Democracy and decency prevailed.

Our four-year national nightmare ended at 11:01 p.m. Central Standard Time on Jan. 20.

Let the healing begin.

George Thomas Parsons III



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Carlos Ponce

It's too early for April Fools jokes. George Thomas Parsons III.

There is no healing with all the hatred spewed by Democrats.

Do you really like with what's going on?

Caravans of thousands heading for the US border and the Border Patrol can do nothing to stop the drug trafficking, sex trafficking, child trafficking not to mention many are carrying the plague into Texas.

The loss of thousands of jobs.

The murder of innocents through abortion in this country and overseas now funded by tax dollars.

Dissing our Canadian allies by stopping the Keystone Pipeline.

etc, etc. etc.

You may like this but most Americans think it's HELL !!!!

Carter Roper

We have been hated on for four years, think it will take a little longer for us to get on board with healing.

David Hardee

George must be oblivious of the conditions outside of this quip which he published after an exhausting effort to say so little. His illusion that his nightmare is over while his saviors in vengeance are performing IMPEACHMENT illustrates his oblivion. Is that IMPEACHMENT a call that George considers attempted healing.

These quipping deep thinkers are the ones that enter the voting process with an empty reservoir of knowledge. Neither decency nor democracy will prevail when sthe only attribute that voters have is the ability to produce respiration.

George did regurgitate the popular denigrating recitation of Maddow, Lemon, Coopers, and their most recent outed Sheperd Smith to reap castigation on their perceived nemesis - the traditional lifestyle Trump.

These mentioned cable pseudo-jounalist are natural only in their disdain for anything traditionally normal.

Jim Forsythe

If the TC Energy Corp had waited until the federal court had ruled, no one would have been working on the XL pipeline. They worked on the pipeline for less than one month and because they did not have the required endangered species review, they were shut down. As on any construction job, the ones in charge must have the correct permits and reviews.

Trump ultimately approving it with an executive order, construction began in April 2020, but that same month, a federal court said that the project had to go through a full endangered species review. TC Energy appealed the ruling, but the Supreme Court upheld it in July.

Carlos Ponce

"endangered species review" ????? It's goes further than a "species" review.

"A species is often defined as the largest group of organisms in which any two individuals of the appropriate sexes or mating types can produce fertile offspring, typically by sexual reproduction." Wiki

This "review" goes much further than that , done by overzealous government environmentalists.

They will protect subspecies, etc.

But when it comes to killing human babies, Democrats have no problem.

Dalton Logan

The democrats have fallen behind in the destruction of the unborn child so Biden is signing an executive order today to help them catch up.

Jim Forsythe

On Jan. 19, with the U.S. still under Trump’s presidency, Associated Press journalists in El Florido, Guatemala, reported that the “once large caravan” had “dissipated.” That news report and others said soldiers and police used tear gas and wielded batons to break up the group, injuring some members of the caravan, as well as organized government rides for thousands of them to return to their hometowns in Honduras.

Maximiliano Reyes, a Mexican deputy foreign minister, told news network Milenio authorities sent between 4,500 and 5,000 people back from Guatemala, with others considering their options, Reuters reported on Jan. 19. He estimated around 1,000 migrants had broken up into small groups and fanned out inside Guatemala. “Guatemala’s message is loud and clear: These types of illegal mass movements will not be accepted, that’s why we are working together with the neighboring nations to address this as a regional issue,” the Guatemalan president’s office said.

Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador had sent thousands of National Guard members and immigration agents to stand guard at the country’s southern border and block migrants from entering, according to the Associated Press report. If the stream of migrants do make their way to the Mexican border, they won’t find a warm welcome.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Monday his nation will enforce immigration laws.

“We are proposing that they seek a dialogue with the migrants, in Honduras, Guatemala,” he said. “They should attend to them so that they don’t enter any country by force.”

Robert Braeking

No, our nightmare is just beginning. With the stroke of a pen Biden has put 11,000 welders and pipe fitters out of work by breaching the contract on the Keystone Pipeline. This is especially disastrous for these workers because not only are they out of work, their welding trucks and travel trailers are financed and they no longer have the means to make the payments. When you are building a pipeline your living accommodations have to leap frog down the length of the project.

With another stroke of a pen he breached the contracts on construction of the border wall with a similar result. Thousands of welders and construction workers are out of work with no prospects. They also have equipment payments that cannot be met.

