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Bailey Jones

Tell you what, you and the Texicans can secede with everything west of I-35. The rest of us will stay here and be Americans.

Gary Scoggin

Mayes. Feel free to ignore this bill. It’s silliness at it highest.

Robert Braeking

Read the bill. It is not for secession. It is for posing the question to the voters in November with a non-binding result. We all know that polling is rigged. Elections are as well but not so much.

What really needs to happen immediately is to call the Texas Militia out to stop the hordes at the border. The feds have no intention of protecting Texas from the infected illegal masses.

Gary Scoggin

Polls and elections that don’t give results you like are, by definition, rigged. Otherwise, you would have to admit that most people don’t think like you do.

Craig Mason

Infected Illegal Masses....WOW! Tell us how you really feel Mr. Braeking

Jim Forsythe

One needs to think about what secession from the USA would mean. Would it mean a end to Social Security and Medicare for Texas Seniors. It could eliminate access to medical care for military retirees, and likely end pension benefits for both military retirees and those retired from civil service.

It would also mean we would have to have military personal and have to built war ships and other military equipment.

I would urge you to call Rep. Mayes Middleton and tell him you are against this bill.

Bailey Jones

It's a ridiculous idea - just political theater. Every once in a while some politician decides that Texas hasn't been featured in late-night comedy shows for a while and throws them a bone.

Emilio Nicolas

Moronic dribble verging on sedition. That state rep recited the pledge of allegiance the very morning he introduced his bill!

Charlotte O'rourke

Welcome to Galveston Island, Cathy.

No worries and the HB bill is really NOT needed as Galveston is an Island in the Gulf of Mexico and hasn’t really ever considered itself as required to follow Texas or even the United States rules.


LOL. Galveston is special already so I hope Mayes doesn’t join the effort to pass this bill.

Ted Gillis

Rep Biedermann is a complete idiot and should resign. I’ve had just about enough of these goof balls and their goofy ideas.

Kyle, you can go ahead and TEXIT yourself at the earliest possible moment. There are flights out of here several times a day. Pick one, please. Heck, I’ll even offer to buy you a ticket if you promise never to come back.

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