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Gary Scoggin

Bernard, I know you meant this tongue in cheek, but, unfortunately Gov. Abbott really believes that "The Governor, not Texans, should decide their best health practices." And that goes for all of the other topics you mentioned. Our Governor, Lt. Governor, (felony indictee) Attorney General and too many others in Austin believe that us local rubes are incapable of good decisions and only they are smart enough to manage our affairs. They would make those old Soviets that believed in a centrally planned economy proud.

Carlos Ponce

Has the governor done anything illegal or outside his official jurisdiction? No. He's exercising his powers under the Texas Constitution and those granted to him by the Texas Legislature. There's been lawsuits but they've all fallen flat. But he has been acting more Left than I'd expect from a Conservative. Time to throttle back and move back into the Right lane, Guv. if you want to stay in office.

Gary Scoggin

Just because something is legal doesn't mean that it is right. (Isn't that what the pro-life movement says about abortion rights, for example?)

Charles Douglas

A real Christian is going to take care to obey GOD rather than man Gary! I know that in these latter days that is strange, and called outdated by some, but a real Christian is NOT going to turn their back on the Sixth Commandment, and this is why I did not vote for Barack Obama the second time after he lied the first time about his stance on abortion! His explanation was that he evolved. That was why I evolved and did not vote for him! I think God appreciated my integrity & and my decision on that! This worked the same way with Peter and other disciples after the government leaders warned them NOT to preach Jesus to the people. They responded, " Ought not that we should obey GOD rather than man?" ( ACTS 5:29 ) The Word describes how they defied what man said and obeyed God! That's what a real Christian will do! Obeying laws of men and governments are fine until they go against the laws of God!

Cassie René Bernall (November 6, 1981 – April 20, 1999) was a student killed in the Columbine High School massacre, where 11 more students and a teacher were killed by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who then committed suicide. It was reported that Bernall had been asked whether or not she believed in God, and she said "Yes", before being shot during the massacre.

Cassie Bernall was a real Christian! Being a Christian is more than just talking it l, or saying it,....it has to also be proven by what YOU DO or Not do! I'm not saying.....but I'm just saying!


Gary Scoggin

While I agree that if instructions from God and from Man are in conflict you should obey God, I have no idea how this applies to the topic at hand.

Charles Douglas

Allow me to help you, the topic at hand for me changed when you bought up ABORTION! Also ..I am known to get off the topic at hand, and it does not bother me at all. Peace!!!!

Gary Scoggin

Fair enough, my friend. I guess I did bring it up first.

Gary Scoggin

"But he has been acting more Left than I'd expect from a Conservative." Carlos - I am genuinely curious about this. Can you cite some examples?

Carlos Ponce

Endorsement of RINOS.

Abbott stated he was “proud” to endorse the pro-abortion candidate, adding that though they have disagreements, “we share the same commitment to bring people together to solve problems and improve the lives of all Texans.” Texas Score Card

"Since December, Abbott’s response to the Chinese coronavirus has only served to anger conservative Texans, as businesses have been shut down and livelihoods threatened by a series of executive orders over the past few months.."

For more:


Gary Scoggin

Thanks for that link, Carlos. It's quite informative as to where the most conservative wing of Texas Republicans stand on things.

Craig Mason

You hit the nail on the head Gary.

Nick Saum

If we want to bring abortion into the conversation, then the same applies to the death penalty…but I guess carrying out G-d’s will only applies when it comes to things politicians personally abhor and not other things G-d commands against.

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