Galveston's own state Rep. Mayes "Money" Middleton has signed onto the Gun on Demand bill, House Bill 357. HB357, named after the popular handgun, is called "Constitutional Carry" and would allow anyone to openly carry a gun without training, without a background check and without a license.

HB357 defies common sense — yet it's considered priority legislation by the Texas Republican Party. The party and Middleton lacks the common sense needed when dealing with important issues and dangerous weapons. He should drop his support for this dangerous bill.

Constituents can follow the progress of this bill at the Texas Capitol website

John R. Cobarruvias

Houston (Clear Lake)


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William Cawthon

It's not surprising that Rep. Middleton supports HB 357. He is a member of the same caucus as Rep. Jonathan Stickland, who introduced the legislation.

The editorial fails to note the the Texas bill is hardly groundbreaking: 14 states have already enacted constitutional carry and another allows it outside of city limits.

According to the latest FBI data, the four states with the lowest rates of gun-related homicides in the U.S. are all constitutional carry states.

I recently posted an article on Medium detailing the history of Texas law relating to the carrying of handguns since the Reconstruction Era. It includes a link to Dr. Stephen Halbrook's analysis of the creation of the 1871 act that laid the foundation for Texas' current handgun carry law. It is not behind Medium's paywall and I am not compensated in any way for readership. If Daily News readers wish to learn more about the topic, it could be a worthwhile read.

Emile Pope

Unless you are at war, If the answer is more guns then the question is stupid...

Carlos Ponce

Emile, the idea that you have chosen not to have a firearm is fitting.

George Croix

More stupid hasn't worked for the left, but they keep trying it.
The more they restrict honest people, the more criminal activity occurs.
Just ask anybody in Chicago....for starters......

Am going to buy another AR this week.....and got another Glock two weeks ago....
That makes....several......
They are all a lot of fun. When I'm gone, my kid and her kids will continue to enjoy them, for sporting and SD purposes, and not have to fear minutes waiting for help to arrive because they will be seconds away from helping themselves.
Of course, I buy the ones that do not have minds of their own, and are not possessed of evil spirits....[beam][beam][beam]

Still got an eye on a Benelli M4.....and the $$$ for one.....
A thing of beauty.....imo, as always......

Michael Byrd

Try the FN SLP. A good option to the M4.

George Croix

Thanks for the tip. I'll do that if the Democrats will allow me to take one in hand, a 'transfer' from another owner or shop, without violating yet another of their brilliant 'gun control' ideas that manage to repeat the same stuff, hoping for a different outcome.......[beam] It'll make the South Chicago area MUCH safer.....
I've got my heart set on that Benelli, BUT I've also never handled the FN.....maybe I'll 'evolve'......[wink]

Emile Pope

Reading comp was not your strong suit...

George Croix

I'm also really bad at suffering fools gladly.....but am mellowing in my old age and now suffer them for the entertainment value....

Gary Miller

Emile. Also without Government control. A valuable consideration. I think smarter is all conservatives should be armed so the civil war liberals want doesn't last long. How many anti gun liberals own guns?

Robert Ray

Emily, do you follow or are you active in the local political landscape? Do you vote? Do you have any written or verbal discourse with lawmakers on any level? If so, then you have a potential hand in war... because if war is, as von Clausewitz said, a continuation of politics by other means, then any political activity has some connection with war. And your statement that any question that is best answered by more guns is stupid is, in my considered opinion, lacking in realistic consideration and knowledge of history. Si vis pacem, para bellum.

George Croix

Common sense should be renamed un-common sense.....

Steve Fouga

I have really mixed feelings about this. To quote Woody Allen, "I feel strongly both ways."

Gary Miller

Why States with constitutional carry have better crime rates may have nothing to do with this law. Instead I'll guess it reflects better judgement of the people of those states. I'll also bet they are RED states. JMOY

George Croix

"....would allow anyone to openly carry a gun without training, without a background check and without a license."

I hate to interject fact where it may be unwelcome, but what is listed as quoted as a negative of the proposed legislation is ALREADY the law in Texas.
I do not have to have any training to openly carry a long arm (A 'gun' as popular terminology defines one includes all types of firearms, and a long arm would typically refer to a rifle or shotgun). I legally allowed to....carry one of my bolt actions, or an AR, or a shotgun, or any such, or several of each, fully loaded, and do so in most public places.
If I'm carrying a long arm that pre-dates the '68 GCA Form 4473 requirements or that I lawfully received as a gift or purchased in a private sale then it wasn't required for the purchaser/recipient to be background checked.
I don't have to have a license to openly carry a long arm.

What we need to curb crime is a law mandating CRIMINALS to get trained/background checked/licensed......
That'll do wonders why no one has thought of or politicked for that approach to date......

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