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Ron Woody

So without any legal authority to do so the mayor takes it upon himself to violate numerous individual rights, Assembly, Worship, etc. (Thank goodness I live in TX and was still able to purchase a gun) It is the governments role to educate and inform not take away my rights.

If the goal is to minimize deaths, 40,000 individuals die from traffic accidents on an annual basis. In order to minimize death would you suggest that we lower the speed limit nationwide to 25 MPH. We have 100 years of evidence that shows additional speed leads to traffic deaths. If we want to use the same logic as we did for coronavirus, should we not lower all speed limits to minimize death.

As an individual I prefer to make my own decisions and not the government. That is why the US is different. I choose not to relinquish those rights.

If someone would please quote the legal authority that allow elected officials to have taken these steps I might change my opinion. I have yet to see that stated anywhere.

Bailey Jones

Have you never heard of a shelter in place order? Cities around here issue them all the time - usually after a loud "boom". Have you never experienced an emergency curfew? Never been ordered to get off the island during a hurricane?

Local authorities derive their emergency powers from Chapter 418 of the Government Code (the Texas Disaster Act of 1975) - https://statutes.capitol.texas.gov/Docs/GV/htm/GV.418.htm

On March 13, your governor declared a state of emergency, invoking this law -

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GREG ABBOTT, Governor of the State of Texas, do hereby certify that COVID- 19 poses an imminent threat of disaster. In accordance with the authority vested in me by Section 418.014 of the Texas Government Code, I hereby declare a state of disaster for all counties in Texas.

Pursuant to Section 418.017 of the code, I authorize the use of all available resources of state government and of political subdivisions that are reasonably necessary to cope with this disaster.

Ron Woody

Mr. Jones, No actually I haven't heard of any of them. As I have stated to you before I have only been a Galveston resident since August, 2019. I appreciate the knowledge.

In my 60 years I have never had the government violate my rights in this way.

I would ask, what is the disaster. I understand hurricanes and other natural disasters, for which I or no one else have any control.

I also remember at the age of 8 when the National Guard was called out in Kansas City for the riots after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., that was a time when I was in danger of violence from fellow citizens.

There has been nothing to justify the tanking of a trillion dollar economy or even billion dollar economy for the island. As individuals we make daily decisions that affect our health, safety and wealth. I prefer it left that way.

So my guess is you support the mandatory 25 MPH speed limit to minimize death.

Wayne D Holt

Just for perspective, 49,000 died from complications of the flu in the 2003-2004 flu season. No one remembers that episode and we didn't have the National Guard called out to enforce medical martial law.

Americans are trading away their future freedom for the fleeting, and illusory, promise of safety today.

I guarantee it: these actions will be the baseline response not the exception, just as vast surveillance became the norm after 9/11.

And Bailey, not to prod you but the question Mr. Woody asked is still relevant: Where does the authority arise? Quoting a law gives us the statutory justification, not the lawful authority. Who owns us? Does the government have the right to move us around anywhere it sees fit? Because that is what acquiesce to orders like these imply.

State the danger, state the steps needed to minimize risk and let us make our choices. As during a hurricane, let folks know emergency rescue will not be available at such time or conditions as endanger first responders. And then let a free people decide and suffer the consequences. I had a great father. I don't need City Hall to replace him.

Bailey Jones

I can't predict the future, but I can extrapolate from the available data. It took 6 weeks for the number of cases, worldwide, to reach 100K. The 2nd 100K cases took only 11 days. The 3rd 100K cases took 4 days.

You mention a 25mph speed limit for some reason. Let me give you a different analogy. Rates of the virus (both infections and deaths) are doubling every 2-3 days. You start at 25mph. On Thursday you're doing 50. By Sunday you're at 100. You hit Mach 1 15 days from now. In a month you've reached escape velocity (25,000 mph). Tell me when you want to get off.

Bailey Jones

Wayne, you ask a philosophical question, and I'm not much of a philosopher. What you are advocating is essentially a libertarian approach. The problem I have with libertarianism is that it assumes that people are both rational and moral. And they aren't. The government described the danger and let a free people decide. And they decided to hoard toilet paper.

Randy Chapman


Raymond Lewis

What Mr. Chapman said about what Mr. Jones said! You did hit a big nail, Mr. Jones and smack on the head.

Ron Woody

Hear, Hear!

In addition while the governor may have the authority for such declarations I have yet to see City Code or County Legislation stated to authorize what had been done. MADDENING!!

