County Judge Mark Henry made a $ 6.6 million donation in Gov. Greg Abbott’s border enforcement plan with money for COVID relief.

Let’s see how that decision worked for the citizens of our county.


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Charles Douglas

Even if defending our state was ineffective, and I put emphasis on "IF"....I give credit to anybody who tried to save this county, state, and nation from what The WOKE-LEFT intentionally loosed on us in the form of SEX TRAFFICKERS, TERRORISTS, DRUG CARTELS, Pediphiles, FENTANYL & Illegals pouring across our borders creating crimes, like murder, rape, assaults, thefts, along with gross destruction of properties belongings to citizens and taxpayers! One of my theology teachers told me years ago, " HEY DO SOMETHING- OR YOU WILL DO NOTHING!"

The problem was not and is not with Galveston County Officials, nor State Officials, for they did not create what is happening now in this nation, nor what's happening at the borders! The whole stinky mess was created and perpetuated by a EVIL, WOKE-LEFT Party bent on destroying America as the most powerful nation Militarily, and Economically on the face of the earth, and relegating it to a position of subserviency & as just another [censored]- Hole country operated by 2-3 people like Obama, Susan Rice, and Chuck Schumer are doing now!

So County Commissioners Court, bravo! Keep up the good work! I like those who are not afraid to stand up for their family, their home, state, and their country! Washington DC has memorials full of patriotic names of tens of thousands of Americans who chose to lay it all on the line to do the same things the Commissioner's Court did in this situation! I call that Patriotism, and I say thank all of you who had something to do with what yall done for us! [thumbup][thumbup]

David Hardee

My sentiments exactly are express by Mr. Douglas.

Gary Scoggin

“ SEX TRAFFICKERS, TERRORISTS, DRUG CARTELS, Pediphiles, FENTANYL & Illegals pouring across our borders creating crimes, like murder, rape, assaults, thefts,”

And some, I assume, are good people.

Sharon Stratman

Well done, Gary!

C. Patterson

This assumes that the reason the numbers have gone up is a result of Abbotts attempt to secure the boarder?

I not going to insult your intelligence by suggesting that you actually believe what you wrote… or that you think I do! If you care for humanity even in the slightest then stop politicizing this issue and look at the hard facts.

They’re hard to stomach

Carlos Ponce

Contrary to Liberal propaganda presented by Joseph Willis, Operation Lone Star is effective.

I have spoken with several officers from Galveston County who went to the border. Have you talked to them, Joseph Willis?

If we had a president who carried out the presidential oath, Texas and Galveston County wouldn't have to spend their time, talent and treasure.

Gary Scoggin

If you have more officers on the border, you will have more encounters. More encounters is dispositive of nothing.

Carlos Ponce

"If you have more officers on the border, you will have more encounters."

Initially, yes. But after a while illegals will think twice before crossing.Think about the time trucks were being searched. People traffickers rerouted their efforts to California, Arizona and New Mexico. And some idiots though it wasn't working. Now only if the other states had taken Texas' lead........

George Laiacona

Shifting the pandemic funds to the Republicans needs is going on in almost every Republican controlled state. Americans don’t understand the real problem is that the Republicans refuse to pass Immigration Reform Legislation

Carlos Ponce

Democrat Party idea for immigration reform is OPEN BORDERS.

Charles Douglas

The "real" problem is the LIBERAL-LEFT is trying to use the American border to aid them in "HARVESTING VOTES" just like they used bad schools, government food stamps, & welfare to reel in African-American and Hispanic VOTES for decades! Now the gig is up! Hispanic are running from the WOKE-LEFT because of the mess they created, & African-Americans are slowly doing the same!

They are beginning to see that they don't need the government to be their "SUGGA DADDY!" We believe opportunity shrouded with hard work & persistence will see us through! This is something I made sure I projected and insisted that my kids learned early on, or else they would've suffered my raft! Now, to be sure I reaped some criticism for using the carrot 🥕 & stick methodology, but it worked to perfection, and everybody was satisfied and now there is no complaint to be found!

So now the WOKE is on a.mission to replace the tens of thousands of dependents they lost with NEW ONES THEY INVITED TO COME! WORDS RIGHT OUT OF JOE COOL'S MOUTH! "YALL SHOULD COME!"

