We continue to witness a stream of edicts from the newly minted administration from Kingdom DC that aren't founded in common sense or alignment with laws in place nor questioned by news outlets.

Take the stance of unprotected borders. Do we want to further open doors to undetected virus introduction into our country? Do we want the cartels to have added incentive to further infiltrate our business and politics?

Look at the jobs that have and will be slashed in the midst of a global pandemic. Can't we watch the beauty of capitalism to mandate our energy use based on good sense guidelines?

Is it so easy to further allow China to undermine our nation from the darkness? Is a man a woman or vice versa? Is it OK to hide the evidence of a presidential candidate's improprieties before elections? Is it American for 90 percent of news purveyors total disregard for the truth?

"The Big Lie" as noted in Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" has been well executed by the socialist, democrat left against our republic.

Ellen Christie



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(82) comments

Charles Douglas

My guess Ms. Christie, is it will all work out. No lie lives forever, and Bejing Joe is one old aged lie, shoved down the throats of Americans, by secret, devious plans of deceit, deception, and duplicity! It will all work out somewhere down the line!

Craig Mason

We have lived the big lie over and over again for the past 4 years.

Carlos Ponce

Re-read the Letter to the Editor, Craig. The BIG LIE exists today, not the last four years.

Jack Cross

Good, points, who would welcome people flowing into our country at this time with people out of work, with a lockdown going on. Also how dumb do you have to be to kill jobs at a time with so many people alrady out of work and no clear future.

Not talked about is the damage immigration is doing to public schools.

Texas has more students in school than 28 states has total population.

Hispanics are fine people but, 53 percent of the students are Hispanic and growing, 60 percent are economic disadvantaged abd 20 percent are English Learner. Only 27 percent are white and this number decreases each year. You have been hearing about school choice, this is what it is all about as families flee public schools. Reason, they pay high school taxes plus higher private school costs. We need to stop the flow of poor people from all over the world. This is what Ms Christi is talking about, its crazy.

Gary Miller

Craig> if you reference the Russia lie by the MSM You are correct. Investigated by four US Inteligance agencies, found untrue every time but still circulated by MSM.

Bailey Jones

Oh, dear.


"The Committee found that the (St. Petersburg-based Internet Research Agency) IRA sought to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election by harming Hillary Clinton's chances of success and supporting Donald Trump at the direction of the Kremlin.

"The Committee found that the Russian government tasked and supported the IRA's interference in the 2016 U.S. election.

"Analysis of the behavior of the IRA-associated social media accounts makes clear that while the Russian information warfare campaign exploited the context of the election the preponderance of the operational focus was on socially divisive issues such as race, immigration, and Second Amendment rights, in an attempt to pit Americans against one another and against their government.

"The Committee found that the IRA coopted unwitting Americans to engage in offline activities in furtherance of their objectives. In addition, posing as U.S. political activists. The IRA requested - and in some cases obtained - assistance from the Trump Campaign in procuring materials for rallies and in promoting and organizing the rallies. "


So, Gary, the idea that none of this happened is indeed one of the X's Big Lies, but it's not the Big Lie that we're talking about today.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey, everyone knows Russia (and a few other countries) tried to interfere with the 2016 election.

The BIG LIE was Liberals claiming COLLUSION with the Trump Campaign. And there's no evidence - ZERO, ZIP, NADA - that occurred. Did Russians contact the Campaign? Yes. But the Trump Campaign did not collude according to the


The House Intelligence Committee

The Senate Intelligence Committee

The Mueller Report.

Consider this scenario: The Vice squad undercover agent posing as a prostitute tries to entice Bailey Jones. Bailey ignores all his or her advances but talks with the person just to be friendly but goes on his way. Can Bailey be charged with soliciting? The answer is no.

Now, for FOUR years, Liberals and Trump haters have cried COLLUSION, COLLUSION, COLLUSION - and none was found. It was just a conspiracy theory. When are THEY going to apologize?

