I read the letter by Robert Bowen ("Trump just keeps getting in his own way," The Daily News, April 23) complaining that President Trump could communicate better at his daily press briefings.

Bowen might be correct, but the daily briefings are the only way the president has at hand to counteract the constant flow of lies and smears of the “left-wing propaganda media” and get the truth out.

Erna Pelto

Texas City


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Bailey Jones

[yawn] I haven't noticed the “left-wing propaganda media” taking issue with anything that Dr. Fauci and the other experts have been saying about the pandemic. What "truth" are you worried about?

Carlos Ponce

Bailey posts: "I haven't noticed the “left-wing propaganda media” taking issue with anything that Dr. Fauci and the other experts have been saying about the pandemic."

“Obviously, you need to take it seriously, and do the kinds of things that the CDC and the Department of Homeland Security are doing. But, this not a major threat for the people of the United States, and this is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about.” - Dr Anthony Fauci responding to Newsmax anchor Greg Kelly

You're right. they didn't take issue with the DOCTOR saying we should not be "worried". But when President Trump the very next day REPEATED what the EXPERT said.......[scared]

And when the Liberal press insists President Trump never listens nor heed what his experts say, Dr Fauci replied "To [Trump's] credit, even though we disagree on some things, he listens. He goes his own way. He has his own style. But on substantive issues, he does listen to what I say." - Dr Anthony Fauci in response to an inquiry from Science Magazine

Gary Miller

Fauci is a too long bureaucrat. He takes his orders from the "China" ecentrict WHO. China and WHO aren't interested in anyone but China. Fauci parrots what WHO says. Fire Fauci and de fund WHO for some improvement.

Craig Mason

So the truth is we should drink Lysol and get out in the sun? Oh I am sorry I was being sarcastic.

Carlos Ponce

Craig, the ONLY person who mentioned drinking Lysol is Nancy Pelosi. But Nancy is trying to convince the ignorant it was said by the president. And getting out in the sun is good... but not to the point where you get sunburned. Didn't you take Health in school? If you are a youngster it was called "Wellness" Class.

Carlos Ponce

A problem with the Coronavirus Task Force News Conferences are those "reporters" who want to grandstand the occasion with Liberal garbage. Yesterday, a "reporter" said calls to poison control were up since Trump's April 23 conference.

"Maryland and other states, Governor Larry Hogan [D-MD] specifically said they’ve seen a spike in people using disinfectant after your comments last week. I know you said they were sarcastic, but do you take....…take any responsibility if someone where to die?"

Trump: I can’t imagine why, I can’t imagine why. Yeah. No, I can’t imagine, I can’t imagine that. Yeah, go ahead please.

Trump quickly dismissed this since it was a misleading premise.

Truth is "The daily number of calls to poison centers increased sharply at the beginning of March 2020 for exposures to both cleaners and disinfectants" CDC. That's more than a full month before the conference where the partisan "reporters" made their false claims.


Don't believe the CDC? How about NBC News?

"In early months of pandemic, calls to poison control went up for incidents with cleaning agents" April 20, 2020 - three days before that conference.


Or the New York Times:

"As Coronavirus Spreads, Poison Hotlines See Rise in Accidents With Cleaning Products" April 21, 2020, also before the conference.


To attribute a rise in calls to Trump's April 23 statements is nothing but a partisan lie. Yet we see headlines like "Trump: I'm not responsible for people misusing disinfectant" and "Donald Trump claims no responsibility for spike in people using disinfectant". And the stupid believe.

Paul Sivon

The press conferences allow direct evidence that a fool is president from the fool himself. This B.S. about fake news isn’t relevant now, nor has been other than as a misdirecting talking point. Anyone can always go straight to the source to assess the quality, focus, intellect and leadership of this fake republican. When will real Republicans take back control of the party? Someone capable and ethical would be nice.

Carlos Ponce

By "Real Republicans" you must mean take verbal abuse and have lies told about them. You want them to lay down like a beaten dog and take it.

