I can understand the students' outrage after the recent school shootings.

I join everyone that wants the federal, state, county and city governments to do everything possible to assure our children’s safety.

After the Florida school shooting the children are protesting and demanding changes be made. That’s important, and some changes need to be made.

But there are things that students can do besides protesting.

Many students with mental problems are responsible for a large percentage of the school shootings.

The kids in school, neighbors and even relatives of these killers usually admit that there were red flags that could have been reported to the proper authorities. Things like “he was a loner,” “he didn’t fit in with any group,” “acted strange,” “bragged about planning to kill,” “was seen killing animals,” “had a terrible temper,” “said things about revenge,” etc.

Why not form safety squads of students in every grade, in every school in every city to monitor and report signs of typical questionable behavior?

Students could go to the squad to report things without worrying about teacher involvement and being tagged as a rat. The squad would report it to the proper authorities.

Bill Cochrane



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Gary Miller

See something, say something? Useless if law enforcement ignores your reports.
Fla. Shooter legally bought a gun because 7 years of SAY SOMETHING was ignored by law enforcement. Politically correct law enforcement killed 17 Fla. students.

Mike Trube

There was a rather detailed article in the GDNs on Feb. 24th, page A6 regarding who notified the school ahead of time. Very interesting. You can see it in the e-edition. I still have the printed version.


Carlos Ponce

"Caller told FBI Florida shooting suspect 'going to explode' "

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