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Michael Basham

If you allow for an ounce of common sense, a dash of courtesy and consideration for others, it is really not an unreasonable intrusion. Seems to me the quicker we accommodate the basic requirements associated with prevention, the sooner we actually bring an end to the entire nightmare. I see little merit to protesting such minor inconveniences or rules imposed by companies that are attempting cooperate with national health guidelines. Some protest too loudly me thinks.

Gary Scoggin

If you don’t like a company’s policies, shop elsewhere. If you don’t like an airline’s policies, drive. If it’s inconvenient, then that is your problem, not theirs.

Bailey Jones

A big shout out to all the private companies who are willing to sacrifice profits to protect their employees and customers. And kudos to all of those brave Americans who are willing to overcome their fears, self-centeredness, and political prejudices to get vaccinated - for the greater good. You deserve a night out on the town - bring your vaccination card and let's party!

Ted Gillis

I agree Bailey. I also so ready to throw these stupids masks away too. I’m tired of it already. Please everybody, I’m especially talking about you 49% republican men, get the vaccine, so that we can all go back to normal life. Quit being a stubborn fool. You’ve grown up to be that old coot at the end of the block yelling at the neighborhood kids to “get off my lawn.”

Bailey Jones

Ted, it's an interesting psychological case. I'm reminded of some advice from my dad about my personal choices and behavior. He'd say, "what if everyone did the same as you?" Thinking about throwing that Whataburger bag out the car window? What if everyone did that? etc.

Applying that sage advice here - what if everyone followed Kathy (and Carlos, and Wayne, and others here no doubt) and made the personal choice not to get vaccinated? We'd be drowning in new cases, and new corpses - like we're seeing now in India, Brazil, and parts of Europe where they've been slow with vaccinations. What if everyone got the vaccination? We'd be a post-COVID society now. There would be no need for "COVID passports" because everyone would be vaccinated. The whole raison d'etre of passports is to protect the rest of us from the Kathys, Carlos's and Waynes of the world. So, Kathy is responsible for the very thing she's complaining about - which is just another way of saying, "my choices have consequences". You'd think that conservatives would be OK with that concept.

Gary Scoggin

Actually, and ironically, the purpose of the Covid passports is to save the Kathy, Carlos and Waynes of the world from each other. Those of that got vaccinated will pretty much be fine and not a threat to others. I think before long we reach a point where we go back to normal-ish and just let Darwinism take its course.

Bailey Jones


Carlos Ponce

"the purpose of the Covid passports is to save the Kathy, Carlos and Waynes of the world " I go to Church. I'm saved! [innocent]

Gary Miller

TED> Many people caught and recovered from Covid 19. They now supposedly have the same protection as vaccination. Are you suggesting they must be vaccinated to be treated as normal citizens? Some are naturally immune, must they be vaccinated to satisfy you? How about people fearing the side effects? Wearing a mask satisfied lobbyists selling masks but had no other effect. You were again screwed by MSM advocating masks. Fauci said masks were no help until lobbyists made him wealthy.

Bill Broussard

Gary. I have zero problem with any of the three types you noted who might not get vaccinated as long as they consulted their medical professional to help with the decision.

If they made their own decision out of consulting Parlor and their own little pin-heads then I still have no problem as long as they stay way away from me. But make no mistake about this: as those little deadly bugs find more and more vaccinated targets they’ll play the odds and pick on the unvaccinated. It’s just math to the bugs.right now, there are 200 million fewer choices for the bugs in the US

To us, it prolongs this bleak time and loads work on those brave health care workers. It is a “voluntary” action that has big consequences I’m afraid

Bill Broussard

I guess these days you cannot be certifiable conservative if you can’t work the word “woke” into at least one sentence in a rant.

Here’s the part I love “ Voluntary acts normally don't carry negative consequences. People generally don't board a plane because another mode of transportation is an equal substitute. Or what if there's just one grocery store in a rural location?”.

I could be wrong but the entire tone and language sounds to me like an upset and complaint—-something any medical practitioner will tell you is the farthest thing from a voluntary response...her words might be “choice” but her music is tantrum

Norman Pappous

Interesting comments. Especially interesting that they believe Kathy Rogers is expressing a viewpoint on vaccinations. I don't see that anywhere in her letter. What I see is someone concerned that private industry is forcing people to violate their own privacy and doing it arm-in-arm with the government that is supposed to protect our privacy.

Bailey Jones

Perhaps she can come back and clarify her position on vaccinations. I would hate to think I have mischaracterized her. But I don't see any government involvement here. I see private entities making "terms of service" - as they always have.

Charlotte O'rourke

I thought the writer was expressing a viewpoint on vaccinations as she states the covid vaccines are not approved by the FDA. We have a long way to go before this is over and to be prepared in the future. Sometimes that means sacrifice for the greater good to what we as individuals prefer as privacy matters. As we stand in line (with or without a mask) waiting for a vaccination .... really how private is that?


Dwight Burns

For your sake and the rest of humankind get the COVID-19 vaccination.

Bailey Jones


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