President Joe Biden campaigned on unity. In the first two weeks in office, he has signed about 40 executive orders, going around Congress and the American people. He's not trying to do the will of the American people, instead he's enforcing his will.

So much for unity.

America voted for change. In my opinion, here's some of the change I think we will see: Fuel prices will rise. The price of gasoline has increased almost 40 cents a gallon since the election. Personal income taxes will rise. Nothing is free, the working people pay for everything.

Corporate taxes will increase, which will cause layoffs, and jobs will be going back to China.

Our borders will become non-existent bringing in crime, drugs and gangs.

I hope I'm wrong, but if any of this happens, remember how you voted. May God bless America.

Raymond Summers

Texas City


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Carlos Ponce

The call for "unity" was just political rhetoric. His actions speak louder than his words. And that's not good.

Robert Braeking

I disagree, Carlos. He is uniting us against the establishment government ruling class.

Jennifer Lance


Bailey Jones

Biden is enacting the policies that won him the White House by 7 million votes, just as his predecessor did - except, of course, his predecessor lost the popular vote by 2.9 million votes.

I wonder what people mean by "unity"? I get the feeling that some Republicans feel that if they don't get their way then that's not unity. That's not what unity is. Unity is simply working towards a better America - for all Americans - something we should all be interested in, even though we all have different ideas about what "better" means. It means a president not casting one half of the nation as "winners" and the other half as "losers", but trying to move the whole nation forward. It doesn't mean that everyone is happy - there is very little that any president can do that will make all sides happy. But it does mean that those who aren't happy are, to paraphrase John McCain, "decent people who we just happen to disagree with on fundamental issues", not people who hate America and want to see it destroyed, as our fellow Americans are often depicted in this forum.

Carlos Ponce

"Biden is enacting the policies that won him the White House blah, blah, blah"


Should I pull up the posts where #WhiteHouseSquatter's supporters denied:





We kept warning Bailey about the FAR LEFT agenda that would be implemented. But NOOOOOOOOOO, He's a "moderate" we were told! No wonder his own son calls him "CHAIRMAN".

Shall I bring up the video where #WhiteHouseSquatter said to implement so many Executive Orders without first seeking a legislative path would be the actions of a DICTATOR??????

Paula Flinn

Quit screaming, Carlos! He’s just reversing most of Trump’s EO’s.

(Have you paid Bailey’s charity yet?)

Carlos Ponce

No Paula, #White HouseSquatter is RUINING THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!!

If you think I'm screaming, turn down your hearing aid.

Jim Forsythe

Have you paid Bailey’s charity yet?

Carlos Ponce

Jim, be patient. The Lord says this is not over.

Robert Braeking

Unity is healthy debate and compromise to advance the will of the people. The Politburo (Both Democrats and Republicans who are ensconced) considers unity to be doing it their way without debate. Case in point: 2nd impeachment. The Politburo considers compromise as silencing opposition. Their willing accomplices in Pravda are avoiding the airing of any dissent. I feel that we have slipped into a Communist abyss.

George Laiacona

I like the idea that intelligent people are aggravating the Trumper Carlos. It would appear that his Republican God’s will is not working in his favor. We can expect negative comments from him for the next four years.

Carlos Ponce

Just wait, George Laiacona. God is still working on revealing all corruption. And that includes those on both sides of the aisle.


I look forward to seeing the corruption of Donald J. Trump revealed.

Carlos Ponce

Looking is one thing, finding is another. Seeing something that does not exist, however, is not possible.

Jim Forsythe

President Biden has not completed his second week in office, but

You can ignore Twitter.

The White House briefing room is not an Orwellian nightmare of lies

We are now confronting white domestic terrorism

We are not paying for golf trips

There are no presidential relatives in government

The tenor of hearings is sober and serious

. Qualified and knowledgeable nominees have been selected for senior spots

. We have a first lady who engages with the public

. We have not heard a word from presidential children

. We are now tough on Russian human rights abuses

. We get normal readouts of sane conversations between the president

and foreign leaders

Manners are in, bullying is out

You feel calmer after hearing the president speak

Fact-checkers are not overworked

. We have seen the president’s tax records

The president is able to articulate policy details, coherently

The worst the press can come up with is the president’s watch

. We have a White House staff that looks like America

We have a national covid-19 plan

More than two-thirds of Americans approve of the White House

covid-19 approach.

. Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious

Diseases Anthony S. Fauci is liberated, sounds happy and even looks


. Fauci, not the president, briefs on the science of covid-19 and

efficacy of vaccines

Masks and social distancing in the White House

The White House has policy initiatives and proposals, not merely

leaving it all to Congress

. The administration is committed to releasing information, not

covering it up, on the slaughter of journalist Jamal Khashoggi

The Republicans not the Democrats who are in disarray

The national security adviser has not been fired for lying to the FBI

No Soviet-style fawning over the president by his subordinates

The president takes daily, in-person intelligence briefings

The president does not care about Air Force One colors

We have a president familiar with the Constitution

. Voice of America is back in the hands of actual journalists

. We get memes about Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), not crowd size

. We are back in the Paris climate accord and the World Health Organization

. Instead of running it like a business, the new administration will

be running government competently

We have a president who doesn’t think military service is for

“suckers” and who doesn’t send his “love” to people assaulting law


. No more work-free “executive time” in the presidential living quarters

. We have a churchgoing president “who has spent a lifetime steeped in

Christian rituals and practices.”

The White House takes the Hatch Act seriously

The administration wants as many people as possible to vote

No attacks on the free press as “enemies of the people.”

No Use of fear and scapegoating in efforts to unify support.

No Accusations of treason against anyone Biden gets angry at.

No assertions by Biden that Article II gives him the power to

“do anything I want” and that he is above the law.

No gaslighting and lying.

No glorification of violence against political opponents, reporters, or

protesters. Biden is not yelling lock him up , lock him up

No Persecution and punishment of critics and whistleblowers.

Carlos Ponce

All I read in Jim's post is "BRAY, BRAY, BRAY."

You need to change that to PRAY! PRAY! PRAY for this country.

Bailey Jones


Plus, there's no need to watch the news all day anymore. I like this new normal. It's like the old normal.

Brad Dillon

We'll have to circle back on that. LOL

Diane Turski

Thank you Jim, for the excellent summary of what unifying America looks like under the Biden administration.

Charles Douglas

Trump has been gone a week or so, and the supporters of that RACIST Assoiciate of former Dixicrat KU KLUX KLAN members in the US Senate, & who now is President, are having a fit in anxiety pinned up emotions! I knew this would happen! They now have nothing to fill the space reserved for venomous Trump hate with! They have grown use to telling lies on, vilifying, and excoriating TRUMP, and now that the election was stolen from him...they don't know how to dispense their time!

Beijing Joe is killing jobs of Union Members by the thousands! Jobs of people who voted for him, and adversely affecting businesses who supported the jobs he killed! He is opening up the border allowing massive amounts of drugs, like fentanyl, and other illicit drugs to flow freely over into this country killing in excess of over 100 thousand Americans a year, and making addicts out of many more!

Refugees from everywhere are starting to pour into this country competing for jobs with African-Americans, & Hispanic citizens already left behind by the Radical LEFT, due to bad schools, atrocious education, high crime, & badly managed cities! China has already informed Joe that he will trigger off a Cold War with them If he even think about approaching them the way Trump did! So, what is the present US policy toward China? ( They have nothing to worry about ).

I will tell YOU! He and his news rep repeats it often, It is to get with our Allies and do what they want to do together! Lolo. China is the Big Dog on the corner now, and make no mistake about it! The European Union & NATO are afraid of China, and we have so many China surrogates all over this nation, the same can now be said about us, that Trump is gone! China is now flying huge bombers and squadrons of fighter jets over Taiwan on a regular basis trying to provoke them, because they know they have a golden opportunity to take Taiwan BEFORE Trump comes back in 2024!

If somebody hears laughter in the night,.....don't be alarmed, it will just be me belly laughing at how BEIJING JOE and the LEFT boogger-jived those who voted for him!

Robert Braeking


Charles Douglas

Another thing! PUT YOUR HELMETS ON.....and buckle up!!!!! If you don't the end of these four years with a Red China Flunky in the Oval Office, will had!

Charles Douglas

Beijing Joe is so busy putting Americans out of work in the name of the Radical LEFT, so ...where are the Green jobs to replace them? Oh I know ...they are in La-La Land, because they don't exist!

Some prudent person would call the Prime Minister of Germany, Angela Merkel, and ask her why in h.. [censored] she has not closed down those TWO gigantic gas lines running on the floor of the BALTIC Sea from Russia to Germany called the Nord Stream I and the Nord Stream II?

Nobody in the world is doing the STUPID things to their country we see happening here in America, Nobody!

George Laiacona

It has come to the time where you are a Republican or a Patriot, you can’t be both.

Charles Douglas

Wow! Republican, or Patriot, but not both? Where did that come from... ANTIFA, BLM, BEIJING JOE, or XI JINPING of China?

I figure it a little differently. See everytime I read about, and see pictures of those who over time have paid the ultimate sacrifice, everytime I see a picture of the Walls & Memorials in DC those who left it all on the field of battle, everytime I read the citations given to me years ago, or look at the military shadow box mounted on one of my walls at home, or look at pictures of my children and grandchildren, I am reminded of what was given up, and what was paid so I could participate freely in the free priviledges and rights of a U.S. Citizen no matter what political affiliation I have! That was a cute little quote though, and catchy!