Jim Forsythe

The difference from other outbreaks and this include that we do not have a vaccine for this coronavirus.

If allowed to progress unchecked, as you are saying, the estimate for deaths in the USA is about 2,000,000.

Most of us may get this but not all at the same time if we follow the guidelines and directions in place. If all get it during a short period of time hospitals will be overwhelmed and without medical care, 15% of the people that get this may be on their own. If you are in the over 70-year-old group you may be one that they would not treat just as they are doing in Italy. Read what is happening in Italy and think, do you want that to happen to us.

Carlos Ponce

"we do not have a vaccine for this coronavirus." There is a vaccine for COVID-19. It is being tested. Want to volunteer?

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, until it has been approved, all we have is a possible vaccine that may work.

At this time, and this is what matters, now, we have no vaccine for the public to use.

All medicines, vaccines and such has to be oked, before it can be released. If it is used for something different then what it has approved for, it must be oked for the new use

Carlos Ponce

So Jim has jumped from "we do not have a vaccine for this coronavirus" to "we have is a possible vaccine that may work" to "we have no vaccine for the public to use". On your last statement, you can. Want to volunteer?

Jim Forsythe

Until we have a vaccine that works for people in the public, not in the test lab, we do not have any vaccine the people like you and me.

They are now asking for people to be exposed to the virus for payment of money for testing purposes.

Others are ready to test the vaccine but must be in a specific group that I would not qualify for.

I was one of the first to take the swine shot, so yes I have in the past, but I no longer would be in the group they are looking for.

Carlos Ponce

I bet if Jim got the disease he would volunteer for the vaccine or go for the Hydroxychloroquine treatment.

Jim Forsythe

Until the FDA approves any drug for a new use, it will not be prescribed for the new use against Covid-19 or any other problem, in most cases.

For some reason, you are hung up on me volunteering for test groups. I have in the past and may in the future for the good for me and others. I hope it never comes to that, but one never knows.

"The drugs may be effective against the novel coronavirus, Fauci said, but more data is needed to “show it is truly safe and effective under the conditions of Covid-19.” For these reasons, the US Food and Drug Administration has not approved the drugs for coronavirus treatment"

At this time we have no vaccine or drugs in place that are approved for the general population, for Covid-19. When we do have new drugs and vaccines, it will up to each person if they use the new drugs and vaccines or not.

Carlos Ponce

That explains why people around the country have taken the malaria treatment drug to combat covid-19 - because it's not approved.[rolleyes]

Also why Mayor Andrew Cuomo said 750,000 doses of chloroquine, 70,000 doses of hydroxychloroquine and 10,000 doses of Zithromax were acquired for use in New York - because it's not approved.[rolleyes][rolleyes]

Civil disobedience or using common sense?

Jim Forsythe

The drugs you are talking about are being used in clinical trials. These are being conducted under the direction of the FDA. The FDA has or may approve the use of these drugs in the clinical trials.

"New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Sunday that drug trials to test coronavirus treatments will begin in the state Tuesday after President Trump on Thursday said the Food and Drug Administration approved one of the drugs for clinical trials, as New York becomes the epicenter for the pandemic in the U.S."

Trump said Thursday that he spoke with Cuomo about chloroquine prior to the FDA’s go-ahead for clinical trials and that Cuomo wanted to be “first in line” for testing the treatments.

"The first vaccine clinical trial began Monday in Seattle, with the first person to enroll in the trial receiving the vaccine. A number of additional treatments are in various stages of research, testing and commercial release"

The following is one of the reasons why the FDA is strict about making sure a drug has gone through clinical trials.Off label use can lead to unforeseen adverse drug reactions.

"Thalidomide first entered the German market in 1957 as an over-the-counter remedy, based on the maker’s safety claims. They advertised their product as “completely safe” for everyone, including mother and child, “even during pregnancy,” as its developers “could not find a dose high enough to kill a rat.” By 1960, thalidomide was marketed in 46 countries, with sales nearly matching those of aspirin. Around this time, Australian obstetrician Dr. William McBride discovered that the drug also alleviated morning sickness. He started recommending this off-label use of the drug to his pregnant patients, setting a worldwide trend.

However, this practice can also lead to a more prevalent occurrence of unanticipated, and often serious, adverse drug reactions. In 1961, McBride began to associate this so-called harmless compound with severe birth defects in the babies he delivered. The drug interfered with the babies' normal development, causing many of them to be born with phocomelia, resulting in shortened, absent, or flipper-like limbs. A German newspaper soon reported 161 babies were adversely affected by thalidomide, leading the makers of the drug—who had ignored reports of the birth defects associated with it—to finally stop distribution within Germany. Other countries followed suit and, by March of 1962, the drug was banned in most countries where it was previously sold."