Carlos Ponce

Bailey, when I read your reply to Gary Miller, I was reminded of this song written with Democrat Texas Governor Preston Smith in mind:

"Fellow Texans, I am proudly standing here to humbly see.

I assure you, and I mean it- Now, who says I don't speak out as plain as day?

And, fellow Texans, I'm for progress and the flag- long may it fly.

I'm a poor boy, come to greatness. So, it follows that I cannot tell a lie.

Ooh I love to dance a little sidestep, now they see me now they don't-

I've come and gone and, ooh I love to sweep around the wide step,

Cut a little swathe and lead the people on."

Jack Cross

I might add that these schools with high poverty level students are hurting cities, Families' leave and it concentrates the problem. 1/4 of the 1,200 school districts in Texas are 80 percent or more Hispanic. Every big city in Texas is democrat voting,

Why, Houston the largest school district in Texas. 7 percent white students and failing. Dallas 2nd largest 5.5 percent White Students and a troubled record.

San Antonio 1.2 percent white students and years of continuous failing schools.

Taxpayers are being bled dry paying for a transfer of property taxes for Robin Hood.

As the borders stay open the cost to educate the worlds poor increases.

Mediicaid is another story. The state is a billion dollars short and has more uninsured people than any other state. Why, because children are being used as a tool to enter the U.S. School must enroll all students, they are prevented from asking immigration status or to provide any papers. This anchors the entire family who and then receive welfare. Biden just reversed the Trump Administration and reinstalled the Affordable Care Act, People who can't afford health care will go to Meiciaid. Texas was one of 9 states that opted out. This is costing Hospitals millions to treat non citizens. Bidens executive order is going to increase the costs to all these programs and make it more difficult for American Citizens,

Jim Forsythe

The idea that Mr. Biden didn't win the election is a big lie. It's a big lie because you have to disbelieve all kinds of evidence to believe in it. It's a big lie because you have to believe in a huge conspiracy in order to believe it. And it's a big lie because, if you believe it, it demands you take radical action. So this is one way we have really moved forwards towards authoritarianism and away from democracy. It's coming to a peak right now.

Charles Douglas

You are absolutely correct Mr. Cross. I mean you knocked it out of the park. All you have to do is drive through the reduced speed zones as school kids are dismissed in TC. You will be able to see that the makeup of demographics in TC school aged kids can be sampled by what you see spilling out of the schools going home. White kids in Texas City are dwindling. Places where White Families use to live many years ago in LaMarque and Texas City, now are inhabited by BLACKS and Hispanics! I know what I am talking about! I don't have a problem with any of it, but I do have a problem with BAD @$# schools!

I can also agree with the same situation being true in Houston Schools from having worked up there ..for years in Law Enforcement! Mr. Cross hit the nail right on the head. One other thing of note is all these poor families pouring in ...while WHITE FAMILIES takes to " White Flight" out,....this is a LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC dream! This is how they set their VOTE harvesting of minorities up! This is how welfare, food stamps, and free lunches are used to benefit the Democratic and Liberal Party. This is how they do it nationally, I call it the Lyndon Baines Johnson plan! "Give them just enough to keep them satisfied, and they will vote Democratic for the next two-hundred years!"

The schools will never get better because they don't want them better! Poverty is an ingredient used in holding on to the "Party Plantation" ....I know this system well... from front to back, and from the inside out! I know exactly how it works because I grew up in it all my life with my family and siblings! I've watch surrogates come to my house to party talk my parents, and their behaviors on jobs I've worked on and in churches I've sat in.. to hear the word.

Gary Miller

Why are there so few white students in TC schools? Check out private or paroachal schools at colseing. The majority there are white. White kids are getting a better education in private schools. Minorities are not excluded from private schools. Most minorities just can't afford private schools after paying ISD school taxes..

