Remember Agenda 21? This is further underway as Democrats have used the pandemic and chaos to misinform and control.

Anthony Fauci took center stage on COVID-19, shifting positions, using the flawed model of Bill Gates, friend, Big Pharma co-investor, heavily involved in the corrupt bureaucracies of the Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institutes of Health, World Health Organization and others, commingling private industry with those bureaucracies.

We now know, through various experts' studies, that COVID-19 reporting is hugely, deliberately inflated (retests of positives, asymptomatic screenings and "all cause" deaths), inducing us to trade liberties for "safety."

Those elitists have been conditioning us to accept a new norm: more isolation from each other, "masking up" and "locking down" — both proven to not inhibit the virus, but actually harm in many cases. They mandate, we comply. The work/shop from home, limitations on travel, religious/social functions, all promoted as "safety measures."

The sinister reshaping and control of the middle class is vital to this Orwellian "1984" reality. Scorn not before considering the interconnectedness of all going on around you. Never let one expert or "science" solely shape our country's policies.

Sandra Woodford

Texas City


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Wayne D Holt

Ms. Woodford, in the funhouse that public discourse has become, your perspective would be considered topsy turvy even though just about everything you write can be verified by those willing to take the time and effort.

I prefer not to assign the role of villain to either political party because the vast majority of both Republicans and Democrats are not represented by their party leaders. The truth is, the rot that has set in across America is one that has no principles, no loyalty to the truth and no limits to its shame. It is a bi-partisan corruption of the fabric of our national soul.

For those who truly wish to gain insight into what is going on in our national newsrooms, in our medical institutions, in our educational and cultural centers, I would commend to you the documentary Plandemic. Whatever you think you know about this epidemic, you owe it to yourself to watch and make up your own mind, not gulp down the prefab comments of those with a vested interest in maintaining their wealth, position and privileges.

Do you have a little over an hour to learn how the world really works behind the manufactured illusion we are hypnotized with?

Gary Miller

Wayne! You may be as accurate as any other trying to explain. Coupla weeks ago a CDC spokes person offered the fact that Covid 19 deaths were being vastly over That Assymthmatic cases were reported as Covid deaths when they actually died in car wrecks, drownings, fires, falls, murders among other ways. DRs. tested them after death and found they tested positive, reported it as a Covid death when it was not. The CDC person said the true deaths might be under 10,000 instead of the 190,000 being reported. 4.5 million Americans died in 2019 from all causes. Same will die in 2020 but more than reality will be reported as Covid 19 because inflated numbers are worth money or political power.

Ted Gillis

I didn’t think we had any Russian Bots in Texas City.

Wayne D Holt

Ted, it was probably unintentional but with that comment you've discredited your judgement not once but twice over. Respectfully submitted, as I wrote above...

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