Carlos Ponce

750,000 doses of chloroquine, 70,000 doses of hydroxychloroquine and 10,000 doses of Zithromax - that's a LOT of trial!

Jim Forsythe

The size of clinical trials determines how much medication is needed. Trials require many different people with different medical problems to be part of them. The size of these trills will be in the thousands of people to cover all possible problems with these drugs. The length of the time length of the trial, different doses, how many people in the trial will dictate how many pills will be required.

Chloroquine (Aralen) and its sister drug hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) are under investigation for the treatment of the COVID-19 coronavirus disease. The side effects of these drugs are many. Chloroquine has the most server-side effects. Using these drugs for COVID-19, the side effects are not known.

Some of the problems that must be looked at with Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine include the following.

One of the side effects little is known about is pregnancy and breastfeeding. There are no studies evaluating the safety and efficacy of chloroquine in during pregnancy. If you are pregnant this drug should be avoided unless it is necessary and the benefit outweighs the risk. Chloroquine is excreted in breast milk. Hydroxychloroquine may be secreted in breast milk also and may cause side effects in the infant.

Carlos Ponce

750,000 doses of chloroquine, 70,000 doses of hydroxychloroquine and 10,000 doses of Zithromax and how many New Yorkers are diagnosed with COVID-19?

As of today about 31,000. Do the math.

Ron Woody

Look at the map and the number of known cases and deaths. It becomes obvious that there are areas that are more affected than others. It would appear that this virus follows a similar pattern to known virus patterns. Warmer, humid climates appear to slow the spread of the virus.

What we are doing nationwide is the equivalent of closing Nebraska and Iowa when Texas and Louisiana get hit by a hurricane.

Wayne D Holt

Take a look at an overlay of recent (last several years) tuberculosis outbreaks and you'll see many of the same issues. Northern Italy isn't filled with just Italians; it has tourists from all over the world and has been the corridor through which migrants pass on the way to their favored destinations of Germany and Northern Europe. They have much higher rates of tuberculosis due to poor nutrition, crowding, etc.

What if COVID-19 acts as an accelerant of dormant TB? Then you would have some of the same statistics that reflect vulnerable populations being more likely to be in danger. To extrapolate from a demographic like refugee populations and Chinese sweat shop conditions seems like a stretch to me. How about France? The police can't go into the No-Go Zones of immigrants who are ignoring the same rules imposed on the native French.

This would take the wisdom of Solomon to understand and of course, politicians just want to DO SOMETHING! Even if it means taking statistics that don't reflect our situation and using them to roll out medical martial law.

We have evolved a society that shuns individual responsibility for its actions and looks to government to tell it what it has to do. It must never occur to us that government is made up of individuals, many of them a lot less trustworthy and competent than the next person you meet at a six-foot distance.

Ron Woody

Hear, Hear!

Charles Douglas

[ Mr. Holt said> ...."Northern Italy isn't filled with just Italians; it has tourists from all over the world and has been the corridor through which migrants pass on the way to their favored destinations of Germany and Northern Europe. They have much higher rates of tuberculosis due to poor nutrition, crowding, etc." ] I would like to piggyback off that most eloquent point he made to say this is what GLOBALISM, no BORDERS....NO-GO ZONES, or SANCTUARY CITIES ...will bring a nation or society to! A great point made by Mr. Holt in the middle of a chaotic situation happening as we debate, nevertheless......this situation should not lessen the veracity of what the man said. So then, what we are witnessing here should help us to make sensible, and effective rules, regulations, and LAWS conducive to our nation's interests, and our people's safety and well being in the FUTURE, instead of conforming to wealthy special interest groups and rich LOBBYISTS working for GOD only knows who ...in DC! We have witnessed up closed in this election process what big money can do, how it can change the rules, regulations, and how some of us conform and think. Greed and money are siblings and covetousness is their cousin! There are to many government employees and Congress people who are sworn to work for their constituents, who came to their jobs dirt poor, but now are fat, and filthy rich!!! I won't call names ....but..YOU KNOW!!!!!

Bailey Jones

New Orleans is exploding. I'm pretty sure Galveston and NOLA are similarly situated.

Look at your map again - plenty of activity around the globe at our latitude.

Ron Woody

Come on Mr. Jones, you are better than this. Do not just look at a map look at the numbers.