FAKE NEWS is not BS, Paul. Trump is a good president, a great president once the Liberals learn that their false rhetoric does not go over with real America. Trump will win in November. When he does, don't throw a hissy fit.

Paul Sivon

I’m sorry. It must be hard to be a victim.

Carlos Ponce

Not a victim, Paul, just an observer. I have often printed I'm not a Republican. I am a Conservative.

Casey Alan

It’s hard to understand when people see what a crazy person Trump is that they still stand up for him. The words came out of his own mouth About looking into the possibility of using disinfectant and ultraviolet rays to help fight or cure this disease. But people choose forever reason to overlook it. They tend to blame it on someone else. I was his big fat mouth that said it. He shows people every day with a fool he is. But yet there are people who refuses to see. It’s just amazing to me that people can be so ignorant.

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.
Carlos Ponce

Casey Alan, I see the man, you would rather see the myth.

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.
Carlos Ponce

Not to worry, Casey Alan. When Trump is re-elected you get an entire four more years to post your false narratives. But I see that as a sad person filled with hate. [sad]

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.
Charles Douglas

Mr. Carlos PONCE is anything but stupid. I have observed over the many years of forum participation ..many posters debate Mr. Ponce, and could not outduel him in debating the issues, but never have any resulted to calling him STUPID because they could not. I would not feel insecure nor ashamed of losing a debate to Mr. PONCE for he is very skilled at making and proving his point without making a fool of himself by loosing self control on a public forum!

Dan Freeman

Trump and his defenders remind me of J.R. Ewing: "Who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes?”

Carlos Ponce

History will prove Trump right.

Carlos Ponce

I just heard the Democrat slogan for the 2020 election. They want to pattern it after the 1980 slogan to elect Ronald Reagan, "Let's win one for the gipper".

But I don't think the Democrat slogan will go over with most voters, "Let's win one for the groper."[unsure]

Charles Douglas

Groper? Groper? Who would have thought that? Well it is getting late so they have been hiding their secret weapon out for the longest, but one day soon,...one day VERY soon, they will have to do what that dog did on the Wizard Of Oz! They will have to pull the curtain back and let old Joe out to see if he can cut it! I would be less than an INGRATE if I did not invite anyone who is not on that " DIESEL" an opportunity to switch over and climb ABOARD of the machine that will bring Trump to victory in November! I call it the " TRUMP DIESEL! [ "People, get ready There's a DIESEL a-coming You don't need no ticket You just get on board All you need is faith To hear the diesels humming Don't need no ticket_____ You just thank the Lordddddddddddddd" ]

Kelly Naschke

I’d like for the regular house dumbocrats to explain to me why the media is giving ZERO coverage to the sexual allegations against Biden......ANYONE?????

Jim Forsythe

Kelly, you will never get a replay by calling people dumbocrats. If you would like a reply, try saying, Democrats.

You do remember the quote from Trump,

‘When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the *****. You can do anything.’

If you want this varified that Trump did this and other things, talk to the following women.

Jessica Leeds, Kristin Anderson, Jill Harth, Cathy Heller, Temple Taggart McDowell, Karena Virginia, Bridget Sullivan, Tasha Dixon, Mindy McGillivray, Rachel Crooks, Natasha Stoynoff, Jennifer Murphy, Jessica Drake, Ninni Laaksonen, Summer Zervos, Cassandra Searles, E. Jean Carroll, Stormy Daniels, and others.

I'm sure that excuses will be made.

Charles Douglas

And you DID did not answer Mr. Naschke's question, all you did was point the finger at what the media said Trump did! Where is the Media when a Democrat is accused? See, this is what many people have to deal with in this zoo! It is what I posted about earlier! Cover-ups, Conspiracy to commit FRAUD, HOAXas by Democrats and any lie they can perpetrate against Trump!

Jim Forsythe

Kelly, you will never get a replay by calling people dumbocrats.