Carlos Ponce

TCISD Demographics:

Hispanic 39.2%

African-American 32%

White 24.9%

Multiracial 2.3%

Native American Indian 1.1%

Asian 0.4%

Pacific Islander 0.1%

At Risk 54.5%

Economically disadvantaged 77.9%

Limited English 9.6%


Bailey Jones

Jim, it would be great if just saying something is a lie would get people to believe it. It would be great if looking at the evidence objectively would get people to believe it. But unfortunately, that's not going to happen. Just look at these letters and the comments that follow. We really do live in alternative realities.

Gary Miller

Bailey> When voters see evidence of fraud then see MSM say the evidence is a lie we end up with liers for government. MSM lies but people believe their lies because it's on TV.

Bailey Jones

There is no evidence of a fraudulent election, Gary. Find a court that says there is and you can prove me wrong. Find a DOJ report that says there is and you can prove me wrong. Find an FBI report that says there is and you can prove me wrong. Find any judicial, law enforcement, or investigative body in America that says there is and you can prove me wrong.

Charles Douglas

No fraud? Who was tha FBI agent who intentionally and deliberately change and altered a FISA WARRANT to fix it where Trump and his supporters could be set up, framed and spied on? To make matter worse the SWAMP Court handling the case gave the suspect probation! Equal justice under the law no longer exists in America! It is a lie told over and over again! It does not exist! We are now patterned after RED CHINA for justice, not surprising we have a Red China Surrogate sitting in the Oval Office now! Every decision he has made since he stole the election,.. has been to make China ...better, richer, and stronger!

Carlos Ponce

"There is no evidence of a fraudulent election" GREAT JOHN BANNER IMPRESSION, BAILEY! "I see NOTHING! NOTHING!"

Carlos Ponce

Charles, it's all part of the #WhiteHouse Squatter's policy to MAKE CHINA GREAT AGAIN!

Jack Cross

Bailey, what I posted is factually true. I hope you would agree that Texas Schools are busting at the seams. Its not the point that immigrants are not good people but to add more poor foreigners to our schools, healthcare and welfare at at this time makes no sense. Schools are 54 percent of property taxes, everyone is complaining about rising property taxes. 80 percent of Texas public school students are classified as at the poverty level. That should tell us something.

As to the election, I have no evidence that there was enough fraud to overturn the election but there was fraud and over 1,000 people testified under oath, under penality of prosecution that they witnessed fraud. The public will never know because every investigation was knocked down. Isn't it reasonable that we do investigate and if is is a clear win OK, but if their was fraud, lets correct the system.

Citizens deserve to be able to trust the integrity of the voting system and I might add the justice system where justice is applied equally. What is there to hide?

Bailey Jones

I agree that every allegation of fraud should be investigated, Jack. Where you and I differ is that I believe that when the investigation finds there was no fraud that means there was no fraud. Will you at least agree that in Georgia - the state we know the most about because of the ex-prez's phone call - where the Republican governor, Republican SoS, and Republican GBI investigated all of the ex-prez's claims and found NONE of them to be substantive - that there was no substantial fraud in Georgia? Or are they also part of the Grand Conspiracy?

I don't believe I registered an opinion on "poor foreigners" in our schools. But for the record, I support educating every child in our society, regardless of income or citizenship. If our schools need more money to do that - give them more money.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey, read:


Bailey Jones

I read it, Carlols. It's BS. It's nothing more than all the BS claims gathered together in one tidy BS report. It contains nothing new, nothing substantive, and nothing that bears up to investigative scrutiny. Which is why no one outside of Cult45 gives it any credence. But I can see how it would fool you.

BTW, Carlols - why are you even here? I thought you'd be in Florida at Cult Headquarters polishing and incensing the Golden Toilet. The Second Coming of the Lard (butt) is nigh, after all, and you'll want the Divine Derriere to be clean and kissable for all His supplicants.

Carlos Ponce

At least you read it. As far as the rest of your post - [thumbdown].

Gary Miller

Jim> Millions saw and believed the evidence of fraud. Can 9 counties record more Biden votes than they have residents. Is a truck full of Biden ballots driven from long Island to Harrisburg Pa. legitimate? Two of more than a thousand reported frauds but MSM says they didn't happen.