Everyone of of the illegals who are questioned at the borders says the time was right to take advantage of Joe Cool's invitation! The WOKE-LEFT does not want an immigration settlement! They want OPEN BORDERS, just like they have in place now! People on both sides of the border are dying, getting assaulted, raped, murdered sexually abused and assaulted but all the WOKE cares about is the potential VOTES they can Harvest in the future, giving them power & control! So, we shall see how that holds up after next Tuesday! [wink]

Charles Douglas

It is my understanding that the American people or voters will demonstrate their feelings toward what the WOKE-LEFT has done to this nation NEXT TUESDAY NOVEMBER 8th! Why don't we just hold onto our opinions as to who we ASSUME ARE GOOD PEOPLE CROSSING THE BORDER ILLEGALLY UNTIL THE VOTES ARE IN? The WOKE-LEFT probably think that individual who stalked l, choked, beat, and raped that female jogger the other morning in New York WAS GOOD PEOPLE TOO, BUT THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM BECAUSE I [censored] sure do NOT! NOW!!!!!! FURTHERMORE i don't don't care how good those crossing the border illegally are, they broke the laws of America, which is a crime! Would they be just as good it they broke into your house? Ahhhhhhaaaaa? [beam][beam]

C. Patterson

Dear Elites:

You took our freedom.

You sought to mask, indoctrinate, and control our children.

You shut down our Churches, businesses and opened our borders.

You censored, demonized and tried to destroy anyone who opposed your opinion.

You let inflation and crime soar.

You put lawbreakers first and Citizens last.

For two years, you've made our lives a living hell.

And on Tuesday,

we're going to let you know just

what we think of you at the polls.

Signed, We the People

Charles Douglas

C Patterson > That was beautifully stated 😍 said it all....left nothing unsaid! Payday is Tuesday for the WOKE LEFT, and I ASSUME SOME OF THEM ARE GOOD PEOPLE as one of them stated prior,....just misinformed and mislead! [beam][beam]

I don't mind saying I am a bad loser, and 10 times worse as a winner! I will have one or two words to say after Tuesday's Wipeout!!![beam][beam] I put my word as a BIDEN on that!!!! Lolo.

Paula Flinn

Never took away your freedom to die from a virus, or for women to control their own bodies.

Never followed anything but the recommendations of science & doctors.

Always said DJT’s recommendations were misinformation, which was true.

Never shut down anything that that wasn’t a super-spreader that might cause you to catch the virus & die.

Never censored true information, just misinformation.

Always tried to educate, not “destroy” you.

Inflation is worldwide, not caused by Biden. The charts of corporate profits went way up after DJT was elected. Crime soars when the mentally ill can easily buy guns. We are not the party of free or easy access to guns.

People asking for asylum at the border are not lawbreakers. Learn the difference between people who seek political asylum and true criminals.

DJT made our lives a living hell for 4 years, by lying about everything, not passing meaningful immigration legislation in those 4 years, and committing crimes and vengeful acts for his own benefit and satisfaction.

It just shows how forgetful some of you are of the suffering DJT and his Administration has inflicted on us, denying the election results, spending all that money for recounts based on lies, attacking the Capitol and inflicting harm on the Capitol Police, , and separating us further with his lies, manipulations, and misinformation.

If you vote for YOUR candidates next Tuesday, our Democracy will be further threatened, and our Social Security, Medicare, & Medicaid will be cut, for no good reason. Biden’s good works and bills passed will be overturned. Obamacare will disappear. More people will die.

Vote wisely.

C. Patterson

Democrat Billboard

Rusty Schroeder

It should never have gotten to this to begin with. The Democrats gave spineless answers in the primaries about securing the US border, nations listened. Opening the border without a plan was ridiculous, a simple satellite image could confirm thousands were on the way. It's hard for me to even believe what is going on at the Border having grown up visiting family down there. The Biden administration has no intention of border control, so Texas has sent agencies from across the state to the Border. My problem with the latter is this, it's still catch and release. The majority caught by Texas law enforcement are turned over to the federal government, processed, then sent off to explore the US. It has been an unbelievable waste of taxpayer $$, resources, and lives over petty political squabbling. Should have finished the wall and not repopulated the United States.