With the stroke of a pen he has ordered the release of detained criminals in ICE custody. Fortunately Ken Paxton was able to stop this idiocy in court.

Carlos Ponce

Democrats know the impeachment trial will lead to the same conclusion as the first impeachment trial - not enough votes to convict. It's all for show.

They just want an opportunity to bad mouth President Trump with fallacious lies to appease their Democrat constituents and campaign contributors.

This will be another Adam Schiff Show.

They forget one thing. After the first impeachment trial, President Trump's approval rating shot up! Expect the same here.

Bill Broussard

You forget one thing, Carlos. Trumps approval may have shot up but ...not enough “up”

And in fact the toll of unemployed at the pipeline is closer to 1200. The 11000 that is often repeated is pure paper numbers across the life of the line and at any given point of its life the actual employment varies from 1100 to 55 with about 25% being Canadians. That’s how pipelines actually work guys

Contrast that with 5mm unemployed and 500,000 dead and I would say current Washington has a long way to go to catch up with former Washington

Keith Gray

Bill Washington won't catch up by killing jobs and suppressing our rights...

Gary Miller

Many Americans were wondering what was so bad about "climate change". WE are now learning the bad is China Joe. He will force as many citizens as he can to suffer fighting the mythical enemy of climate change. He will do more damage than climate change ever could. He killed thousands of high wage jobs of workers who had never seen any evidence of harm from climate change. Now they know how bad China Joe can make it.

Jim Forsythe

JAN. 19, 20219

President Trump’s approval rating has dropped to 34% in a Gallup poll released Monday, the low point of a presidency that already had the weakest average approval rating of any of his predecessors since the survey began in the 1940s.

Bailey Jones

But Jim, that's just his rating among all Americans. Among Trumpsters he's at 100%, possibly higher.

Carlos Ponce

"that's just his rating among all Americans" No one I know was polled. So your statement is FALSE. Check the Demographics:. As usual they over poll Democrats. The fix was in.

Jarvis Buckley

How in the world can you expect healing to begin with anti- Trump articles keep appearing in the papers & comments. When the Haters in Washington are so afraid of Trump they want to destroy our democracy, simply to destroy Trump. They won be it by hook or crook. They need to leave well enough alone. I’m willing to accept Biden if they quit trying to destroy our country just to destroy Trump. Just my thoughts & opinions.

Gary Miller

Jarvis> Amen brother.

Charles Douglas

In addition to what you so eloquently stated Mr. Buckley is this: President Trump now lives in Florida enjoying his private life and the RADICAL LEFTISTS, are still hating him, and vilifying him hourly. Hate is being manufactured on the inside of these people,...I've been around awhile, and grew up partly in the rural South during segregation!

The hate we see coming from the LEFT now,....rivals that which existed during segregation! The prior hate I referenced was spewed out primarily toward African-Americans! This latter hate we see transpiring today is spewed out toward ANYBODY who does not think and accept the ideology of the RADICAL LEFT! They want to censor you, dox you, BLACKLIST you, take your job, ruin your future, shame you, and conspire against you all because you think or believe different than they do!

They as somebody said, are perfectly willing to destroy this country if it will help them gain power.

Jim Forsythe

Jarvis, have the Hillary articles stopped? I for one do not care about Hillary, because that is in the past. How many anti- Obama articles keep appearing. These two are not in office and still you hear thing like, lock her up and such. Even Trump lead the lock her up chants at his rallies. Trump was the leader of the USA and not just the leader of his followers when he said this. This does not make a person that does not belong to his party, want to embrace his Presidency.

Jarvis, what I hate is what has happened in the last Two months under the banner of Trump. One is the group of people that refuses to accept the results of a election. The results of the election are not going to change and all these types are doing is fracturing the Republican party, by not accepting the results.

Which party do you belong to, the MAGA party or the Republican party? If Trump runs again, would you vote for him. If he is a MAGA party candidate, would you still vote for him. The group that stormed the Capital under the banner of Trump, I also hate.

As far as" the Haters in Washington are so afraid of Trump they want to destroy our democracy" does not our democracy run on the results of the elections once a election is certified, to be accepted? Are we going to continue for 4 or more years, with people not even accepting the results of the election in 2020?