NY - 21,000 cases

NJ - 1,300 cases

TX - 352 cases

LA - 1,172 cases

CA - 1,931 cases

FL - 1,141 cases

OK, Let's look at the health of the average person in Louisiana. It is usually average at best based on national trends and usually less than average most years.

Three of the most populous states CA, FL and TX that mostly have a warmer, humid client have fewer than 4,000 cases. That is only 20% of NY alone. Tell me again what map am I supposed to look at that tells me I am wrong. All I am asking for is fact not fear. Looking at a map tells you nothing.

Could it be that the panic is now because the largest outbreak is NYC, home of all media.

You nor anyone else has provided one fact that this is any worse than flu or pneumonia. Why do we not call it the deadly flu every year or deadly pneumonia, maybe we should do this every year so we can become socialist and destroy the economy.

Just facts please!

Dan Freeman

Currently, no approved vaccines exist to prevent infection with SARS-CoV-2. A Phase 1 clinical trial evaluating an investigational vaccine designed to protect against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has begun at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute (KPWHRI) in Seattle [March 16]. …The first participant received the investigational vaccine today. The Phase 1 trial is led by Lisa A. Jackson, M.D. …https://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/nih-clinical-trial-investigational-vaccine-covid-19-begins

Phase I trials are designed to test the safety, side effects, best dose, and formulation method for the drug. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phases_of_clinical_research#Phase_I

Moreover, there is no specific medicine treat coronavirus disease (COVID-19). People may need supportive care to help them breathe. If you develop a fever, cough, and have difficulty breathing, promptly seek medical care. Call in advance and tell your health provider of any recent travel or recent contact with travelers. https://www.google.com/search?q=treatment+for+covid+19&rlz=1C1EODB_enUS701US701&oq=TReatment+for+COVID&aqs=chrome.0.0j69i57j0l2.6823j1j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

With neither a vaccine or treatment, a shelter in place is appropriate in this pandemic.

Carlos Ponce

The reports about the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine may be anecdotal but when you're on death's door...... So far, its proven effective. Chloroquine is being used in South Korea and China. Reports sound promising.

Ron Woody

Mr. Jones, that is the most irrational math calculations that I have ever viewed and the analogy to the rate of speed is not the equivalent argument. We are restricting citizen movement to minimize death, so why not lower the speed limit to minimize death. That is the same argument one to one. You are using number of cases not number of deaths. In Wuhan the mortality rate has already dropped from approximately 3.4% to 1.5% as we receive more valid data.

X/Y = Z

X = number of deaths

Y = number of known cases

Z = mortality rate from coronavirus

Here are the two statistics that are known or repeated enough to be believed (who knows)

1. 80% of the people that have coronavirus do not even experience symptoms or very minor symptoms.

2. It affects those that are older and have weakened immune systems.

This being the case the X value will be forever unknown and much larger than can be proven, whether that factor is 3 or 300 it is larger than what is stated.

Therefore factor Z is forever unknown.

This is the same with the flu virus every year. When influenza drifts or shifts as it does annually we consistently get varieties for which there is no vaccine. It is why in the 2018/2019 flu season the efficacy for the flu shot was 29%. CDC statistic not mine.

At 60 years old I have never been to a doctor for the flu. Does that mean I have never had the flu, NO. Are there others like me that just take Nyquil stay home a couple of days every two or three years and move on. Again the number of known flu cases is not identifiable.

Ron Woody

My apologies the Y Value will be unknown. Sorry I tried to edit before submitting.

Bailey Jones

Ron, the number of deaths are increasing at a similar exponential rate. It's not hard to know the number of deaths because they are the ones getting tested. (I agree, it's hard to know the number of asymptomatic cases, which is why it's so important to socially distance ourselves because no one knows how far the infection has made it into the population.)

There's a very nice graphic here - https://nssac.bii.virginia.edu/covid-19/dashboard/

Check it out for yourself:

It took 21 days to go from 2K cases to 4K, 8 days to double that to 8K, 6 days to double that to 16K. See the trend?

What I like about this graphic is that it shows the slowing of the trend from about mid February to the 1st week of March. That's the effect of draconian measures taken in China to halt the spread of the virus. The rest of the world is behind - and the curve is going up, exponentially.