Carlos Ponce

Let your heart not be troubled, Gary Miller. One day in the near future even Jim Forsythe will realize the election was stolen. Problem is, he'll never admit it!

Gary Miller

Carlos> My heart is not troubled. I'm thrilled by the probablty of a 2022 RED wave. What we have now was needed to convince voters of the need to take part in the MAGA wave.

Robert Braeking

Franz von Papen (Biden) has been placed in office. Soon there will be 'brownshirts' roaming the streets. Why is there nothing being done about the ANTIFA riots? My question is, who is our 'Schleicher' looming in the background pulling the strings?

George Laiacona

Ms Christi is 180 out when it comes to expressing the big lie. Fortunately enough Patriotic Americans voted out the Republicans big lie. Now we can dispense with the untruths of the TV celebrity’s tactics and try to resume policy that aids all Americans and not just the upper classes.

Carlos Ponce

" try to resume policy that aids all Americans and not just the upper classes"

Like shitting down the pipeline costing thousands of jobs that regular Americans had and benefiting billionaire Warren Buffett. Oh, I see.[rolleyes]

Charles Douglas

Let me be clear! Everything, every change BEIJING JOE has made since they rigged him in office has made XI JINPING, who is his boss, and RED CHINA, more STRONGER, DANGEROUS, RICHER, more powerful, and controlling over us! This surrogate of China who just renewed a missle deal with Russia supposedly to limit production of deadly missiles, handled it so stupidly, until it is not funny! China is not part of the treaty, and have far more missiles than either Russia, or America, and still piling up more! Russia cheats, and it is like not being in a treaty at all, this is to the delight of the flower smelling politicians on the LEFT here in America and who sneaked into power. Tragically this Individual in the Oval Office is like a Wild Carnivorous Animal eats it's own!!!

To me it is getting harder to tell a Republician from a LEFTIST as far as efficiency is concerned! The LEFTISTS are cheating at chess, while the RINOS & The Old guard Republicans the Liberals, ( even some on this forum ) ...keep wishing for ..are thinking hard while trying to figure out checkers! I am a Trumplican, FOREVER! I will never support another Republican with money or my vote on the national scene if they do not have a Donald Trump endorsement. MAGA!!!!! then KAG!!

Ted Gillis

Crack pots!

Charles Douglas

I agree, Crack Pots in abundance on the Radical LEFT!

Carlos Ponce

So which is it, Ted? are you on crack or pot?

Carlos Ponce


Jim Forsythe

White House Advisor Peter Navarro released his own 36-page report alleging election fraud called “The Immaculate Deception.” Not a group report, but a report pushing his conspiracy theories.

All one needs to know about Peter Navarro is he earned a Ph.D. from Trump University.

Peter Navarro's doctoral dissertation entitled “Donald J. Trump: Genius or Savior?”

Trump said, “If it comes down to an argument between Tony Fauci and Peter Navarro, I’ll go with the Trump University grad, every time.”​

Jan 03, 2021, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro falsely insisted that Vice President Mike Pence can arbitrarily postpone Inauguration Day.

White House advisor Peter Navarro leaves the West Wing of the White House with a photograph of U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, in Washington, U.S., January 13, 2021.'

Robert Braeking

So Jim, Is it good debate strategy to disparage the author of a report? Perhaps it would serve better to refute his assertions with fact......but you can't. Goose-stepping with the deceivers is not healthy. Debate is healthy but the Group-Thinkers would just rather eliminate dissent. Sound familiar? Any student of history would easily point out the dangers.

Carlos Ponce

Jim posts: "All one needs to know about Peter Navarro is he earned a Ph.D. from Trump University."

Peter Navarro's academic career:

Attended Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School.

BA 1972 Tufts University

Master of Public Administration from Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government in 1979.

PhD in Economics from Harvard 1986.

Your claim: "Trump said, 'If it comes down to an argument between Tony Fauci and Peter Navarro, I’ll go with the Trump University grad, every time.' ”​ appears in a Liberal rag called The New Yorker and really NO WHERE ELSE. Other web sites just repeat the same exact article.