Does not a democracy run on, if one group believes that our leader did a deed that they consider bad enough, to bring it before the rest of Congress and vote on what should be done? They will start in a few days, to decide if they should do anything about what happened, as Trump will be on trial . I hope all Americans listen to the evidence, before they decide what should be done. At this time no evidence has been presented.

Besides the storming the Capital and looking for people to hang, people are still calling for bad things to happen to others. The first example of what has happened is from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene , who in the past called for Pelosi, Obama, Hillary Clinton to be killed. She is a member of QAnon.

"A bullet to the head" said Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene when she approved of posts calling for Pelosi, Obama, Hillary Clinton and FBI agents to be executed.

In one Facebook post from April 2018, Greene wrote conspiratorially about the Iran Deal, one of former President Barack Obama's signature foreign policy achievements. A commenter asked Greene, "Now do we get to hang them ?? Meaning H & O ???," referring to Obama and Hillary Clinton. Greene replied, "Stage is being set. Players are being put in place. We must be patient. This must be done perfectly or liberal judges would let them off."

Below are some of the people that make headlines, because they are perceived to be representing the Republicans.

Kellyanne Conway: The now-former White House counselor tweeted in November 2016: "Look who 'can't accept the election results,'" linking to a New York Times article with the headline, "Hillary Clinton Supporters Call for Vote Recount in Battleground States."

"Now Hillary Clinton wants a recount. Is she schizo?!?" Pirro said in a November 2016 tweet .

In 2020, Pirro is demanding action to help overturn the will of the voters and make Trump the winner.

"Time to stand up for our constitution our president and our way of life #PromisesMadePromisesKept #OurVoteIsPower," Pirro tweeted on Nov. 5.

In 2018, Gingrich said on Fox News that, "A whole series of Democrats have just said, bluntly, if our candidate doesn't win, they stole the election."

In 2020, Gingrich went on Sean Hannity's Fox News show to call for poll workers to be arrested because they counted ballots in a race that Trump lost.

"My hope is that President Trump will lead the millions of Americans who understand exactly what's going on. The Philadelphia machine is corrupt. The machine in Atlanta, Detroit is corrupt And they are trying to steal the presidency and we should not allow them to do that," Gingrich said, while asking Attorney General Bill Barr to "lock up" poll workers.

Carlos Ponce

The quote from Newt comes from an open letter, not the Sean Hannity show.

Your last sentence comes from this:

“First of all, under federal law, we should lock up the people who are breaking the law. You stop somebody from being an observer, you just broke federal law. Do you hide and put up papers so nobody can see what you're doing? You just broke federal law. You bring in ballots that aren't real? You just broke federal law.” Newt Gingrich

But Jim summarized by just posting " 'lock up' poll workers". Doesn't quite tell the same when taken OUT OF CONTEXT. But that's typical of all Liberal news sources.

Jim Forsythe

Newt Gingrich

In 2018, Gingrich said on Fox News that, "A whole series of Democrats have just said, bluntly, if our candidate doesn't win, they stole the election."

In 2020, Gingrich went on Sean Hannity's Fox News show to call for poll workers to be arrested because they counted ballots in a race that Trump lost.

"My hope is that President Trump will lead the millions of Americans who understand exactly what's going on. The Philadelphia machine is corrupt. The machine in Atlanta, Detroit is corrupt And they are trying to steal the presidency and we should not allow them to do that," Gingrich said, while asking Attorney General Bill Barr to "lock up" poll workers.

Carlos Ponce

Open letter written by Newt Gingrich:

“I’ve been active in this since 1958; that’s 62 years. I’m the angriest I have been in that entire six decades. You have a group of corrupt people who have absolute contempt for the American people, who believe that we’re so spineless, so cowardly, so unwilling to stand up for ourselves that they can steal the presidency, and we’ll wring our hands, bring in a few lawyers, and do nothing.

My hope is that President Trump will lead the millions of Americans who understand exactly what’s going on: [that] the Philadelphia machine is corrupt, that the Atlanta machine is corrupt, the machine in Detroit is corrupt, and they’re trying to steal the presidency, and we should not allow them to do that.

First of all, we should lock up the people who are breaking the law. You stop someone from being an observer –- you just broke federal law. You hide and put up paper so nobody can see what you’re doing –- you just broke federal law. You bring in ballots that aren’t real –- you just broke federal law.

