The World Health Organization recently sent a team to China to investigate the origins of the COVID-19 outbreak. One member of that team was Peter Daszak of New York-based EcoHealth Alliance.

EcoHealth Alliance directed U.S. National Institutes of Health funding to the Wuhan laboratory at the center of the COVID-19 controversy. Specifically, it channeled funding to Dr. Shi Zhengli, known as “Bat Lady,” who oversees research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Wouldn’t a better approach be to have the investigation completed by people with no connection to the Wuhan lab? And why are our tax dollars funding research in the world’s second largest economy?

In Senate testimony, Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of National Institutes of Health, said, “I do not have any accounting of what the Chinese may have done, and I'm fully in favor of any further investigation of what went on in China."

So, American taxpayer money is funding dangerous research in China, yet the people directing those funds are in the dark about how they were used? And some wonder why Americans don’t trust their government.

Alan Waters

La Marque


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Charles Douglas

You are right Mr. Waters. It is becoming more and more apparent that your suspicions have merit! Take old Beijing Joe, he hates pipelines which carry fossil fuel around this country. So what happens when the last pipeline was......."supposedly" hacked a week or so ago by the Russians? Nothing happened! In fact the word on the street is Russia is selling America oil now. Something Is foul concerning this! I'm with you on this. Joey is not even concerned about the thousands of Americans who are still standing in long lines tonight trying to get gas! Why? Four months ago we were the leading producer of oil in the world using FRACKING, as a new technique developed in that industry, but as soon as Joey was seated in the Oval Office, with his sippy cup place, he took a wrecking ball to everything which was working for America! He is printing money like it is growing on trees sending it to everybody who will agree to sit home and take it, while businesses are going under!

Carlos Ponce

Fauci is playing word games when he says he did not fund research that led to the pandemic. They used a "middle man" to fund the research, knowing very well American tax money would go to develop dangerous a virus at the Wuhan lab. One day the name of Dr. Anthony Fauci will be compared to Dr. Josef Mengele.

Robert Braeking

Should we refer to the 'china virus' as the 'Fauci virus'? From Fauci's testimony while being questioned by Senator Rand Paul, he denied funding the Wuhan lab. But the funding came from his agency through another to the china lab. Is that some form of money laundering? I wonder why we don't trust the government.

Charles Douglas

It does not matter Mr. Braeking. Fauci, Red China, or Hunter, ....They were all working together to undermine the American public in one thing or another! Old Joe instead of working on the BORDER, or getting Americans out of those long gas lines .....he was spotted over in a Ford Auto-Plant drumming up interest in electric cars! ELECTRIC CARS?????

He has lost what little mind he had. He and Obama, treated Israel like a piece of manure on the side of the road when they were in power! They even sent an undercover team to Israel for the sole purpose to undercut BB NETANYAHU during an election to get him out of the Prime Minister's role at American Taxpayers' expense! Now Beijing Joe has given hundred of millions of dollars to Hamas, a terrorist organization, who used the aid to buy rockets use to kill IsraelI citizens during their present attacks going on now!

Now Old Joe, who would not even call BB NETANYAHU for the first month or so, after he hijacked the election, but called everybody else, wants Israel to stand down! That guy has more brass than that "Proverbial Monkey" my daddy use to tell me about when I was a kid! Beijing Joe only came out publicly in support of Israel's right to fight back ....after D.J. TRUMP boldly supported Israel's rights to protect themselves publicly!!!! Joe Biden thinks about as much of Jews and Israel as he does People he called Predators and A Jungle Society Class of People ( African-Americans) ...while he was partnering up with KKK members & sympathizers known as the DIXICRAT Senators in the U.S. Senate not to many years ago! That goes to show how much Obama thought of his roots take on a bonified RACIST as a running mate. Obama was working his deceptions on the public too, but I will keep that silver ammo in my belt .....for now!

Gary Miller

Fauci is a bureaucrat. A socialist bureaucrat and member of the Democrat party. It's a waste of time expecting Fauci to act like a non partizen citizen. He lies as quick and easy as any other Democrat. If you want the truth don't ask Fauci.

Carlos Ponce

Flip Flop Fauci strikes again:

"But being a fully vaccinated person the chances of my getting infected in an indoor setting is extremely low. And that's the reason why in indoor settings now I feel comfortable about not wearing a mask because I'm fully vaccinated."

Dan Freeman

Anyone using phrases like China virus or asserting a Chinese government source, is stoking anti Asian violence and should be banned from publishing in legitimate newspapers.

Carlos Ponce

Not true, Dan. Has anyone who has engaged in anti-Asian violence ever claimed it was due to hearing the phrase "Chinese Virus"????? No.

Charles Douglas

That is Radical Race-Baiting at it's finest! RADICALS trying to capture the Asians' affections on the cool, using the RACE CARD, they are good at doing with other minorities! It is sic-ny-fying!! Makes you wonder why we've had ghettos, High Crime Cities, and atrocious schools for minorities all these decades even while they voted LIBERAL! Last I checked it was not White Supremacists who were attacking Asians all over this country!

