Gov. Greg Abbott's decision to "open" Texas is premature and, if so, it is akin to mass murder.

And, for what?

Michael Moriarty



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Charles Douglas

Stop all the hyperbole please! If what Abbott is doing is mass murder, then what do you call what Beijing Biden is doing in letting millions of illegals through our Southern Border, many infected with Covid already, and most all of them NOT wearing masks at all! See, this what America has come to! Everything is about politics! Nothing but Hate, and Division! If ABBOTT is bad then tell us what does that makes Biden and the "Luv Gov?"

Carlos Ponce

You forgot to mention the 13 dead in California. They packed 25 into a Ford Expedition and crashed into an 18 wheeler. They were illegals urged by Biden's decree of "no deportations for 100 days". They came through the gap where the wall builders left off. Border agents are too busy with the thousands pouring into the border. Agents are too busy to take care of drug trafficking, people trafficking, child sex trafficking. And the cartels will bulldoze the walls already built.

Hypocrisy at Carrizo Springs, Texas. The SAME facility decried by AOC and other bleeding heart Liberals during President Trump's administration is now being praised by many Liberals.

Robert Braeking

Michael, Please! What Governor Abbott is doing is to return the freedom and self-reliance that he took away last year. We now revert back to age-old personal responsibility. If you want to continue to wear a mask that is your decision. The nanny state has recapitulated.

Dan Reed

Your right end when they impinge upon mine. If you are in public without a mask, you are putting others in danger, which is not your right. Sadly, folks without masks are causing the freedoms of us all to be limited, because of their selfishness.

domenico nuckols

This article is about little Trump. More people will die.

Carlos Ponce

More people will die because Biden is allowing immigrants into this country who have tested positive for the Chinese Virus.

"108 illegal immigrants, released into US, test positive for COVID – some wear ‘Biden’ t-shirts"

And that's only the beginning.

Charles Douglas

This article is a ruse to protect "JOE CHINA'S" allowing untold amounts of infected illegals across our Southern Border in an effort to recruit more RADICAL LEFT voters! It is about pre-planning to blame Abbott for what Joe China is responsible for just like the LEFT blamed TRUMP for what XI JINPING did by releasing the RED CHINA VIRUS on the world!

Mike Zeller

Dan [thumbup]

Chuck DiFalco

Mr. Moriarty, your shortsightedness is contributing to mass murder. That means you're culpable because people like you refuse to learn. I'm dead serious. I'm not resorting to hyperbole in the least.

Look what happened when elected leaders in this country felt enabled by many people's shortsightedness and made poor policy decisions to plunge us into an economic depression. The poor decisions, especially in 1930, are well documented. Dictators saw weakness in the free world. Japan invaded Manchuria in 1931. They mass murdered Chinese until 1945. Mussolini of Italy invaded Ethopia in 1935. Fascists led by Franco started taking over Spain in 1936. Have you seen Picasso's masterpiece about the mass murder in the Spanish town of Guernica? I have. And what did Adolf Hitler do to Poland in 1939? Ironically, he was assisted by Stalin of the Soviet Union. Once the dominoes start falling, they cannot be stopped.

Lockdowns in 2020/21-->Depression 2.0-->World War 3. I hope there's still time to change the future. Governor Abbott last year declared no more lockdowns, then soon after locked down Texas businesses again. I hope for all our sakes that he means what he says this time.

Michael Jozwiak

The ONLY reason Abbott opened everything is for the profit of his backers and his own re-election. Poor lives no longer matter to these KKKhristians and EVILgelicals. The only they care about is money. IN GREED WE TRUST is their new mantra.

Gary Miller

Michael> Sure is great to know people thinking like you are very rare.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Miller! I think he must have been referring to "Joe CHINA!" He is the only politician working today that is taking money from Red China, and who use to be, ( Maybe still is ) affiliated with "THE KLAN!"

He is showing everyday how much he cares for the poor here by killing good paying jobs in America! He Multi-Tasks by polluting the job markets for the poor and uneducated in this nation, by allowing millions of ilegals to come across the border who will compete with our poor for jobs, by working cheaper! In his spare time he sends as many JOBS as he can to the mother country RED CHINA!

He justifies his actions by saying " Listen Folks, China is good Folks, Folks!" "CHINA is going to eat our LUNCH Folks?" "All Mannnn, Come-on Mannnnn!!"

China today is America's official banker ...loaning us trillions of dollars our big spending Government Officials in DC are foolishly plunging us in a spiraling, oblivious hole of debt! China is also making the lion share of all our medicines for some unknown reasons to a sane individual, and to top that off, they are presently buying up all our rich farmlands here, ...we grow food on to feed our nation, and much of the world with! Again, any sane fool fresh out of the insane asylum can figure out why, but NOT our DC CONGRESS!

Gary Miller

Abbott is a copy cat. He has finally put Texas on the same policies that the most successful states, coping with Covid 19, used. The policies he recended were the wrong policies. Killing jobs without saving any lives. The MSM aplauded Fauci rules to help Democrats win an election.

George Laiacona

Abbots decision is instead to drift attention away from the electricity crisis. Many Texans want desperately for things to get back to normal. Many are waiting for the stimulus check in order to survive. The freeze situation only made the situation worse. The Republican Governor surely doesn’t want to be associated with the electricity failure. So he has keenly directed the attention of the disaster away from himself

Carlos Ponce

As a governor, Abbott is able to multi-task, George Laiacona. If the governor only dealt with the "electricity crisis" George would complain Abbott was neglecting the pandemic. Haters gotta hate.

Robert Braeking

Abbott is on a single mission. To further his political career. Nothing else matters to him.

Carlos Ponce

His mission is to further his political career. But the decision to lift a statewide mask mandate is right.

George Laiacona

We all have our own opinions when it comes to just what politicians do. You must remember their first priority is to be of value to those Republicans that donated to their campaign fund. Each move they make is to shore up their campaign fund, that way they can combat the onslaught of negative comments in their future endeavors. Positive and negative actions at this particular time are meaningless due to the fact that elections are far off into the future .

Carlos Ponce

"You must remember their first priority is to be of value to those Republicans that donated to their campaign fund."


When it comes to Democrats - You must remember their first priority is to be of value to those Democrats that donated to their campaign fund.

This last "Relief" Bill was 90% Democrat political payback.

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