On Dec. 1 on the way to the Fertitta family reunion hosted by Tilman Fertitta at The San Luis, we opted for the ferry. What a huge mistake. It took my wife and I five hours to get from Bolivar Peninsula to The San Luis.

On the other hand, I recently read in The Daily News about how the downtown merchants are putting up Christmas lights to entice visitors and shoppers. If the ferry problem isn't worked out, who wants to come?

Another problem at the landing was all the many cars that got through ahead of those in line. These people flashed some yellow card and were waved through. I was told that anyone can get one of those yellow cards, and obviously people are doing that — leaving the rest of us literally at a standstill.

It will be a long time before we even consider returning to Galveston.

Joseph Fertitta Culotta

Marksville, Louisiana

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David Schuler

Joseph, ferry operations are handled by TxDot, not Galveston. I certainly don't blame the State of Louisiana or any particular Louisiana city when i spend 5+ hours stuck on IH10 eastbound waiting for a wreck to clear. Sorry you had a bad experience but we all have our ferry stories. Maybe you could borrow the helicopter next time?

Kelly Willis

Touché .....perfect response!

Rusty Schroeder

Tillman does have a pretty nice boat too, comes with it's own helicopter :)

Lynn Donovan

Great reply!

Vernon Hale

It also appears this was from Bolivar side not Galveston so how are we involved in the complaint at all?

Doug Sivyer

Helicopter LOL. White Privilege at it's finest

Robert Braeking

I too was on Bolivar that Saturday. It was a 3 boat wait to get on the peninsula. The line on the Bolivar side was all the way to the second 106 curve. We opted to return to the mainland by going around. TX Dot and Houston Transtar publish wait times. I have no sympathy for one who would opt to wait in line that long. It would be nice for the foreigners to put wait time signs along the road.

Carlos Ponce

Isn't there a low power AM station broadcasting traffic conditions in Galveston?
Does it include ferry wait times?
"The department [TXDOT] maintains a statewide radio network providing signal and radio technical support and coordinating radio frequency licenses. The Highway Advisory Radio Stations (HARS) are low power AM stations that broadcast highway related information to the traveling public. FCC regulations require that traveler information stations transmit only noncommercial voice information pertaining to traffic and road conditions."

Jarvis Buckley

I-10 To 146 south - to 45- to Galveston.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Tilman's vessel, M/V Boardwalk, is just about the same size as the ferry that we taxpayers provide for free, and a he!! of a lot more luxurious. You should have called him to have his personal captain and crew come over from Fisherman's Wharf and retrieve you. Coming back from New Orleans on Friday, I had no wait at the Bolivar side at all. Suggest developing a better voyage plan next time.


Are you sure?? What if TILLMAN invites you back? SMDH! Not real fond of name droppers!

Kelly Naschke

Does anyone really care if this whiner comes back or not? He probably didn’t spend a penny while he was here.

Jarvis Buckley

Joseph - you need to read the poem
"The Test of a Man".

Jeff Patterson

What EXACTLY does a Fertitta Family reunion hosted at the San Luis hosted by Tillman Fertitta have to do with the rest of the ill informed rant...oh yeah right...you’re special.

Allison Buchtien

Most people who've lived in Galveston for a length of time don't give a crap about Fertitta. I'd rather visit locally owned establishments.

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