A web search shows the same EXACT article appears in just a few sites.

Now, if Trump really said that, it would appear ALL OVER THE LIBERAL world: WAPO, NYT, The Atlantic, Huffington, Politico, CBS, NBC, ABC, etc. But it does not.

Your claim is not credible. Have you been duped?

George Laiacona

And the bickering goes on! One day you will have to realize that in order for our democracy to work we have to accept the responsibility that we have t make concessions in order to solve our problems. We at present time are living in the Separated States of America, we need to try harder to get back to the Founding Fathers idea of a United States Of America.

Carlos Ponce

Start by telling Democrats to follow the Constitution.

Bailey Jones

Wow - Dominion is taking out ALL the trash. [lol][lol][lol]


I wonder if they'll come for GCDN's peanut gallery next? A $1000 bet is one thing, a $1,000,000,000 libel suit is quite another. Maybe y'all can split it.[tongue][tongue][tongue][pirate]

Carlos Ponce

Get ready to write a check, Bailey!

Bailey Jones

PSA: Do NOT make a Superbowl bet with this man. He doesn't pay his debts.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey, do you have your checkbook ready? Now don't worry. When Trump is announced the real winner of the 2020 election I will not harass you like you and your toadies have done. I'll simply provide the address again. After that, it's between you and your conscience, Bully Jones.

Carlos Ponce

By the way, I don't follow NFL football. Who ever wins, I don't care.

Bailey Jones

You poor little bullied snowflake, here's some advice my dad taught me, "If you don't want to be laughed at, don't be a joke."

Carlos Ponce

The joke is #WhiteHoseSquatter.

Jim Forsythe

Bailey, the good thing about your bet, is that is shows the true colors of Carlos. $1,000 is the value he places on his reputation.

Now we have one branch of a party that has Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Carlos.

What we are watching now is the fracturing of a political party into two parts, the GOP and the party of Trump, which should be called the QANON party, as this is the playbook they are following. The "QAnon Shaman" said he was following Trumps orders.

If this happens completely, the Democrats' will hold the top offices for a long time.

Trump is no longer President, and we now have a President that is showing leadership.

Bailey Jones

#WhiteHoseSquatter - yes, that is funny. Is that some sort of bidet?

Carlos Ponce

Jim, what wwill happen when Trump is placed BACK in the White House? If I paid the $1000 will you reimburse me? If you won't then talk to the Lord.[innocent]

Jim Forsythe

$1,000 is the value Carlos places on his reputation.

Carlos Ponce

And when President Trump is declared the actual winner, will Jim Forsythe offer an apology???? If not his REPUTATION is finished.

You Liberals have no patience. Wait before you condemn.

George Laiacona

The only thing the TV celebrity is going to win is his acquittal of his second impeachment. He has enough Republicans fooled to stand by the wannabe Dictator.


George, I don't think Trump has many of the Republican senators fooled. However, they need to vote to acquit in order to appease the Trump cult base. Otherwise, they will not be re-elected.

Carlos Ponce

Again the word "cult" . That's the Über Liberal Group Think for you. There is no Trump cult. But repeating it often enough is their way of indoctrinating the misinformed masses.

Bailey Jones

That's exactly what a cult member would say. The first step toward recovery is admitting that there's a problem - not your forte, I know.

Jim Forsythe

Bailey, your bet was for the 2020 election and not until Trump dies. If a person can live with himself, not paying a debt, that's on him.

When a person sells their reputation for $1,000, they have to live with that for the rest of their life.

Trump’s concession January 7, 2021

“Congress has certified the results. A new administration will be inaugurated on Jan. 20,” Trump said in a recorded video released on Twitter. “My focus now turns to ensuring a smooth, orderly, and seamless transition of power. This moment calls for healing and reconciliation".

Carlos Ponce

Jim has no patience. The Lord God has said this is not over. Are you calling God a LIAR?