Carlos Ponce

The rest have been debunked.

Carlos Ponce

Okay, Jim First JESSICA LEEDS. Other people in the jet said it did not happen. If someone groped you on a full plane wouldn't someone notice???? And in an October 7, 2007 article, Jessica Leeds was upset with Trump because his golf course construction knocked down some trees. No mention of any alleged groping in the 1980s.


Carlos Ponce

Kristin Anderson told the NYT the alleged incident happened in a crowded New York night club. Really? and NO ONE NOTICED ?

"She claims Trump touched her vagina at a club, while sitting alone, in the 1990s." Problem here, Trump never sits alone in a night club.

Carlos Ponce

Problem is Jim believes these women with no evidence but Tara Reade has collaborative evidence, even he mother's phone call to CNN's The Larry King Show in 1993.

Funny CNN can't find the video. But it's on YouTube.

Charles Douglas

Well Mr. Naschke, it is complicated and simple simultaneously. See it is like the Kentucky Derby when that moment comes when the Jockys mount their race horse's, and the groom's and the trainers after hearing that FAMOUS trumpet call to the gate, start walking their horses to the gate, all dressed in their loud stable colors with their helmets on ..the works! Now ..you have to understand now ..before that ..nobody is going to get near those horses, nor see them for safety purposes right? Now allow me to tarry right here and elaborate a minute to draw a comparison! See, the Democrats, the LEFT, and the FAKE MEDIA .. are trying to win the 2020 ELECTIONS.. in the stable phase of the Kentucky Derby ..BEFORE ...the gate call of the trumpets or the race itself! Mr. O'BIDEN has been hiding in his basement for months waiting on the trumpets to call the horses to the gates to race! See, Biden knows like his supporters knows he has no chance of winning this upcoming election so all his AGENTS, CARETAKERS, DNC, THE DEEP STATE, The Fake News, Hollywood Pundits and others are trying desperately to win the election NOW...BY any means necessary!!!! WHY? you ask. Here is the deal, when the Trumpet sounds for gate call and the horses trots out and are led one by one to the starter stalls, what do you think will happen if one of those mounts walking out in racing colors to a racing stall mounted by a rider ....getting ready to start the race is a long eared MULE? Yes a mule foolishly going to attemp to win the DERBY Race against thoroughbreds? Yes Joe represents a mule in this race for the Presidency, and everybody in his party knows it. Obama knew Joe had problems mentally and that was why he BEGGED Joe not to run,..but to no avail. They are climbing the wall in fear Now, so much so you can smell it! This is why they have to win this race BEFORE the starter gun sounds ...otherwise they will be embarrassed again and humiliated again!! This is why we are seeing all their hands on deck! They are sending out their best liars, best spin artists, their best story-tellers ....they are getting Old man Clyborn and Shiffty Schiff, and other party members of low character, and morality engaged at yet another try to discredit, destroy or impeach DJ Trump! So then, it is getting close to that gate call by the Trumpets for Joe to come out with that thoroughbred! unless they can hurt or cripple the thoroughbred before the race ...everybody knows the outcome!!!!!

Keith Gray

Ditto Kelly... it's so funny how crazy our President makes some of our citizens. I mean bat crap crazy. Some of the videos I saw (and since) his election reminds me of videos that parents take of their small children having hissy fits...

Charles Douglas

Word on the streets is Big Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Struzok, Lisa Page are in BIG DIP. I would like to list what for but I be better off trying to find something they did not do illegally back when they systematically were trying to railroad a sitting President! They conspired to frame a three star General who served his country with distinction and bravery! This general is now bankrupt, but not for long! I hear tell his attorneys are going to sue everything and everybody involved! Ohhh, I would want to be his CPA! General Flynn is going to get PAIDDDDDDDDD! " I Be Glad!" I personally want Big Jim Comey!!! Lolo. ( He who have questions among the tall pine trees. ) Well Big Jim, Federal Prosecutor DURHAM have the answers to your questions without a doubt!! Won't be long! One of the things I learned at the academy was that Justice is sometimes slow, but "SHO!"

