Dear Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn: President Trump stated he was "proud to shut down the government over the wall" and it could last for "months or even years." Thousands of federal workers have missed their paychecks because of Trump's shutdown. 

It's time to stop this petulant president now. Please approve the proposal to increase funding for border security, but allocate no additional money for a physical barrier — that would be a waste of money.

The people are counting on you to send a clear message that temper tantrums will not be be tolerated and are no way to lead our great nation.

Timothy Hied



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Carlos Ponce

Timothy, you apparently believe the Leftist propaganda on the situation. You use the same buzzwords as the DNC like "petulant" and "temper tantrum" I'm surprised you didn't use the rest in your diatribe: "immoral", "manufactured crisis". etc..
A physical barrier is not a "waste of money". I heard Nancy Pelosi's proposal for a "virtual" wall. Not a bad idea but only at the established border crossing points? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that drug smugglers, those engaged in human trafficking, sex trafficking, child trafficking, and those who were previously deported will not use the monitored established points of entry. They will cross at unwalled, unmonitored parts of the border.
The Inca city, Cuzco had an impenetrable wall around their city - well, almost. There were gaps in that wall where the Spanish Conquistadors easily crossed and crossed. The rest is history.
The amount of money asked for seems huge to the average American but only amounts to one-half of one percent of the Federal budget. Much, much more is spent on pork barrel legislation, much of it a real "waste of money".
The wall/fence/barrier will protect you and your family. When you see the tens of thousands of Americans killed by illegal immigrants you realize a wall is needed.
Liberal pundits point out that most illegals are visa overstays. A physical wall would free up border agents to go after them.
Build the wall. The life it saves may be your own, or your loved ones.

George Croix

Temper tantrums?
That would be "acting stupidly"......[wink]

Michael Byrd

You mean, like the temper tantrum that got the ACA passed?

Jarvis Buckley

Please explain in detail how the wall would be a waste of money. You shouldn't have written an article just because your a never Trumper. The GDN should have never printed it knowing you are factually in correct.
If you want to slam Trump join Emile in the forums . You can spew all the untruth's you like & 3or 4 folks in Galveston will actually believe you.

Gary Miller

Keep it closed. 800,000 Government employees are starting to tell Pelosi to fund the wall. Trump can't restart government with a spending bill to sign. Pelosi can restart government by sending him a spending bill he would sign.

Gary Miller

Trump can't restart government with OUT a spending bill to sign

George Croix

It's time to stop spending hundreds of billions on illegal aliens yearly when we can spend that ONCE and cut the numbers dramatically.
THEN, start returning the existing scofflaws to their points of origin.
Let the HONEST immigrants here LEGALLY have some due respect by being SECOND in line for the benefits of America...
FIRST in line should be CITIZENS, something the Democrat Party has chosen to 'evolve' in opposition to.........

Jarvis Buckley

George that is so true. Problem is George it's too practical. We all know
democrat's are a lot of things. But they aren't practical.

Michelle Aycoth

You know Obama did the same thing right ?
Andrew Aycoth

Paula Flinn

A wall will have to be supervised, like a prison wall. The Bighorn Sheep in the Big Bend and other animals will not be able to drink water from the river. It will stop many animal migrations. The ranchers in Texas do not want a wall on their land. There have been articles written saying that they will fight to keep their properties free from a wall.
Walls can be climbed and tunneled under. Drugs can be flown in or delivered by boats/ships. Drugs can even be mailed into our country.
A wall will not keep people or drugs out unless you have people or drones to guard it every 30 yards or so. We already have a river, we do not need a wall, just more surveillance.

Carlos Ponce

"Walls can be climbed and tunneled under."
Members of the military's elite special forces tried to get over and could not. The proposed wall/fence/barrier has spiked tips and are buried into the ground several feet embedded on concrete.
Drugs can as you say be mailed but they have a way of detecting suspect substances. They also have human "mules" to deliver drugs.
The answer is to limit what does come into this country. Paula's attitude seems to be drugs are going to get in to this country anyway. So why bother?
" The Bighorn Sheep in the Big Bend and other animals will not be able to drink water from the river." As one other forum poster just realized Trump said there will be places where a physical structure is not feasible. Placing a physical barrier where one is feasible would free up resources to control Big Bend by other means.
Drones are fine but not for the entire border. A drone cannot stop anyone from entering illegally. It just lets you know they're there. "Oyes, compradre. Veo un Dron. Vayamos a ese bosquecillo de árboles. No puede seguirnos allí" And they're GONE!

Paula Flinn

Surveillance will be required whether there is a wall, or not. Border security is what is needed. More people to watch the river, not watch a wall or a tunnel. People in Mexico will know “where a physical structure isn’t feasible.” They will still try to come here.

Carlos Ponce

It's the Border Agents who are calling for a wall, Paula. So Liberals don't care what those on the front line of border defense are asking for. Is that what you're writing?

Jim Forsythe

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