Over a year has passed since the COVID-19 virus appeared in Wuhan, China. To date, Chinese authorities haven't allowed a single non-Chinese scientist access to the region. Why? If one believes that the simplest explanation is usually the correct explanation (the "Occam’s Razor" principle), two answers appear the most likely.

First is that the Chinese government has reason to believe that COVID-19 wasn't naturally occurring. That revelation would subject the current Chinese regime to crippling economic sanctions, or worse.

The second answer could be that the Chinese response to COVID-19 would confirm reports of mass human rights violations, also triggering crippling economic sanctions, or worse.

Past world leaders gave China the ability to cripple demand, through one-sided trade deals, for the developed world’s unskilled and semi-skilled workforce. Now it appears the world will give Chinese leaders a pass on creating a bio-terror weapon and/or violating the human rights of tens of millions of Chinese.

All that is now needed is for the signing of a 21st-century equivalent of the Munich Agreement — an agreement which Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain heralded as providing "Peace for our time" on Sept. 30, 1938.

Norman Pappous

League City


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Charles Douglas

I agree with you Mr Pappous. China has a lot of bought influence all over America which they are not shy about talking about! They have infiltrated the Screen Actors Guild ( SAG ), The American Congress .....( Congressman Swalwell; Senator Feinstein ) and in many Major Educationa Institutions all over America! This all means there are Chinese surrogates all around. There is likely some posting on this very forum as well!

Ted Gillis

And in Mar-a-Lago

Carlos Ponce

Republican Congressman filed a bill so Americans could file lawsuits against China for damages incurred by the Chinese virus but it got nowhere in Pelosi's House.

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