When you look at all the real estate in Texas City and surrounding areas, they're being invaded and seized by these house flippers and out-of-town landlords.

These individuals come in here and rig and patch these dwellings to sucker some family into the unit for a fast dollar, regardless of what the standard building codes are.

Why are these investors not upheld to the same expectations as a resident that does any type of repair on their own house? If permits are required, and you must be bonded through the city, why are these flippers not held accountable to these same rules?

Why can't any of our inspectors or even so-called "code enforcers" just ride around, and if they see something, say something? This city has more going on than just all the new subdivisions out by Interstate 45 or the levee.

If we want to deter crime and any type of problems from trouble makers, the first step is to take pride in our city, and let's make everybody equal in expectations and standards that we invest time and effort into creating, otherwise this town is going to continue "flipping down the drain."

Joseph Everett

Texas City


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Kelly Naschke

I would like some specific examples of what the concern here is. It seems like renovation of distressed properties is for the overall good of the community. Is Mr Everett happy with what is the status quo and fearing a gentrification of otherwise blighted property? Seems like any investment in these neighborhoods would be seen as a positive. Not a negative.

Randy Chapman

Very simple Kelly; Texas City is being bought out by, as the poster says, out of town landlords that fail to pull permits and do things right. There really is no positive, as the people renting these properties have nothing invested in Texas City, other than finding the lowest rent. That is why TC is in the state it is now. Years ago, folks that worked at the refineries or places of business that support them, were the norm and kept up their properties. Since the oil industry has been on their union-busting and lowest bidder tirade, they've done an awesome job of lowering the quality of living in TC. It is what it is, and old TC is rapidly becoming nothing more than a rental area, bought out by many owners that are true slumlords. If you don't believe me, then I suggest you be more proactive and ride the streets and alleys of TC, and see the squalor for yourself. It is real.

Carlos Ponce

From what I see on house flipping shows, the ones recorded in Texas (San Antonio and DFW area), the flipper must adhere to building codes and their reconstructions are inspected or they cannot sell them. Permits are required.

Don Schlessinger

But they are on TV Carlos

Carlos Ponce

Yes, they're on TV. Even off - TV they cannot flip without inspections, permits. If some don't - caveat emptor.

Randy Chapman

Not talking about flipping so much, just the landlords that perform work and never have the need to get it inspected.

Carlos Ponce

Check the title, "House flippers should be held to the same rules".

Randy Chapman

Carlos, and in the first paragraph, I quote "When you look at all the real estate in Texas City and surrounding areas, they're being invaded and seized by these house flippers and out-of-town landlords."

Carlos Ponce

Like I posted Caveat emptor.

James Lippert

Mr. Everett is spot on. I watched an "investor" take a house that was in shambles, plagued by near annual flooding and foreclosed on by the bank for failing to make mortgage payments. The "investor" fixed it up w/ some new sheetrock, paint and other superficial repairs then sold it to an unsuspecting couple for a LOT of money. Within 10 months it flooded (again) and there was no recourse for the poor purchaser.

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