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Carlos Ponce

Any attempts to try to abolish the Electoral College will meet the same fate as earlier attempts. But I welcome debate since it enlightens many as to the origin and reason for the Electoral College and why it continues into the 21st Century.

The individual states set up the rules of who can and cannot vote.

You write Catholics were excluded from voting but history records Catholics were among the Founding Fathers and part of the First Congress; Daniel Carroll serving Maryland's 6th congressional district, and Charles Carroll of Carrollton serving as the first senator from Maryland. Charles Carroll also signed the Declaration of Independence. Catholics were excluded from voting back in British Colonial America but not in the United States. But in Spanish and Mexican Texas, Catholicism was the only religion accepted. There is a Catholic Bible belonging to Sam Houston in the Museum in Huntsville, Texas. Chances are to be accepted into Texas most claimed to be Catholic but did not practice it.

Charles Douglas

We need to get rid of the Electoral College you say? Uh huh. That will Help the LEFT gain & maintain complete control & power to do whatever they want to do right? Then my guess is yall will vote to bring SLAVERY back! Won't be nothing to stop you! Is that what y'all aiming for? All the signs are there! Didn't want BLACKS to read back in the Ante-bellum South, and 75-80 % of African-American young boys in California cannot read to specification level today! Can't blame that on TRUMP and the Conservatives. Same thing in Maryland, and more than likely Illinois too! What y'all want to do with all that unchecked power man? The Electoral College was created to balance the power structure to keep states like California, New York, and Illinois from taking over the country from all the other states! You should know that! I know that, and I grew up in Segrgation Society with a third rate education, in fourth rate facilities! I don't think the rest of America is going to set back and watch the LEFT DISMANTLE the Contitution! Just my opinion.Lolo.

George Soros

Trump lost lol

Charles Douglas

Doesn't matter who lost! It matters who occupies the Oval Office! That is Trump, and will continue to be TRUMP! Lolo or. Lol. Now when that changes, as a fair person I will acknowledge a lost. Until then ....I can't hear youuuuuu![smile]

Carlos Ponce

George Soros, STAY TUNED!

Gary Miller

Earlier attemps to get rid of the EC in 40's 50's 60's failed in the senate without ever getting to the state vote where it would have required 3/4 of the states approval. It was expected fewer than 10 states would have approved it's removal. Less chance today than then.

Ted Gillis

It’s pretty well accepted that my ancestors converted to Catholicism because they were early colonists in Texas, then part of Mexico. Most of south Texas still is Catholic. However, this Catholicism is more cultural based than spiritually based. It’s considered to me as more of a nationality, like being Hispanic or Italian. Being catholic today has no influence in ones political party affiliation or in any other secular organizations. To me it’s just a legacy from my ancestors who wanted entry into Texas way back when.

But yeah, I agree , we need to revisit the use of the Electoral College. At least we can think about combining some states, like the Dakota’s. Do we really need two of those?

Gary Miller

Dividing Texas and California are more likely to happen.

Dan Freeman

The 1845 joint resolution that admitted Texas to the Union provided that Texas could be divided into as many as five states. The power to create new states could be exercised only by Congress, with the consent of the affected state legislatures.

George F. Kennan did say the country would be better off with both CA and TX left

Gary Miller

Eliminating the EC has never reached the 2/3 vote in congress required to send it to state approval where 3/4 of states would have to vote yes. The EC is safe as long as the US constitution is valid.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Miller, you make a great point! You said as long as the Contitution is valid.... That might NOT be for long! The LEFT is attacking the first Amendment, second Amendment, and threatening the 12th Amendment which authorizing the EC. They are vocal about it nationally, and locally even as we post here. MY point is, if the rest of the country set back while the RADICALS, the Fake MEDIA, and the LEFT destroy what many have died to establish from the very begining, what then would protect the 4th, 5th, 13th, and 14th Amendments?

Think they will set up a one party rule here in America, and out of the goodness of their hearts, they will leave the other half of our freedoms alone? They said, on national MEDIA recently, as well as under OBAMA over eight years ago, they intend to change what America is, and what it stands for! Truth, and fact! They are busy even now teaching White kids that they are inherently racists, because they are White! [ Crazy; & drunk for power!]. Conservatives and everybody else better wake up, the house is on fire! Nothing worse than a man, or a nation playing checkers, while his enemy is playing chess!

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