This is written in response to both Dan Freeman's commentary ("Private charities do good but should be watched," The Daily News, Jan. 12) and Norman Pappous' response ("Let's demand elections for public board members," The Daily News, Jan. 16): Are you guys serious?

You cannot swing a cat in a room without hitting at least three bureaucrats. And, your first response to keeping an eye on charities is to want more.

It's apparent neither of you have read the volumes of federal, state and local regulations and laws regarding charities. There is control, there is enforcement and agencies to do both. This isn't news. It's a plan to further big government as you feel that your needs are not being served — just like gun control.

The laws are there. How about this unique approach: Enforce them. We don't need another useless bureaucracy in the swamp.

Richard Armstrong

Texas City


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Michael Jozwiak

Everyone wants smaller government except when standing in line at the post office.

Rudolph Garza

Electing Public Board Members is ridiculous.

Bailey Jones


James Lippert

Sadly enough, three (3) communities in Galveston County have learned the hard way about what can happen with poorly regulated non-profit corporations. One former officer of a Bolivar non-profit is currently in Texas State prison, one former lady officer at a Crystal Beach non-profit is under indictment for embezzlement. One former officer of a San Leon non-profit was recently convicted of 1st degree felony embezzlement and he is also serving time in the Texas State prison. Sadly the entity which all three of these people worked was the same type. And one which we all are all taught to love and trust. Our local Volunteer Fire Department. Yes, most, if not all, of our much beloved VFD's are in fact non-profit Texas corporations. Often receiving $30,000 or more each month of public funds sourced quite often from local water department billings. And yes, sadly, our VFD non-profit corporations are desperately in need of outside financial supervision in this modern era.

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