I was greatly moved by, and I agree with, the positive comments of Ray Holbrook (“Illegal immigration is the real problem,” The Daily News, Nov. 29).

This country was built on “In God We Trust.” For me, this is an irrevocable trust. I, too, believe that there’s only one way to heaven. I understand that every person has the privilege and the right to his or her own beliefs. And it’s not necessary to forgive anyone for what they believe. Untruths are just as easy to believe as the truth.

The Almighty God that I serve has set certain standards that no one can change. He’s loving and forgiving. He forgives repenting sinners. He requires that we receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior as the word says “every tongue must confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, to the glory of God,” and anyone that rejects Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is guaranteed that Almighty God will absolutely not forgive that choice nor will that person be admitted into heaven.

Almighty God doesn’t — and people cannot — send anyone to hell. Every person chooses heaven or hell by choosing or rejecting God’s Son.

On these irrevocable truths I live, I stand, unshaken and not doubting.

Ruby Amerson-Hill

La Marque


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Charles Douglas

Ms.Amerson-Hill, like Ms. CATHY GILLENTINE, you have made my day with your Op-ed! What a testimony, what a praise piece for Jesus! Not only is he Lord and Savior, but Apostle, and High Priest over our profession of faith, our mediator, and our advocate at God's side working,.....WORKING ...for us! You two women of faith in God, and what he has done for us with his New Covenant based on hope being the anchor of our souls tied to two immutable things you mentioned, His promises and His Oath securing those promises, have made my day!!! God cannot lie, and his word shall not come back to him void, because he watches over it to perform it!!! Yall have set me off this morning!!!! What an Op-ed. What a testimony!!!!! God Bless!

Dalton Logan


jimmy winston

Ehhhh "In God We Trust" wasnt adopted as the United States' official motto until 1956. Other than minor references in songs and poems, it wasnt used on currency or by anyone notable until the 1860s

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