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Thomas Carpenter

The sunshine already chases away the shadows. The cognitive dissonance making the Republicans’ brains spasm received another jolt: McConnell and Cheney will vote to convict Bunker Boy – aka the Traitor -- when they receive the articles of impeachment. Forbes warned companies not to hire Cadet Bonespurs’ flunkies (Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Kelly Ann Conway et al.)who spoon fed the country lies. It’s all falling apart and the arrests of the MAGA traitors continues.

“Let it be known to the business world: Hire any of Trump’s fellow fabulists above, and Forbes will assume that everything your company or firm talks about is a lie,” Forbes Chief Content Officer Randall Lane wrote in a piece published Thursday. “We’re going to scrutinize, double-check, investigate with the same skepticism we’d approach a Trump tweet. Want to ensure the world’s biggest business media brand approaches you as a potential funnel of disinformation? Then hire away.”

Carlos Ponce

Mitch McConnell said the idea he would vote to convict is a "salacious lie" and he has asked the New York Times to withdraw it.

Forbes has turned into a fascist company.

Gary Miller

Thomas> What you saw Jan 6 was not Democracy at work. It was the same people who burned, looted and rioted for a year. The same people VP K. Harris has said will not stop. Her supporters.

Carlos Ponce

They have the videos, pictures furnished by Trump Patriots of those who not only entered the Capitol but also those who attacked police broke things. Some cannot differentiate between the two groups. Interesting the videos where one group shouts "Black lives Matter!" don't make it to mainstream news. Perhaps because it does not meet their narrative. Interesting that this same group that climbed walls and scaffolds cannot be identified, or is it will not be identified? I don't usually listen to the Michael Berry show but someone pointed out that eyewitnesses were asked to phone in Tuesday morning so I listened. They said that Trump Patriots were there, entered after being directed inside but most were not violent nor destructive. A few became that way when confronting those that were tearing the place apart. Their main point was "Don't believe the mainstream news."

Gary Miller

Carlos> MSM is the enemy of America. Americans are en mass switching news outlets.

Bailey Jones

I'm also hopeful that we will shine again soon.

Paula Flinn

Christmas is a season, not merely a day. One of the last days of the Christmas season is celebrated on January 6th, the Feast of the Epiphany. It marks the day the three Magi came to Jesus bearing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Too many people did not celebrate the Epiphany this year. It is a day that we should come together and celebrate in peace, with faith, hope, and love for God and our neighbors.

Carlos Ponce

Very well stated, Paula. Now live it.

Carlos Ponce

Check the video:


Pertinent video starts at 22:00.

Robby Dawkins spoke with Antifa and BLM the night before (January 5, 2021) and discovered the leaders were being paid $38 an hour and the "foot soldiers" were paid $20 an hour to be in Washington DC January 6. He was surprised to learn that both groups hated Biden because was too "moderate". He only saw about a few Antifa and BLM, the rest were at a strategy meeting at the time.

This needs to be part of the investigation. Will they or will there be a coverup?

Gary Miller

Carlos> MSM will cover it up as long as any real American patriot turns them on.

Charles Douglas

So allow me to get this straight,...humor me, after all these words of reconciliation Joe China preached before the election, are we now in the MODE OF " LETS GET THEM?" Lets ruin Sarah Hucklebee's life and the lives of her children! Lets ruin the lives of Trump's children and grandchildren! Lets go after all of those who worked for the Trump Administration and ruin their lives and any attempts at them ever working again! Is that where we are today?

If it is remembered back on November the third of fourth and on this forum, I predicted ALL- HELL was going to break loose in this country! Was I right? I also predicted Iran, North Korea, Russia, and China were licking their chops at opportunities they now have to enhance their abilities to create chaos, desention, and Upheaval in the world, and those things are progressing forward even as I type these words of warnings!

All the experts are agreeing, even American Intelligence reports are noticing their movements! Well so much for UNITY! UNITY did not last long enough to get out of Joe Biden's mouth! This allows me know, and anyone else who is watching ..that Joe China is a PROP! He is a Paper-Tiger out front, but "OTHERS" are making the calls!

This man talks about Unity when he has vowed to to commit REVERSE DISCRIMINATION on small businesses of WHITE PEOPLE, giving preference to Hispanics, African-Americans, ASIANS, and Native Americans! Is that the right thing to do? I asked,...IS THAT RIGHT? This man has not taken office yet and he is already planning to start off continuing to divide this nation! Where there is division and strife, and blinding hate for one another there will be NO PEACE! Lastly let me warn those who have the eyesight of prairie-chickens juxtaposed to that of eagles, WHAT we saw happen to start this year off in DC is just the beginning of what is waiting, because of attitudes geared to ......"PAYBACK" & "VENGEANCE"...even on this forum. I've tried to find scriptures okaying blinding hate in God's Word, but I have not been successful.

Gary Miller

Charles> Saying it true again. When Democrats passed "hate speach laws" there must have been an exception for Democrats.

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