Carlos Ponce

I don't know, George Laiacona. I see people who are Socialist and Democrat at the same time.

Charles Douglas

Amen Mr. Ponce, and Joe China owes me money! I don't want no CHECK either! I don't take checks from people who hates America!

Robert Braeking

Yeah! What happened to the promised $2000 we were all supposed to get "immediately"? All throughout the Georgia runoff campaign the Politburo promised us the $2000. I need my check!

Bailey Jones

Robert, what is happening to your $2K is that the Biden administration is engaging in "healthy debate and compromise to advance the will of the people" trying to find bipartisan support for a COVID relief bill. That's what you want, right? They could have rammed it through with only Democrat votes a week ago, but that's not what you want, right?

Dalton Logan

So if I am hearing you correctly, you are saying that all those National Guardsmen in Washington and all our members of the armed forces whom most are Republican/Conservatives are not patriots?

Jim Forsythe

Robert, the time table for the stimulus check rollout is below. The path to a third stimulus check is already speedier than the nine-months that led to the $600 second payment. The $600 was part of the amount that some will get in the near future. It's calculated $600 plus $1,400 = $2000

Right now they are negotiating the amount of the check. The two sides are working on, is the amount going to be $1,000 or $1,400. If they settle on $1,000, your maximum total amount would be $1,600. My son just received his $600 check last week, so it could take awhile for you to receive a check.

Stimulus check passes Congress Friday, March 12

Stimulus bill signed into law Sunday, March 14

First direct-deposit check sent Week of March 22

First paper checks sent Week of March 29

First EIP cards sent Week of April 5

Robert Braeking

The stimulus check is unimportant. The point I was making is that the Politburo made promises that it had no intention of keeping in order to garner enough votes to make the Senate 50/50. A pittance of a check every 9 months will not make a difference to a pipeline welder who lost his job at the stroke of a puppet's pen.

Jim Forsythe

Robert what communist party member made a promise of $2,000?

The payment to complete the $2,000 will be coming. Your whole post was about a payment not jobs, and you change what you were saying after people responded to your post.

Robert, have you worked construction as a welder? Things change all the time on jobs. What has changed with the XL pipeline is it is not needed as it once was.

The project would require fewer than 2,000 construction jobs over two years. And once built, the pipeline would employ about 35. If someone is a pipe welder, many jobs are available.

This is just one, and it is for 2 Year duration.. Welder - Borger Refinery Phillips 66 - Borger, TX 3.8 Technical certification for Welder (or higher) OR code certified with a minimum of 2 years of experience…$41 an hour . The ad did not say, but most likely they are paying Per Diem, which in Texas is between $98 to $189 a day, tax free.

The need for Canadian tar sands oil is not at the same as just a few years ago. Now with Light Sweet Crude Oil at the $56.76 range, more refineries are moving away from being able to process Canadian tar sands oil (Dilbit). It cost more to process.

Energy economists say that producing petroleum from Canadian tar sands could not turn a profit until the global oil price passes $65 a barrel.

This price requirement could cause the pipeline to be shutdown for periods of time which can cause other problems, such as with the integrity of the pipe.

If you are interested in the environmental reason, many are opposed because the product is Dilbit, which is much heavier than conventional crude, quickly sinks and is far harder to clean up. Five years after the spill of more than a million gallons in the Kalamazoo River from a pipeline rupture, thick deposits of dilbit still lie at the bottom, impossible to remove. The cleanup has already cost more than $1 billion.

George Laiacona

Unity, this can’t work at this point in time, because you must realize there are only a few Republicans that want to try the experiment. Sooner or later the die hard Republicans that are still infatuated with the TV celebrity will have to come to reason and find out that for our democracy to work they will have to make compromises with the new and completely different kind of patriotic members of the United States of America.

Thomas Carpenter

Stripping QAnon lunatic Greene from her committee assignments represents a great step towards unity and sanity. Ponce paying his debt will take a miracle, no doubt the miracle he's waiting on so religiously.

Carlos Ponce

Thomas Carpenter accepting that the 2020 election results were rigged would be a miracle but it will happen.

Robert Braeking

Greene mentioned certain theories in order to open debate on the subject. In typical fashion the Politburo removed her from all committees. They will not stop at this one Representative. They will not rest until ALL opposing voices are silenced.

George Laiacona

Can you just feel the unity in these comments?

Carlos Ponce

"Can you just feel the unity in these comments?" Only if I turn on my BS filter which removes Liberal propaganda.[beam]

George Laiacona

Carlos the new President is Catholic therefore we can all assume that his God’s will is better than yours , after he is our leader of our democracy not a TV celebrity that many of you fake Republicans are infatuated with.

Jarvis Buckley

Nice article Raymond.

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