I am sick and tired of corrupt left-wing Democrats who believe that we are too timid and too easy to intimidate, and therefore they’ll just go out and steal it…You are watching an effort to steal the presidency of the United States, and this is not about Donald Trump. This is about the American people, [who] have the right, in an honest election, with honest, legitimate ballots, to pick their leader. Or are we now just sheep, to be dominated by the high-tech businesses, the news media, and the various political machines?…This is a crisis in the American system, comparable to Washington on Christmas Eve or…Lincoln at Gettysburg. This is a genuine, deep crisis of our survival.”

Bailey Jones

Ooh - Gingrich... he's always good for a laugh. But his letter does raise one very important question - why on Earth do Trumplicans think they deserve the Presidency???

Wow*** - just look at how "timid and easy to intimidate" Trumplicans are. They just let the Democrats "go out and steal it." And then did NOTHING about it. At least a few of them had the stones to invade the Capitol. Or wait - that was ANTIFA and BLM, people who KNOW how to get their way. Real Trumplicans just sat on their couches weeping into their buckets of KFC - sadly trudging out in the middle of the night to take down their Trump flags. ("Not me!!! I'm keeping mine up - I'll show them!" says the bravest among them.) Look at "we, now just sheep, to be dominated by the high-tech businesses, the news media, and the various political machines. We're so spineless, so cowardly, so unwilling to stand up for ourselves that (Democrats) can steal the presidency, and we’ll wring their hands, bring in a few lawyers, and do NOTHING."

And yet they think they deserve to run the nation? They can't beat Sleepy Old Joe - every Democrat's 3rd or 4th choice - but they think they can take on Russia? Or China? Or Iran? Good luck, Caspar Milquetoast.

Confronted with "a crisis in the American system, comparable to Washington on Christmas Eve or…Lincoln at Gettysburg...a genuine, deep crisis of our survival" and they can't get a single judge to listen to their case despite having overwhelming evidence of the worst crime in American history - but they think they can go to the UN, or NATO, or the G20 and LEAD THE WORLD? It is to laugh.

*** - that's IF I believed the big lie, which I don't. I believe that the ex-president's historically low approval ratings were an accurate indication of how few Americans actually "approved" of him - and like every candidate before him with weak ratings - he lost.

But that's just me. If Trumplicans want to believe that they've been punked by the Democrats and laughed at by the courts and get slapped in the face every morning by Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. as he crawls into their bed to sniff their wives' hair, then by all means - keep on asking, "thank you, sir, may I have another?"

Carlos Ponce

Something is being done.

Jim Forsythe

Bailey, it is funny how it is always around the corner, or wait and see! They are hanging onto a fantasy that somehow things will change, because they are the chosen one's.

Trump lost because people were tired of the Trump daily drama show. The poor me attitude, is what lost him the election. Now he is on the excuse train and taking many Americans along for the ride.

Bailey Jones

Magical thinking, Jim. It reminds me of that episode on old Star Trek - with Trelane.

"But I was winning!

I would've won.

I would've...

I would've...

I would've..."

Carlos Ponce

More like Captain/Admiral James Tiberius Kirk, Bailey:

"I don't believe in a no win scenario."

David Smith

Only the Democrats can be above 100 % Baiey.. you know that

Bailey Jones

We give 110%!

David Hardee

After 4 years the first crack in the wall of the swamp. FBI's Clinesmith pled guilty to falsifying the document that allowed surveillance of Carter Page. FISA judge gave him probation. An extremely lite sentence might indicate Clinesmith is a cooperative witness. Or might indicate Durham is either stifled or beginning to make charges or criminal referrals. For sake of the country let us hope we see some more exposure.


Charles Douglas

It could mean that the court was complicit in what the mission of the "SWAMP" was concerning Donald Trump! This man Clinesmith was an agent within the vaunted FBI, and pleaded guilty to changing and falsifying a FISA document which allowed government agents of several American Intelligence Organizations such as the FBI, and CIA to use wiretapping, and other spying techniques to vertully set-up the President of the United Stateds using unique methodologies meant to be used on foreign countries, and all the presiding judge representing the FISA COURT gives him is probation?

This is a slap in the face to justice in America! It reinforces a truth proving that America now have a two tier Justice Sytem, one for those in power, and one for those who are under the control of those in power! We essentially have reverted back to a time where Justice in America resembled what we had here in the times of SLAVERY!