Bailey Jones

Jim, cultists don't care about any of that - they're not reality-based. It's fun to watch though. Sad fun - like one of those sad clowns. First Trump was going to win by a landslide. Then when that didn't happen, reality had to morph into a huge conspiracy of voter fraud. Then when that didn't happen, reality morphed again to some sort of divine extra-constitutional intervention. Then, when that turned into a bloody insurrection, reality morphed again - now apparently into some sad End Times Jesus BS, which conveniently has no closing date - as sad End Times Jesus BS never does. Carlols will keep harping on this until 2023 when #worldsbiggestloser announces his candidacy again on the flaming pile of poop that is what's left of the Republican Party, and when he loses the popular vote for the third time and the electoral vote for the second time, we go back to a huge conspiracy of voter fraud, and when that doesn't pan out, another violent insurrection followed by more BS Jesus End Times BS. All this cult is lacking is some Nikes, flying saucers and phenobarbital.

As for the $1000, Carlols sold his soul to Cult45 long ago, and for much less. And after taking the Lord's name in vain multiple times a day for months now, I doubt that even Jesus will take him back. Maybe there's a special Cult45 purgatory where he can work off his debt. I hope so, for his sake.

Carlos Ponce

As for me and my family, we will listen to the Lord, not the cult of baby killers.

Bailey Jones

Oh please, Carlols, how can I worship Moloch, Adrammelech, and Anammelech without killing babies? We do have a first amendment you know.

Jim Forsythe

God told Joe Biden, it's your time to be President.

Carlos Ponce

So Jim thinks he's a prophet? You don't have a good track record. The Lord says to scrutinize those who claim to be prophets. You fall short.

Bailey Jones

Carlols is right, Jim. Until you get a YouTube channel and a few thousand gullible rubes to follow you on Twitter, you have no prophetic authority. I mean, just look at everything that Carlols' prophet has predicted -

Trump's winning by a landslide.

The states overturning the election.

The courts overturning the election.

Rogue electors overturning the election.

Patriots storming the Capitol and overturning the election (oh, wait - that was ANTIFA).

Trump declaring martial law and overturning the election.

The second coming of Jesus to overturn the election as the earth opens up and swallows Biden and his demon seed, Hunter. And Hillary.

The return of Comet Hale-Bopp and the UFOs to overturn the election.

Basically, anything that could possibly overturn the election.

Until you have that kind of track record - well - let's just say that you're not in the same league as Carlols' prophet.

Jarvis Buckley

Very good article Ellen.

Ted Gillis

What the heck is Carlos even talking about?

When did God start taking sides on personal bets?

Carlos Ponce

The Lord your God doesn't take sides on bets. He did reveal to hundreds of prophets the real results of the 2020 presidential elections.... and it was not #WhiteHouse Squatter.

Jim Forsythe

Many observers noted the “failed prophecies” that Trump would be re-elected in a landslide. When that did not happen, skeptics derided, and many people, even among the faithful, wondered what went wrong. The problem, however, is not with prophecy but with untethered prophets.

These would-be foretellers herald predictions they claim God gave them, but their pronouncements are untested, and they really issue them under their own authority. They are “untethered” in the sense they have little or no relational connection to godly authorities to whom they can submit their message before they trumpet it under the claim, “Thus saith the Lord...!”

One of these forecasters is pastor Kris Vallotton, who made it clear he was wrong. Below is his statement of being wrong, just as others were.

In the run up to the presidential elections, a number of evangelical Christian leaders had forecast a clear win for Donald Trump – and they are now having to apologize for “missing the prophecy” after Joe Biden was named president-elect. Californian pastor Kris Vallotton apologized to Mr Biden directly on Instagram, stating that "you're my president" similar to the way Mr Trump and Barack Obama were “his presidents”. "I want to sincerely apologize for missing the prophecy about Donald Trump. It doesn't make me a false prophet. I prophesied he would become president four days after he declared his candidacy [in 2015]. And I prophesied Trump would not be impeached [and removed from office]. I'm very sorry to everyone who put their trust in me, there was a major, major mistake,” said Mr Vallotton.

