has been done, come to the meetings of the group at 8 a.m. on the third Thursday each month at the Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership offices on NASA Road 1. The group is chaired by Col. Len Waterworth, former district engineer of the corps.

Ray Holbrook

Santa Fe


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Steve Fouga

"If residents are against protection from hurricanes, they're selfish not wanting storm protection for anyone."

Really? I'd love to be protected, BUT I MAY NOT WANT TO PAY FOR IT. I haven't heard anyone say what the "Ike Dike" will cost me in taxes, in the near term and for the rest of my life. It may be worth it, or it may not be, or I may not be able to afford it at all. I don't have enough information to judge.

Furthermore, no one has described the "Ike Dike" in terms the average person can understand. What does it look like? Can I see the ocean from the seawall? Is it attractive? Ugly? Still easy to get to the beach? Everywhere from High Island to SLP? How long will my city be "under construction," with everything that brings?

Can I be sure it's the BEST solution? My sense is that the trade studies to determine the BEST solution are yet to be done. I can't support it until then.

Selfish? I don't think so. The proper term is "prudent."

Miceal O'Laochdha

You can't actually see the ocean from the seawall now Steve. The nearest ocean to Galveston (Atlantic) is on the other side of the Florida Straits. As to the Ike Dike I am with you on that; with the USACE at the helm, it is difficult to muster much faith.

Randy Chapman

Actually, you can. The Gulf is part of the Atlantic Basin, and as such is part of the Atlantic Ocean.

Further, per Wikipedia with footnotes: The Gulf of Mexico (Spanish: Golfo de México) is an ocean basin and a marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean,[1] largely surrounded by the North American continent.[2] It is bounded on the northeast, north and northwest by the Gulf Coast of the United States, on the southwest and south by Mexico, and on the southeast by Cuba. The U.S. states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida border the Gulf on the north, which are often referred to as the "Third Coast", in comparison with the U.S. Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

Don Schlessinger


Steve Fouga

This argument arises very often in the local Facebook groups. I maintain that there is nothing incorrect about my use of the word "ocean," but acknowledge that "Gulf" would have been a better choice, and the one I usually make.

Jarvis Buckley

Steve every sentence you wrote has merit. The coastal barrier will end at Louisiana border across from Orange. City's from Freeport to Orange have signed off on it. In theory it's a great idea. Practically speaking it's unaffordable . Not to say millions won't be spent on consultants. Undoubtably it will.
Money spent. Money wasted.

Gary Miller

Steve & Jarvis. Combined you two offer the best today. The real problem with the IKE dike is storm surge is all it considers. Rain flooding is a bigger and more often problem and ignored by Ike Dike supporters.

Randy Chapman

If you don't stop the surge into the bay, which effectively makes it unable to accept drainage from the land due it's already backflowing streams and tributaries, you still can't get rid of the rainfall from the likes of Harvey.

Harvey did indeed create a surge into the bay, limiting the ability of the bay to handle runoff from the landfalling rain. This was evidenced by the floodgate at Texas City, which was only able to be raised a small amount during Harvey, and only when Moses Lake was pumped above the level of the bay.

Widespread rainfall flooding in this area is almost always due to tropical systems which have already increased tides and lowered the ability of the bay to absorb runoff. To think you can fix one issue without addressing the other is like bailing your sinking boat with a thimble; eventually water inside and outside will reach equilibrium and the point becomes moot.

George Croix

There's some more of that currently popular attempted 'shaming' again, which is almost always a convenient way of trying to get attention for what otherwise has little merit or is mostly wishful thinking.....

Do it for the kids!
Do it for the environment!
Do it or you're evil!


Like all the 'ists' and 'isms' tossed around willy nilly when the tosser has no stand alone argument, it's gotten just...boring.....

Jarvis Buckley

Miceal , that ocean remark was a tad
tacky , in my opinion.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Spend 25 years at sea and perhaps it will change your view of how important it is to understand what body of water one is looking at. The striking general cluelessness of landlubbers is an unrelenting irritant for seamen.

Steve Fouga

It's okay, Jarvis, I took no offense, though I felt it to be a fatuous remark, unnecessarily pedantic, and actually incorrect. The water I was referring to is, of course, the Gulf of Mexico, which is part of the Atlantic Ocean, which is part of "the whole body of salt water that covers nearly three fourths of the surface of the earth." The quoted portion above is the actual first-listed definition of the word "ocean," copy-pasted directly from the Mirriam-Webster online dictionary.

I'm totally confident that my usage was correct in the context of this discussion, though Gulf would have been more precise.

Rusty Schroeder

I would just like to say, hasn't a week gone by that we are not discussing or arguing about the Ike Dike Coastal Spine Barrier Wall Dream Catcher and still ,,,,,, not an ounce of dirt moved in Galveston County. It started wreaking havoc on the night of Sept. 12, 2008 , finished it's destruction through the early morning hours of Sept. 13, 2008. Today is March 9th of 2019, money is still sitting in county and state reserves for after the storm rebuilding efforts. Use that money as it was intended before wasting another dime or minute of time on this grossly under estimated and not funded IDCSBWDC project. That's my opinion Judge Holbrook.

Paul Sivon

If the people of Galveston want a fortified Island, let them decide that. I’ve been to the Bay Area Council Meeting and it was clear that they had decided for us a long time ago.

Bill Broussard

In addition Waterworth is a schill. First introduced to the over 100 members of the Galveston recovery committee by jerry Mohn in 2009, he had just left the ACOE for greener pastures. Since then he’s been Galveston’s version of a migrant worker going to the Port of Houston then hired by Merrill at Texas A and M. I wondered that night why Mohn would insert Waterworth by special introduction into the recovery work when no one else was gifted by a personal introduction. WithIn a few days he came roaring out of his cash walled box and was obvious to everyone he had Merrill’s plan in his back pocket all the time. Paul’s spot on.

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