Charles Douglas

Beto got nerve & gall enough to run for Governor after he got his head handed to him after he ran for the Senate! He was trying to break down and do a hip dance the other day! Can you amagine that? He wants to take our guns, kill our Fossil Fuel, open our borders, ( all those Joe Cool did not open) ...and he is taking money from the worst enemy of Democracy ever, ...Billionaire George Soros! If Beto he goes down ( LOW ) ..on Tuesday he might get kicked! Lolo.

Sorry but isn't that what Obama's "Wing-Man" Attorney General said back when they were in charge concerning their Conservative Adversaries? Mr. Eric Himpton Holder Jr. said if Conservatives get LOW ...they would KICK'EM!!!! Obama had a WING-MAN as an Attorney General, and now Joe Cool has one too! We have one of the most corrupt governments in office now than any in the Western Hemisphere, none!

Rusty Schroeder

Beto is a pawn for the DNC in Texas, he's getting rich just to keep a name out there for the democrats nationwide. They are frothing for a Texas movie star to join the party, hopefully he's smarter than that.

Ted Gillis

You can call this anything you want, but it is what it is, a misuse of funds. Henry Trochesset should have stood up to Mark Henry and said no. Now he’s hip deep in this with him. All of your quick action to defend Henry in the post just proves to me that you all know what he did was wrong. A democrat moving funds around like this would have all of you calling for audits and hearings. Hypocrites!

Carlos Ponce

So protecting Texas people and propert is a :misuse of Funds" according to Ted Gillis.[rolleyes]

Wayne Holt

"A democrat moving funds around like this would have all of you calling for audits and hearings. Hypocrites!"

A Democrat moving funds around to try to stop the tide of illegal immigration would have 99% of Republicans checking their pulse to see if they'd died and gone to heaven.

Jim Forsythe

All that have posted, and I are looking at two different things, as far as immigration is concern. What I'm look at has nothing to do with the person that is President now, but the long-term failures of our immigration laws and policies.

Look at the 2000's. Obama's approach was different then Bush's and Trumps was different than Obama's. Biden's approach is different than Trump's and the next President will do something different. Change will happen with each new President and will end in failure, until it become important enough to come up with a solution that all can agree on.

And to me, the underlying problem maybe that some do not want to fix our immigration policies and it has nothing to do with being a D or a R. It may be people making money from this.

I worked for someone, that this was the case. He opened a contractor company that hired people, that he himself went to Mexico and transported to this area. He housed them, which numbered over 30 men, in a large house in T.C, and promised them pay. When he could no longer put off not paying them, he would call and have them deported, so he would not have to pay them. He would then do it all over again. These men work with me in Amoco, when I worked as a contractor. I was the supervisor at 18, over them, because I spoke English.

As far as laws that are being ignored internally, the pain for not complying must be greater than the gain.

One of the changes I would do for employers.

A requirement for years in jail, if someone does follow the law for employers. A requirement that they must report each week, on the worker hours for each employee. If someone quits, they must report it at the time that person quits. If they did not do this, they would be looking a jail time. If an employer is willing to risk years in jail for not following a law, then so be it.

A book I read about raising kids said, you cannot stop a child from do something, if they are willing to accept the punishment. They went on to say, the adult must make the punishment bad enough, that they do not want to do it. The same applies in this case.

Reform will not happen, until all involved, agree on it. Band-Aids may be put in place, but a long-term solution takes all agreeing.

Operation Lone Star is nothing but a Band-Aid.

Carlos Ponce

"Operation Lone Star is nothing but a Band-Aid."

A band-Aid is better than surrendering to the drug traffickers, people traffickers, sex traffickers, child traffickers under the Biden.

Jim Forsythe

We still have the problem, so it is just a band-aid

Carlos Ponce

The Border agents will tell you the problem is the Biden Administration, NOT THE LAWS WHICH THEY REFUSE TO ENFORCE. As usual, Jim tries to put LIPSTICK on this pig.

