And the home of the brave? Put down your weapons.

Terry Segura




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Carlos Ponce

Only if Terry can convince the bad guys to put down their weapons first. Most firearms are owned for self-defense.

Patricia C Newsom

Exactly. You can legislate a ban on all guns but the bad guys will always find guns - illegal guns.


Carlos, I am wondering where you got your information that "Most firearms are owned for self-defense." I currently own five firearms all used for hunting. I owned a pistol for many years but no longer have one. Most of the hunters that I know have more hunting firearms than self-defense firearms. Of course, the hunting firearms could be used for self-defense, but it would take a little while to get a rifle or shotgun from the safe or other storage, load it, then use it for self-defense.

Carlos Ponce

There are over 400 million firearms in this country. That's more firearms than people. As you say, "the hunting firearms could be used for self-defense". But I dare say you would NEVER use them to purposely kill people in a rampage.

Gary Miller

Daniel > Might be more accurate to say "more people own guns for defense" than any outher reason.

George Croix

Personally, I'd be glad to.

I much prefer relaxing in blissful peace and security.

But, even if we decide that all of human history of conflict can be magically erased for us now, the first small step on the journey is for the usual suspects to stop letting criminals out of jail or not arresting/prosecuting them at all....

As long as I get spanked for what somebody else did, the suggestion to just take it will be ignored.......

But, it IS a good thought......

Charles Douglas

Ahhh that Ponce! I am glad that guy shares what he has with everybody! He is quick & accurate with his!

Gary Miller

A study of the FBI uniform crime report will tell you why we need more guns loaded and ready to kill. 19,000 gun deaths in the US annually? More criminals killed by legally armed citizens than ever. -Almost a third of gun deaths were "justiified homicides" by armed citizens protecting self or others. FBI says 2,100,000 times a year citizens use a legally owned gun to stop a criminal attack. Mass shootings, bad as they are, kill less than,1/19 th of annual gun deaths. Most could be stopped with better health care of the mentally disturbed. Killing children is as bad as it could be but killing Democrat voters (AKA criminals) makes guns worth keeping.

Jim Forsythe

Throughout June, the USMC takes #Pride in recognizing and honoring the contributions of our LGBTQ service members. We remain committed to fostering an environment free from discrimination, and defend the values of treating all equally, with dignity and respect.

The rainbow bullets are held on a helmet by a band that says, proud to serve.

Each bullet under the band has a different color tip, just like the member in the service come in different shades.

This is an homage to full metal jacket.

Remember what was on the helmet in full metal jacket.

Born to Kill, along with a peace symbol.

If you want to be against LGBTQ service members, you are within your rights, but they volunteered to possibly lay their life's down for you.

George Croix

Jim, live and let live doesn’t require advertising or demands that you believe what I believe or you are bad. I have nothing against anybody based on who they sleep with or how they feel. I am thankful for each and every member of the military and our law enforcement and other first responders and anyone who goes in harms way to benefit his fellow man.

I see no more need to wear rainbow bullet tips than I would tees emblazoned with “heterosexual”. I think all such exhibitions either way or any way are intended less to unify than to divide.

We have quite enough division.

I never once cared if the guy pumping water to my fire hoses was gay or straight.

Part of our culture problem is the perpetual need to be noticed…to stand out….to be “followed”…


Jim Forsythe

George, the USMC was honoring members. LGBTQ did not issue the rainbow helmet picture, the USMC did. They were not requiring anyone to wear the helmet

Nowhere could I find a US Marine wearing a rainbow helmet. The only one I saw was online and it looks like it is computer generated.

This is a case where an employer is saying to the world, not only do we have LGBTQ people working for us, but we are also support these employees.

I have a Granddaughter that is enlisting with the Army this month. Would you be just as upset if the Army had a helmet that said, "Women Power" to celebrate womans accomplishments from a time they could not be in the service doing the jobs they now can. She wants to be a Helicopter Mechanic.

George Croix

Yes, Jim….

I’m one of those old time silly people that thinks personal politics and causes belong outside of the job.

But, I’m also an oddity in that I wear plain, undecorated with causes or statements tees/caps/whatever’s only. No advertising or causes. My last was my patch on my FRC…. Don’t do bumper stickers, either..

But I recommend each wear what they personally want, as we should in America. Rainbows or red caps or whatever…

Take your pick and make your statement. On your own time.

As you well know from our long association I care squat about criticism and care a lot about building effective teams.

It’s my personal opinion, as stated, that too much these days celebrates politics or differences when we desperately need cooperation and unity.

George Croix

ps: My Oldtimers short term memory rears it’s head….

Congrats to your Granddaughter, Jim. If she’s as capable and dogged as Grandpa she’ll do great and get her respect the old fashioned way…by earning it…

Nothing better than that….

Jim Forsythe

George, you are missing my point, the USMC was the ones posting the pictures not someone from the LGBTQ service members. If you have a complaint, it is with the USMC.

This rainbow bullet helmet is a throwback from WW1 and WW2 when a division was nicknamed the "Rainbow" Division. Not because it represented LGBTQ but because of the following.

The nickname of the 42nd Infantry Division, the "Rainbow" division, reflects the composition of the division during World War I. They also severed during WW11. The division was drawn from the National Guards of 26 states and the District of Columbia. It represented a cross section of the American people, as the rainbow represents a cross section of colors.

I do not know if you are familiar with Trench Art from WW1 and WW11, but the Helmet they used had a rainbow painted on it. I enjoy looking at the many different types of trench art that we had in the past.

Jim Forsythe

George, thanks for the kind words.

George Croix

Then celebrate what it was thrown back from, Jim, not made into now.

But, as I said, it’s just my opinion, something each is allowed to have.

Remember “BT Glass” - As a for instance, I never did figure out what that had to do with running a refinery…..those valves don’t care who’s yanking on the chain knockers.

I do get your point, but don’t have the faith or evidence that memorializing the Long Ago is the intent here…

In America, we’re both right to think what we want…

Carlos Ponce

Isn't that nice? The US Marines to show unity with their LGBTMNOP etc. members are using RAINBOW bullets during Pride month!

Larry Grissom

So glad Terry is in the minority of this great country that is bound by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

If people like him at been in charge at the beginning? We’d still be under Englands rule.

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