The death rate in the US is following the same curve. True, we've only lost 600 people, more or less. Hardly worth even caring about, am I right? The world death total went from 1 to 18,000 in about 2 months. From 1 to 18,000 is doubling 14 times, plus change. The US death total has doubled 9 times. There's no reason to believe that, without strong measures, it won't double 5 more times and hit 18,000 in the next 30 days. Is that enough dead Americans to worry about? Another month, 5 more doublings, and we're at 500,000. Is that enough to worry about? Can you guess the number for July?

Ron Woody

There is no evidence that the virus accelerates at the rates you are extrapolating once elderly and weak immune are isolated.

The larger concern is impact on the healthcare system. My question is if we looked at this as we do the flu on an annual basis and not started calling it "deadly" 80% of the people go about their normal lives and never impact the healthcare system.

Seniors should have been isolated immediately. I was pleased that The Meridian isolated my mother, but it would not have bothered me had they done it a week earlier. Fortunately at this time I have not heard of any cases in The Meridian and I am thankful for that.

While you are doing your calculations are you taking into account the population of CA, FL and TX? Per Capita they have the fewest cases by far. So the entire US should shut down for a crisis that at this point is primary located in two regions of the US.

The biggest concern when this started was whether humidity would have the same effect on Coronavirus as regular influenza. A look at the numbers and not just a map that shows outbreaks would make it appear this is the case.

500,000 would get my attention, but that would place it third behind heart disease and cancer on an annual basis. We live with those numbers every year and do not destroy the economy.

For 2019 the US government spent: (NIH numbers)

Heart Disease research - $1.5 billion

Cancer Research - $10 billion

We seem to be able to live with those numbers just fine and the world does not come to a stop.

We are now going to spend multiple trillions of dollars and give up numerous rights for an unknown that no one and I mean no one can even identify how many people have obtained the virus.

Yes, I have significant issues with the government taking my rights and shutting down the economy and harming numerous individuals for an unknown.

On the other side I have not seen your concern for the effects of closing the economy. In the last week domestic violence cases have increased by 55% in Nashville, TN. What are the percentages elsewhere.

I think the phrase, no kind deed goes unpunished fits here. For every action there is a reaction and for every cause there is an effect.

Letting fear take the place of fact only exacerbates the issue.

Ron Woody

Thanks for the link, I saved it.

Ron Woody

There has been one known population that can be studied and that is the 700 people that lived with the virus for 21 days on the cruise ship. Seven of them died from the virus, that leads one to believe the mortality rate may be close to 1%. Take into account the age of the passengers (older) and extrapolate that out your numbers can not be supported in any way shape or form.


John P. A. Ioannidis is a Greek-American physician-scientist and writer who has made contributions to evidence-based medicine, epidemiology, data science and clinical research. In addition, he has pioneered the field of meta-research. He has shown that much of the published research does not meet good scientific standards of evidence.

Here is what I do know:

Globally 880,000 children under the age of five die from pneumonia each year

Globally 800,000 children under the age of 10 die from diarrhea each year

50,000 adults in the US die from Pneumonia each year

40,000 die from traffic accidents each year

50,000 (est.) from influenza each year

Yet we do not crater a trillion dollar economy or take away individual freedoms for these deaths and they all could be minimized by the same steps used for coronavirus.

What is the difference?

Bailey Jones

The difference, Ron, is that we have the medical capacity to handle those deaths. How many more people will die from pneumonia and car wrecks if all our hospitals are full of COVID cases?

(Cars are an interesting case. There was a time when we had no deaths from cars - because we didn't have cars. The death rate has grown along with the number of cars we have. The death rate, per capita, peaked in 1979, and has decreased since then - it's about half of what it was then. And we're used to it. It's built into our medical system, our insurance system, our economy. But what if we didn't have cars? What if we were all still using trolleys and buses and trains. And I came along and said, hey - I've got a great new invention - it will take you anywhere you want to go, anytime you want to go. But there's a downside - it's going to kill 40,000 Americans every year. Would we switch?)

I'm just laying out the case for why every country on earth has decided to take the same drastic steps to stop the virus. Maybe America should be different, and just not care about a few tens of thousands of more dead. Maybe that's what American Exceptionalism is. I honestly don't have that strong of an opinion about it. I do care about about math, and facts, though. And they speak loudly for the seriousness of this pandemic.

Ron Woody

Currently, no approved vaccines exist to prevent infection with SARS-CoV-2 (Just like when influenza drifts or shifts on an annual basis, 2018/2019 flu vaccine only had a 29% efficacy; CDC)

Moreover, there is no specific medicine treat coronavirus disease (COVID-19). People may need supportive care to help them breathe. (Just like influenza and pneumonia, which kills over 100,000 Americans on an annual basis)

With neither a vaccine or treatment, a shelter in place is appropriate in this pandemic. (So just like influenza and pneumonia - does that mean we need to shelter in place on an annual basis?)

