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Carter Roper

Agree with this. But one thing, my oath as an Officer in the Air Force never included protecting the American people, only the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. Being retired that oath still applies.

Craig Mason

George, I long for the real conservatives to take back their party. Conservatives that lead by example, John Cornyn, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, George HW Bush. They are examples of what the GOP needs to return to. I don't believe that conservatives are racists, just that racists have latched onto pieces of the party and subverted it for their gain. Conservatives need to completely disavow the folks who espouse racist ideology. If someone show up to an event with a Nazi T shirt or racist emblem on their clothing, do not let them in. Because no matter what anyone says, the folks with the Nazi emblems proudly displayed are not the ones any conservative wants to be associated with. So easy rule of thumb is if folks in Nazi regalia are involved, then conservatives shouldn't be.

Carlos Ponce

Wish granted, Craig Mason. Real Conservatives have taken charge of the Republican Party and have been for the last four years. Now they have to eliminate Mitt and Mitch and Liz and a few other RINOS.

Should I show you one of the DOZENS of videos and posts where President Trump has disavowed racists? You act as if you've never seen them.

Carlos Ponce

Come to think of it, I've heard President Trump disavow racists dozens of times. But I can honestly say I've never heard Craig Mason disavow racists.

Kevin Moran

Gee, I watch FOX news regularly as well as other media and I missed the "dozens" of times Trump disavowed racism. Please show me some evidence that he did so "dozens" of times.

Carlos Ponce

Gee, Kevin, you must be asleep with the TV on if you missed it:





















Kevin Moran

If one supports people/politicians who support or seek to spread racism, Nazi-like policies and tactics and white-supremacist policies and hatred, why would one whiningly deny being a racist supporter of fascist tactics and white supremacist hatred?

Jack Cross

Mr. Moran you may have spent too much time watching MSNBC and CNN. You are a journalist, watch this video and see how dishonest your comment is and the bias of these journalist and TV personnel. This is America, the press should act like a referee, not a judge. Watch this video where Trump condemns, racism, white supremacy, KKK and David duke 38 times. Yet the press keeps pushing it because if you tell a lie enough times people start to believe it. This is a sad time for this Korean War veteran when the press ranks lower and congress. All please copy and paste and Mr. Moran, I'll be looking for your Mea Cupa


Angelica Rendon

Can you at least agree that for many years, this country was not “great” for those considered only a fraction of a man, or for those not granted the same rights as others. It’s all about perspective and obviously you are unwilling to see it from another’s.

Carlos Ponce

Let's say you exclude that phrase from the Constitution where some were "considered only a fraction of a man". Would that be good?

The phrase was placed in there by those who were anti-slavery. Why? If the slaves were counted in the census as one person, not a fraction, the Southern slave owning states would have obtained more electoral votes and more Congressmen. The "fraction" diluted the Southern States' political clout.

Craig Mason

Excellent point Angelica

Charles Douglas

There is not a place, nor a refuge on this earth which is, nor has been a utopia! It is so dishonest, & deceiving to bring perfection into a conversation like this, while knowing there can be no perfection! John 16:33 states, " These things I have spoken onto you, that in me you might have peace. In this world you will have tribulation: but be of good cheer; for I have overcome the world."

Liberals know full well that Trump made this country better, better for the working man, better for business, better for the military, and better for minorities! More minorities got off government subsidies like food stamps, and welfare than at any other time in this nation, because of Trump! Democrats scoffs at that, because welfare, and food stamps along with other free stuff are incentives and lures they use to manage minority political support, and votes for their party!

They pulled this off almost perfectly in the Georgia Senate Races earlier this month by offering free money in the thousands of dollar!!! I thought sending BLACK & HISPANIC men to jail unjustly in the nineties, was Joe Biden's most horrific move! I was wrong,.. he has a more despicable move that that! His more horrifying move is Murdering, and Anailating defenseless BABIES of all races & colors, in the womb by Abortion and Infanticide not only in this nation, but by sending AMERICAN taxpayer money to finance the same thing around the world!

