I'm writing your newspaper — and your police department — from across the country to underscore your headline that all eyes are on Galveston.

It was shocking and horrifying to see images that seemed fitting for another century, and that we all now agree, or must agree, were never fitting.

As a newspaper, please continue to cover this story. As a community, please insist your police department apologize meaningfully by creating policies that ensure dignity for anyone who is arrested. It will take a great deal of effort to earn public trust.

We can't unsee that image — nor should we. We want to see much better images and actions going forward.

Sarah Buttenwieser

Northampton, Massachusetts

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Carlos Ponce

Another East Coast "reader"? The Galveston News is getting wide circulation!

Gary Scoggin

Ms. Buttenwieser...

If you are following the story then you know the procedure was changes as soon as the incident was brought to light.

I would be interested in your recommendation for a suitable method for a horse mounted patrol officer to escort an apprehended several blocks. Your letter suggests you have expertise in this area.

Miceal O'Laochdha

The image of the white racists of Massachusetts violently attacking black children being bussed to schools in white neighborhoods did indeed occur in the last century ( the late 20th). I presume these are the “shocking and horrifying images from the last century” to which the author refers.

Emile Pope

Does it matter?

Miceal O'Laochdha

Perhaps not to yourself sir, but it matters to me. Massachusetts has been selling itself as a bastion of liberal equality and inclusiveness for some time now. Shining a little light on sanctimonious hypocrisy is a worthwhile endeavor. The stolid Burgers of that Commonwealth have been raining it down upon Galveston today.

Carlos Ponce

Yes, Emile, it matters. Today they promote the killing of Black Children ala Margaret Sanger under the guise of "a woman's right to choose". What they did in the past is BAD. What they're doing today is WORSE.

And gun control was used in the past to keep guns out of the hands of African-Americans. And it's being revived in 2019.

Emile Pope

Abortion and birth control is not racism. Your position is inane...

Carlos Ponce

Emile, more Black babies are aborted than non-Black. According to the CDC in 2017 the numbers were as follows:

Black 295,000 Abortions or 34.7% of all abortions

White, non Hispanic 280,000

Hispanic 195,000

Other 77,000

Now considering that in the 2010 Census only 12.6% of those living in the United States were Black, wouldn't you agree that this is disproportionate? In New York City one year more Black babies were aborted than born. This should be a concern for all Americans, not just the African Americans.

Carlos Ponce

Black Baby LIVES MATTER! Don't they, Emile?

Wayne Holt

"It will take a great deal of effort to earn public trust."

Only among those living halfway across the country; who seem to know very little of the story or the follow-up by Chief Hale and the actual state of race relations in Galveston; and who excoriate not just individual officers, not just the police department but an entire community of 50,000 based on their reflexive response to an image they "can't unsee."

After several days of perusing this long distance inanity, I only wish I could unsee some of the ill-informed and irrational comments from those who sound like simple reasoning is beyond their capacity to employ.

Bailey Jones

I'm horrified by the use of force in the arrest of Eric Matlock outside Northampton City Hall on Aug. 7, 2017. https://www.nepr.net/post/after-criticism-over-forceful-arrest-northampton-mayor-defends-police#stream/0

Gary Scoggin

Ms. Buttenweiser, please insist your police department apologizes meaningfully by creating policies that ensure dignity for anyone who is arrested. It will take a great deal of effort to earn public trust. We can't unsee what happened to Mr. Matlock.

Emile Pope

Doesn’t change what happened in Galveston.

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