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Bailey Jones


Carlos Ponce

Oh, gee.. .. looks like the Liberals are howling at the moon again.

Craig Mason

Pamela that is exactly what I said to congressman Weber in the letter I wrote him. He needs to worry about the needs of his district and not lick the boots of a deposed tyrant.

Charles Douglas

Who said "Segregation Today," "Segregation Tomorrow," "SEGREGATION FOREVERRRRRRRRRR!" It was Governor George Wallace who was a member of the DEMOCRATIC Party! We all need to remember where this present day animosity started, and how it got this far! The Democratic Party was a breeding ground for all this! You want to criticize Senator Cruz?

What about President Elect Joe China and Kamala bailing Murderers, Looters, and rioters out of jail in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and Minneapolis, so they could go back out on the streets and do the same things over again this summer! If my memory serves me correctly, we did not see all these OP-EDS written by LEFTISTS complaining about ethics and morality!

Why? Chaos and Upheaval in one place should be just as evil and repulsive if they are found in another place, right? Then explain! It just goes to show where we are as a society! One sided and unfair! My way or the Highway! It is the LEFT or nothing! The LEFT thinks what they DO IS RIGHT,.....and RIGHT IS WHAT THEY DO!

I did not hear anything about Pelosi holding back on that AID PACKAGE .... all summer long while Americans lost their jobs & businesses in order to keep any credit from reaching Trump, either! I don't hear a thing about my MONEY! SAN FRAN NAN owes me MONEY!!!!!

Virginia Stone


Ted Gillis

It’s rich that Kevin McCarthy is recaching out to Joe Biden asking him to bring the country together when it was he himself who was urging his members to disrupt the election process during the session of Congress.

Carlos Ponce

So asking for an audit will "disrupt the election process"? That's a stretch.

Ted Gillis

And what’s this I hear about Clarence Thomas’s wife paying for the busses to bring these traitors to Washington.

How deep does this go?

Bailey Jones

Snopes calls bogus.

"The rumor stems from the unproven assertion made by Talking Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, who claimed on Twitter two days before the riots (before deleting the tweet after they turned violent) that he and his organizations — both Turning Point USA and Turning Point Action USA — would be sending “80+ buses full of patriots to DC to fight for this president.” The link to Thomas gained prominence online when it was promoted virally in a user-submitted blog post on the left-wing site DailyKos. That post’s argument stems from tweets tying Thomas to Turning Point USA and other right-wing political organizations involved in the rally.

"While we point out that Kirk, no stranger to false claims, has provided no evidence of his organization’s funding of 80 buses to the rally, the link to Thomas — based on her work with Turning Point USA — is out-of-date even if Kirk is telling the truth. It is true that Thomas was once on the “Advisory Council” for Turning Point USA, a body that has at times included over 75 people, but she has not served in that role since at least early 2019, according to Turning Point USA’s website."

Ted Gillis

And now Ted Cruz’s communication director resigns. Even she can see a rat behind that ugly beard.

Carlos Ponce

Ted Cruz's communications director was Lauren Blair Bianchi . She said, “I’m grateful to Senator Cruz for the opportunity and wish him and his first-rate staff nothing but the best.”

From that, Liberal media interpreted it must be because of Ted Cruz asking for an audit!

Ted Gillis

Okay, I’ll take that back about Thomas and apologize to the forum.

Thank you Bailey

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