This should be unconscionable to anybody who reverence and fear GOD, for the 6th Commandment states THOU SHALL DO NO MURDER! ( No human is capable of loving his neighbor, if cannot show love to an unborn baby ). The BLOOD of those murdered will cry out to Almighty GOD, for vengeance, and retribution, just as Able's blood did when he was murdered by his brother Cain! ( Genesis 4:10 ).

Hebrews 10:30 states, " Veangeance belongeth unto me, I will recompense, saith the Lord...." Note* I am so glad that I won't be in that group who supported the savage murdering and SATANIC slaughtering of the unborn when GOD start his recompense.

Craig Mason

Mr. Douglas is all life valuable? Even that of a convicted criminal? Because it seems the federal government installed an express lane for executions in 2020. So if in fact abortion is an abomination then so is the death penalty. Moral high ground cannot be claimed if on one hand you are saving a life but on the other taking a life. Thou shalt not kill applies to all.

Carlos Ponce

"Thou shalt not kill applies to all."

Turn the page, Craig Mason, turn the page.

"Thou shalt not kill" comes from the King James Translation of Exodus 20:13.

A better translation is "Do not murder".

But if you look at the next chapter in Exodus 21:12-15:

Whoever attacks a person and causes his death must be put to death.

If it was not premeditated but an act of God, then I will designate for you a place to which he can flee. But if someone willfully kills another after deliberate planning, you are to take him even from my altar and put him to death. Whoever attacks his father or mother must be put to death."

Craig Mason

Carlos do you really think every person on death row is guilty and that a mistake has never been made?

Carlos Ponce

Have mistakes been made in the past? Yes. But under current law, prosecutors will not pursue capital punishment unless there is substantial proof, often involving DNA. Of those currently on death row, burden of proof rests with the prosecution. Casting doubt in the mind of at least one juror is up to the defense. So 12 jurors have been convinced of the person's guilt and that capital punishment is the resulting punishment.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Mason, the way it looks to me is that you want to poke holes in what GOD almighty has said, in an effort to carve a way out of complying with his WORD. To this I say.... go for it. Nobody can make you believe. It is a self controlled event, but Remember this: " There is no wisdom, counsel, nor understanding that will prevail against the Lord." ( Proverbs 21:30 ). He will be the winner!

Now it is recorded that you know what his Word says! Now, it is between you and God. You want to support those who systematically deprives babies who God gives life to...... as he gave life to you, then that is a decision you have to make for yourself. I will not argue it, nor debate it. My job is done after spreading the word! Some will believe, and some won't. GOD will reconcile, ...not me.

Craig Mason

You are correct Mr. Douglas.

George Laiacona

If only the Conservative Republicans had been in charge of the Republican Party for the past four years we would never had seen the Republican goons attack the Congressional chambers. The Conservative Republicans just stepped back and let the TV celebrity take over. We now show Republicans that pledge their allegiance to Trumper Party and not America have made the Republican Party head of the non patriotic party. There new motto is Party first republic last.

Carlos Ponce

Considering there were over 300,000 Conservative Republicans in DC at the time and a relative smaller number went into the Capitol Building, aren't you judging a group under false pretenses?

Bailey Jones

It's the end of the Republican Party. Republicans lost the popular vote in the presidential election in 7 out of the last 8 elections (only winning in 2004). Conservative Republicans are leaving the party because they're tired of Cult45 and Qidiots like this whacko Marjorie Taylor Greene. Cult45 / Qidiots are leaving the party because it didn't overturn the election and keep their Messiah in power.

The party has an existential choice to make - to be the party of conservative principles, or be the party of conspiracy clowns and cultists. It can't be both.

It's like the Democratic Party in the 1960s. They couldn't be the party of wacko southern racists and be the party of progressive principles - and they chose principle. I hope the Republicans do the same.

Carlos Ponce

Au Contraire mon ami. Conservative Republicans are Trump supporters and still support his agenda: strong military, Strong Border, put America first, do not use tax dollars to kill babies. Who's leaving? The Rockefeller Republicans, the RINOS, and the like.

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