This system is shaping up to resemble the same system existing in China! China is virtually using forced labor or SLAVE LABOR, by forcing Muslims and those who they perceive to be a threat to them, to work in places like Xinjiand, China for free, and countries like America, Germany, France, and many others are turning their heads to It! Nothing is said, and it is business as usual! So it is no mystery that Beijing Joe, whose whole family has been caught with their hand in the "proverbial cookie jar" ....has benefitted China by signing a record 40 plus excutive orders killing thousands of fossil fuel jobs, and companies in this country.

One of his executive orders killed jobs on our Southern Border, where work on the Border Wall was ordered stopped immediately! Funny how the LEFT hates walls protecting Americans on our borders, but love walls protecting those in power, like the one circling Washington DC now! These people will send our soldiers to die in foreign lands to protect borders of foreign nations, but will curse and excoriate anyone who suggest using the military to guard our borders, or to help protect our cities from looters and rioters!

They are now suggesting the sending of Americans to CHINA to work on Green Deal jobs because of Climate Change, which does not exist in America! ( John Kerry ). How sad is that? CHINA and others will continue to prosper on fossil fuel ...while manufacturing windmills, and our leaders are cutting fossil fuel jobs, but expect jobless Americans to leave the country in order to get reemployed, sick is that? If this is incorrect then where are the green jobs replacing the jobs Beijing Joe is killing with his Pen? Right!!!! They don't exist, he is working FOR CHINA!

Jim Forsythe

David, not all is as it may seem.

"Kevin Clinesmith was not an FBI Agent. He was an attorney hired by the FBI into a legal position — a position in the FBI’s General Counsel’s Office. These are “in-house” lawyers at the FBI who handle all kinds of legal issues as part of the FBI’s internal operations but have limited involvement in the actual work investigating cases. Their responsibilities depend on their assignment, but as a general matter, they ensure FBI policies and procedures are being complied with by Agents and Supervisors as they go about conducting counterintelligence and criminal investigations. But depending on the case and the case agent, they can be tasked with performing specific tasks in support of an investigation. In the case of Clinesmith’s misconduct, he was tasked by the original case agent with finding out from the CIA if Carter Page had any history of cooperation as a source of information about anything involving Russia."

David Hardee

I used the possessive FBI's to incorporate the entire FBI. But you are specific and more correct.

A lung intentionally lawyer should have been a perjury charge but tje lemiency is for a reason, I hope. We will see more, hipefully.

David Hardee

spell check error -sorry

Ted Gillis

Well, I wouldn’t call this decision a big break out in the case David. The guy admitted to altering an email to save himself some time. This was the 3rd FISA warrant requested of the court as the FBI already had Carter Page under surveillance, however the 2nd surveillance period was expiring. The FBI lawyer would have had to send another email to the CIA and then waited for their reply stating that Carter Page was “not” a CIA source, which he knew to be true, as that was the CIA response included in the first two warrants. The lawyer was sloppy, yes! He got caught altering the email, Yes.

The judge even said that the warrant would have been given even without the altered email, so the lawyer took the risk for nothing. Now he’s paying with a conviction and a probated sentence.

I agree that we should expect the best from the FBI, not short cuts and sloppy methods.

Carter Page deserves to be compensated.

David Hardee

Ted. we agree with the fact that this employee of the FBI had control over the information that was instrumental in the pursuit of the case and that he INTENTIONALLY lied. I presented conjecture that Clinesmith might have got probation for his cooperation. If that plays out to be correct his probation had some worth. Otherwise, probation was a travesty.

You are excusing Clinesmith's conduct as being an EXPEDIENCY is what I expect from those that are progressive liberals. A progressive liberal has no standards. A lawyer (Clinesmith) also has NO standards except what is expedient to the objective.

Ted, it is useless for you and me to quibble because you and I have totally different standards. This punishment for Clinesmith - probation - reveals the depth to which laws (note FYI, Lawyers have/are a monopoly who write, administer and judge the laws) have become malleable/corrupted.

Ted, rejoice! The progressive liberals are having victories.

Please don't take a fact (Clinesmith confessed and was convicted and was NOT fined, or physically or monetarily given a punishment) and weasel around to claim it was justice. I still hope Cliensmith's a cooperative.


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