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Greg Youngblood

I would agree with Mr Tobleman if feral hogs were an endangered species but they are far from that. They can breed as early as six months of age, although eight to ten months is more usual. But still, a sow has a litter and less than a year later, those 'babies' are having babies. They are a non-native species, very destructive, carry diseases, and can be very dangerous. I'm glad Mr. Tobleman has a big heart but, in this case, I think it is misplaced.

Jim Forsythe

This sums up what we are in for. One USDA researcher has called them “the worst invasive species we’ll ever see.”

Of the top ten invasive species in Texas, feral hogs are considered number one by many.

These are the top ten invasive species in Texas.

Feral Hogs, Zebra Mussels, Nutria, Red Fire Ants, Giant Salvinia, Africanized Bees, Black Tiger Shrimp, Asian Carp, Hydrilla, Asian Clams.

We have not seen anything yet as the number of hogs is about to explode.

Texas: Feral hogs can be found in 253 of 254 counties. And given their prolific breeding, at least two-thirds of that population—upward of 1.7 million pigs—must be killed each year simply to keep the count level. Current efforts, however, are estimated to accomplish less than half of that culling.

Gary Miller

Someone should tell Tobelman Feral Hogs do not have a natural territory. They are an invasive species that is destroying the territory of native species. If he doesn't want to eat a feral hog it will make good dog food.

Mary Gillespie

We're not talking about the adorable Porky Pig.

Feral hogs attack and sometimes KILL.

Last November, Christine Rollins (age 59) was killed by feral hogs in Chambers County.

Freda Cook

You do realize these hogs are an invasive species? Means they don’t belong here. They are every bit of the word, “Nuisance”.

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