Jim Forsythe

Under you way of thinking, we had no immigration problem until Biden become President. Every President since the 1950's has tried and failed to fix the problem.

Until all in DC decide to fix it, we will continue to have this problem, which will become larger.

I know you are a Trump fan, so this look at what happened while he was President.

At the start of 2017 there were 12.8 million illegal-immigrants living in the USA and at the end of 2020 there were 14.5 illegal-immigrants living in the USA. Not a success in anyone's book.

As I said before, the problem will continue to get worse until we all decided it is time to redo our immigration policy.

Carlos Ponce

"Under you way of thinking, we had no immigration problem until Biden become President. " No, that's YOUR unsubstantiated nonsense!

ACCORDING TO THE BORDER PATROL, things were getting better under President Trump.Then under The Biden........[scared]

Carlos Ponce

And what is Jim's idea pf immigration reform??? Tear down the wall as RFO wants?

Jim Forsythe

Under Trump, we did not control illegal immigration. If it was under control the numbers would have decreased not increased.

I have outlined what I considered reform before, and the wall does not play into it.

As far as what the border patrol said, just look at the numbers which indicate that we, the USA were failing at decreasing the numbers as the numbers continued to increase instead of decreasing during Trumps time. That is a failure no matter how you slice it. If 1.7 million more illegal immigrants living in the USA during Trumps time in office was a success, you have a different definition of what success looks like.

If we do not get one policy for the USA, nothing will change. It cannot be Jim's policy or any other person policy, but what all want to happen.

Each time we get a new President, we change what we do. This will never result in reducing the number of illegal immigrates living in the USA.

Carlos Ponce

Jim is trying to put more lipstick on his pig. Not a pretty sight!

Jim Forsythe

No Carlos, our immigration policies have been a failure. We have continued to have a large increase in numbers, no matter who the President is.

All Presidents have failed, including Trump.

Carlos Ponce

Give it up, Jim . The more you post the more ignorant you look. Try looking up some FACTS before posting.

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, post the facts about any President that had illegal immigrates living in the USA decrease in numbers, in the last 20 years.

Carlos Ponce

Jim, the facts are there. If I posted them you'd just respond with more of your nonsense.

Carlos Ponce

Oh, well, since you are too lazy, here's a report from Leftist Politifact:

"Our ruling

Trump said illegal immigration on the U.S.-Mexico border is "the lowest in 17 years."

Border Patrol data support Trump’s claim. In March, Border Patrol recorded 12,193 apprehensions at the southwest border, the lowest in at least 17 years.

It’s worth noting that apprehension rates have been declining since the recession, and significantly so since their peak of 1.6 million in 2000.

Overall, we rate Trump’s claim True."

But note that since President Trump, illegal immigration is up, not by thousands but by MILLIONS.

Jim Forsythe

You keep talking about apprehension rate, when the most important statistics is how many people are staying in the USA. If 1.7 million more illegal immigrants living in the USA during Trumps time in office was a success, you have a different definition of what success looks like.

Until we get control of the problem, the number of illegals staying in the USA will continue to increase, just as it has each year since the 1950's.

. You keep trying to say Trump immigration plan was a success against what other President have done or will do. Whatever President has the lowest rate is just the President with the lowest rate.

No President has slowed the increase in illegals living in the USA to the level that most would think the USA has succeeded in fixing the problem.

Carlos Ponce


Ted Gillis

No Carlos, I call it money laundering.

In fact, since Ms Elder has finished up her investigative series on the Post Office, maybe this subject can be her next story to dig into.

Carlos Ponce

You can call it whatever you want, Ted. That doesn't make it so.

Charles Douglas

TIME IS GROWING NIGH!! [rolleyes][rolleyes]

Charles Douglas

I smell fear!!FEAR!!! 👀 Time to pay uuuuuuupppppppp! Tomorrow is Paydayyyyyyyy!!!! I'm learning to walk like Joe Cool.....then break out in a little Jog...for about ten yards!! I ordered some aviators too! "NOT A JOKE JACK!!" I give you my word as a BIDEN!!!![tongue]

Thomas Carpenter

I guess that means Carlos Ponce will finally pay Bailey!

Carlos Ponce

No, Thomas Carpenter will pay![beam]

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