The League City Police Department's leadership has created and encouraged a culture that celebrates killing fellow residents.

How else to explain not only the continued employment, but the promotion (to assistant chief no less), of a 27-year police officer that posts controversial memes on his social media pages ("Facebook posts prompt inquiry into League City new assistant chief," The Daily News, July 21).

Posts that were “liked” by other employees of the same city. Posts that detailed shooting speeders and running over protesters. These were not posts made by a rookie. Anthony Hera had been a police officer for over 20 years by this time.

We deserve answers from Chief Gary Ratliff.

Teresa Kumelski

League City


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(5) comments

Stuart Crouch

So, tell me, Karen...

Gary Miller

Teresa Kumelski? WE find what we seek. You look for it and find it where no one else can.

Carlos Ponce

Teresa Kumelski, what will you say when somebody finds something in your past? We all have our foibles, yours is apparent.[innocent]

Kimberley Jones Yancy

Its a concern when your mission is to serve and protect but you celebrate running over protectors. If a teacher said she would go to her school and shoot her students in a post she would at the very least be given a memo. And teachers are not called to protect and serve. Its wrong period to animate something you are supposed to protect. Anthony Hera received nothing in his file for this mishap.

Carlos Ponce

"And teachers are not called to protect and serve." The teachers I taught with would do anything to protect students. And we serve every moment in the classroom.

"Anthony Hera received nothing in his file for this mishap." He had his name and reputation questioned by his community, his peers, his superiors. Jesus says "forgive".

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