Trump has gained 3 percent support since election.

Wages grew over 3 percent in 2017, with U.S. unemployment at 4.1 percent.

Black and Hispanic unemployment is the lowest in U.S. history.

Economic growth averaged over 3 percent since the second quarter of 2017, with the Treasury Department expecting 5.4 percent for the first quarter of 2018.

Obama and Pelosi claimed 3 percent growth wasn’t possible.

Hillary Clinton is being investigated for email perjury, destruction of 33,000 subpoenaed documents, Uranium One sale, her fake dossier, Clinton Foundation pay to play, bribery and money laundering.

A RICO indictment on the Hillary and Bill crime family is being considered.

Gary Miller

Texas City


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Gary Miller

Why A RICO indictment? One RICO indictment can do more to drain the DC swamp. In recent years the Clinton crime family has had many co criminal family members. All will be listed in a RICO indictment. Most have individual felonies they'll seek plea bargin convictions to get out of the RICO case. RICO is far worse than a simple felony. Those with multiple felonies will be left for conviction of the RICO charges. Those are high level Democrats in the government. Draining the DC swamp.

Diane Turski

More propaganda! The swamp has only gotten bigger and deeper since Trump brought in all his family members and cronies. Only future elections will correct this imbalance and drain the Trump swamp! VOTE for Common Sense representatives!

Doyle Beard

So Diane is admitting there was a swamp when Obama was in office. Anyone surprised?

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