That is something you won't hear Liberals nationally nor locally own up to! The answer does not fit in their Radical Narrative! So they speak vaguely, to the Asians, like they are so good at with BLACKS! I love how they have mastered how to deceive minorities in order to vote harvest! I have watched them do that for years in minority neighborhoods, churches, and schools! Now we can't say China Virus! Did XI JINPING send a scowling rebuke down to his surrogates ordering them to shut that phrase down here, or was it " ORF" who did not like It? Lolo.

Dan Freeman

Read and learn:

Norman Pappous

@Dan do you have any proof it did not begin in the Wuhan lab? Because proof exists that scenario is very likely. All you have to do is look at the SARS avian virus that jumped species. Hundreds of thousands of dead birds. If this was a natural 'jump' from bats to humans, where are all the dead bats? Isn't a characteristic of a virus that jumps greater lethality in the original species?

David Hardee

Dan, Your sentiment toward the "Asian violence" is admirable. Your other assertions as to the cause of the violence are acceptable. The violence which has occurred is the product of individuals that are demented. Those few incidents are fodder for those of your persuasion that any incident that can be used as a vehicle for political purposes and create racist turmoil is to be taken advantage of per Sol Alinsky's direction of corrupting a society. Your consistency of progressive liberal tainted postings is proof of an inflicted dementia from the era of and conditions a life without discretion on the mores and values that are necessary to be a person of goodwill and a valuable citizen to the honor the USA deserves. Again it is the Sol Alinsky and meist conditions of the sixties where constantly we find the infection that make progressive liberals the bain of our society..

George Laiacona

You are ignoring the most important thing, the wannabe Dictator was in power January 2020, he had the power to stop the Chinese Virus from coming into America just like Australia did. But no , if he did that it would destroy his pocket book. At that time he had enough naive, uneducated Americans believing they were in good hands by paying off his multi million dollar debt. Therefore for Trump bought the Chinese Virus, since then he owns it, hence the Trump Virus!

Carlos Ponce

George Laiacona must be living in an alternative universe. The Chinese virus was in Australia. With a population roughly one twelfth that of the US of course their numbers would be lower.

And remember, with the exception of stopping incoming from China, President Trump did what the medical profession especially Dr Fauci asked him to do. And it was not Australia who came up with the vaccine. [rolleyes]

Norman Pappous

@George - you want our southern border open to anyone that can cross it, but insist that a virus could have been stopped from entering America. Right.

Charles Douglas

The Secretary of Defense of this nation says that at least a portion of our military are our enemies! He said we must root those enemies out of our military! That to me sounds like we are headed for some kind of ...ahhhhh Civil War! I am flabbergasted to hear a Secretary of All our Military Forces say on National TV that there are enemies inside our military which we need to war against! This guy has lost what little brains he had IF HE HAD ANY! If I am not mistaken he is the one who sold Obama on that "JV TEAM" BS! Now he proposing that we might have to fight, or root out a great deal of our fighting men and women who serves in our Navy, Army, Air Force Marines & Coast Guard! Are we having fun yet? Tell the truth! It is not even August yet! So I will ask again, "ARE WE HAVING FUN YET????????

David Hardee

Yes Charles! You put a tangent on this thread but one that needs brought to the forefront of the Nations attention. There is a collective problem with this Biden Harris assimilation of bureaucrats. The only requirement is being a nincompoop. This secretary of defense is the biggest nincompoop yet. LLoyd is a child of the sixtie a man with no children who hasevery conceivable insignia he could acquire and appaently a warrior of extreme sensitivity. George Patton would have shot hm. assi . I wish the troops had a vote on the or could publicly critic him, Another disgusting selection from the progressive liberals.

Charles Douglas

Word on the streets is while Beijing Joe defended Russia in the shutdown of our oil pipeline which supplies oil to our East Coast, he enthusiastically, and joyfully signed off on the Russian Underwater pipeline which is going to supply oil & natural gas to the EU! Now one might wonder if all this was connected to the millions of dollars Joe Ten Percent, and Hunter were hauling out of Russia earlier in the year and the Corrupted, Fake, American Media covered it up, and Blacked-Out any damaging news connected to It!

Beijing Joe also read the riot act to BB NETANYAHU recently, after one member of the Terroist Squad who serves in the American Congress read the riot act to him about his support of Israel! Beijing Joe now wants Israel to stand down and let Hamas rockets kill Israeli people off! Joe hates Jews almost as bad as he hates BLACK folks! Signing off on the Russian pipeline will enrich Putin and Russia astronomically! It seems that Joe China hates pipelines only if they ARE AMERICAN PIPELINES! He seems to love pipelines serving Russia, and China! This man is not only an overt RACIST ....he is also an OVERT TRAITOR sitting in the shot caller's chair of this nation!

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