Can someone please take out a calculator, do the math and provide to me the factual evidence that makes this virus any worse than flu or pneumonia and worthy of destroying the world economy!

I do not like using his quotes, but this is the epitome of "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself" - Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Maybe a better quote from a better President is:

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” - Abraham Lincoln

Charles Douglas

Mr. WOODY has been consistent in making his point, as has Mr. HOLT! Allow me to quote another saying from one who is greater than either President Lincoln or President Roosevelt: " God did not give us the spirit of FEAR..but of LOVE, ..POWER...and SELF-DISCIPLINE/ SOUND MIND." ( 2 Tim. 1:7 ) I personally think this Plague which is in the process of STEALING, KILLING, and DESTROYING.. human beings of the world and this country could have been minimized to almost nothing if the nation where it started had not started shaking in it's boots with FEAR of what the rest of the world would think. So they lied by omission, commission,... through deceit, deception, selfishness, and because of pride! They decided because of those things to do everything wrong! Leaders in China allowed those exposed to the virus to go here, and there, flying here or there, exposing and contaminating the world! Worst ..they allowed visitors from other nations to continue to cross over into a country riddled with this contagious sickness!!!! Some kind of rational responsibility on the part of a civilized nation in my book! Steal ...Killed...and Destroy huh? Well the other part of that scripture say ....BUT....I came that you might have life and life more abundant....John 10:10. Let me remind some and inform others that you,.....and most especially if you are a Christian, should have a daily CONFESSION over yourself and your family! ( see Psalms 91 & Psalms 92 ) I heard a great man of a GREATER GOD say just the other day, "Confession is the road builder on which HOPE & FAITH rolls in with their MIGHTY cargo! Lastly, you might be wondering, "What in the world is Charles saying?" Well, Old Charles will tell you! I'm saying you need to start forming and affecting your environment, situations and circumstances by the words of your mouth, called confessions. They will shore up your faith! God moves on faith not necessarily your needs! If the latter was true, there would not be a poor person in the is world, let alone a hungry one. Jesus is the author and finisher of your faith ( Hebrews 12:2 ) & ( The Apostle and High Priest over your CONFESSIONS of faith ) Hebrews 3:1. So, you should start from where you are ...to take advantage of those benefits of the NEW COVENANT! If you still don't know what I'm trying to do, then let me be frank,..up front,...and blunt ... I'm trying to encourage some who might need encouraging now, and I am not ashamed to do it! [wink]

Bailey Jones

Well, Ron. I think I'll leave this to you and Wayne. After a while it starts to feel like an argument over climate change or evolution.

Wayne D Holt

Bailey, I am 200% for social distancing and other common sense responses. But take a look at what is going on objectively, as I see you do in so many posts.

We have taken progression of disease rates from some of the most dense and vulnerable populations and extrapolated to...the entire world. Look at NYC just in our country. An entry point for people from all over the world and dense by American standards. It is understandable why they are seeing what they are. We should be like firemen going to where the fire is and putting it out with shock and awe materials/staffing help. Instead, we're sprinkling the entire town with a light mist of medical care while requiring the townsfolk to lose their jobs. Will not and does not make sense to me on even the most basic terms. I am open to correction but what I see are numbers thrown around (not you, using politicians) from people who don't seem to be able to reason analytically.

I don't guarantee I'm right; I'm saying from a risk/reward position it doesn't make sense to take a medical emergency with unknown effects and morph it into a world-wide economic crisis that is unfolding right in front of our eyes. I have to speak out when I see this and I thank God for a free press that still allows for it. I would not be surprised if we let this level of control to pass unquestioned this time we may not have a forum to air these differences on the next go 'round..

Charles Douglas

One more thing! Jesus the Son of God was manifested to destroy the works of the devil, because he is a liar and a sinner, who despises mankind! Jesus also came to seek and to save that which was lost! Since the Body of Christ is apart of Christ, .. it is also His Body's job to carry on with what he was doing before his ascension, and do so with the POWER of his Spirit helping us and showing us how! So then when darkness comes to become darker, it is those of the Body's job to SHINE twice as BRIGHT, to neutralize it,...so that the world will not abide in FEAR and HOPELESSNESS! ( I think after I say AMEN, ... I am going to mail an offering to myself!!!! ).

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