Carlos Ponce

Jim, the real prophets have not backed down from the word from the Lord.

Be patient, and don't badmouth God's prophets! The Bible says that is not good.

Ted Gillis

He did not.

Jim Forsythe

SEPTEMBER 17, 2020 Leader of the Glorious Word Power Ministries International, Prophet Owusu Bempah has prophesied that the current President of the United States of America, Donald Trump will lose this year’s presidential elections.

He said that an angel of the Lord has snatched the presidential keys from the hands of the incumbent president and given it to the main opposition leader.

“Things have changed spiritually. There is a place in the spiritual world called Paradise where Abraham is president. Abraham and his people in that Paradise decide for the world”.

Earlier, this same prophet prophesied on August 12 2020 that Donald Trump will be elected as the President to rule the United States of America for the next four years.

“Something has happened in the US elections and Abraham and his people have held a meeting. The outcome of that meeting did not go in Trump’s favor. It’s because Trump’s heart has turned away from God. So Abraham and his people have sent the decision from that meeting to the Watchers(Watchers are unique angels who are sent to carry out duties on earth). The Watchers have sent the decision to the Almighty God. A final meeting is being held over the decision as I speak to you”

“I saw myself at the White House and Trump was sitting on a throne with a big key. The heavens opened and I saw an object descending onto the earth. The object took the key from Trump and Trump went down on his knees begging. It means Trump’s kingship has left him. I have called Archbishop to inform Paula White and the people close to Trump that the thing has left his hands. If he doesn’t change his heart, he will lose. The defeat has come but confirmation will come from the almighty God”,

Bailey Jones

In other words, Put not thy faith in Ponces.

Carlos Ponce

Wait and see Bailey! This week will be interesting but not about the election but about the sham impeachment trial.

Carlos Ponce

Jim, shall I list the hundreds of prophets who said Trump was elected in 2020 but the election was stolen?

And who the heck is Owusu Bempah????

The article you quote is from :



Here's another article about the prophet which adds more to what the "prophet" said:


"Owusu Bempah offers vague prophetic update on US elections as Biden takes lead"

You do understand what VAGUE means, right?

The article states.

"If Trump loses but wins at the Supreme Court then it’s a fulfillment of his third prophecy in which he said that “what he lost in the spiritual realm has been returned to him and if God permits, he will win the US elections. We will keep praying for him. A win for Trump will be good for the Christian faith and he will help expand the faith”.


Sounds like a fence sitter "prophet". Like posting "the Chiefs will lose unless they win".

Jim Forsythe

Donald Trump making a prediction, as a prophet.

Donald Trump predicted he would lose the November election, and placed the blame with his son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, for his work coordinating the coronavirus testing effort, according to a scathing exposé of the president’s final days in office from the New York Times.

“I’m going to lose,” Mr Trump reportedly told Mr Kushner during debate preparations over the fall. “And it’s going to be your fault, because of the testing,” reiterating his regular, scientifically absurd complaint that too much coronavirus testing is bad because it reveals too many cases.

Carlos Ponce

Two words, Jim: FAKE NEWS. It never happened. And Jim says: "DRATS! DUPED AGAIN!!!"

Thomas Carpenter

"Like shitting down the pipeline costing thousands of jobs that regular Americans had and benefiting billionaire Warren Buffett." Lol

Carlos Ponce

So Thomas Carpenter is calling AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka a liar?

Thomas Carpenter

You might want to check with Mr. Miller's ghost writer before submitting your fecal statements, Mr. Ponce.

Carlos Ponce

Check with AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, Thomas Carpenter.

Doug Sivyer

Oh please give me a break. The Biggest Lie has been perpetrated tRump and the GOP over the past 4 years and it continues today in GOPQ.

Carlos Ponce

The BIG LIE is perpetuated by the uber Leftist - Orange man bad, senile man better. GRR... GRR...

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