Bailey Jones

Because it's not true? I read a story and a hostile editorial today in the WAPO, and I've seen or heard stories on Politico, AP, NPR, and CNN in the last few days. A quick google search finds dozens more. Who is telling you it's not being covered? Why are you listening to them?

It's not the top story, of course, that's the pandemic. And Trump has taught us all that the accusations of women against powerful men can't be taken seriously, so I'm a little surprised it's in the news at all.

Carlos Ponce

"And Trump has taught us all that the accusations of women against powerful men can't be taken seriously" No, Bailey. If that's the lesson you learned you were not paying attention. All the women that accused Trump were lacking in evidence. People knew about the accusations and he was elected. They found the accusations either inconsequential or not credible.

On the other hand...

There's a CNN video from the Larry King show in 1993 where Tara Reade's mother calls about her daughter's problem AND

Tara Reade's neighbor from 1993 Lynda Lacasse recalls Tara telling her about it.


Tara Reade's coworkers from 1993 took note of her abrupt departure. AND

There is video evidence of Biden touching on women and young girls and sniffing their hair. AND

Tara Reade raised accusations of sexual harassment with her supervisors, including Marianne Baker, Biden’s executive assistant; Dennis Toner, Biden’s deputy chief of staff; and Ted Kaufman, the senator’s chief of staff - none who recall what happened 27 years ago. AND

Tara Reade is a Democrat and so is her ex-neighbor Lynda Lacasse. AND

AP talked to the two friends whom she said she told , and both verified that Reade had spoken to them years ago about harassment. AND

Tara Reade is one of eight women who has spoken about sexual mistreatment from Joe Biden. Tara came out after Democrat Nevada State senator Lucy Flores complained about Joe.


Joe Biden Denies That He Ever Acted Inappropriately Around Women. Uh-huh.

Democrats called for an FBI investigation of Brett Kavanaugh. Here......

Bailey Jones

There's the response we all knew was coming. Let me just go on the record here. If there's compelling evidence that any president or presidential candidate has sexually assaulted women, I believe he should resign. I don't care who he is or what his party is.

And thanks for backing me up about that "the media is giving ZERO coverage to the sexual allegations against Biden" nonsense, by providing links which prove the opposite. That was mighty liberal of you.

Since it's a new day, there is a new story - https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2020/04/29/sexual-allegations-against-joe-biden-corroborators/?utm_campaign=wp_post_most&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&wpisrc=nl_most

Carlos Ponce

Notice the date on Bailey's link - IT'S TODAY! Should have brought it up earlier. I'm surprised you didn't bring up 1993 CNN the Larry King Show. Not much was made of that either. It's not as if it just came up when Biden announced his candidacy for president. It came up on the King Show two decades before his 2008 run.

Bailey Jones

Of course it's today's date, Carlos - that's why I prefaced it with "Since it's a new day, there is a new story". It's been in the news for at least a month.

You miss on the Larry King show. It wasn't reported at the time because - "Reade has told interviewers she confided in her mother at time of the alleged assault. Her mother died in 2016. But Reade had recalled that her mother had called CNN’s “Larry King Live” and anonymously described trouble her daughter had had with a senator. The Intercept unearthed the 1993 video clip, in which an unnamed woman from San Luis Obispo, Calif., told King that her daughter just left Washington, “after working for a prominent senator, and could not get through with her problems at all, and the only thing she could have done was go to the press, and she chose not to do it out of respect for him.” The caller did not provide further details. Reade told the Intercept the voice on the call was her mother’s. Her mother at the time lived in San Luis Obispo County."

If you had read today's story you'd know that.

Carlos Ponce

Since it really does not exonerate Joe Biden I found it a waste of time.

Carlos Ponce

The WAPO editorial Just tells us what we already know.

Jim Forsythe

December 1992 — August 1993 — Tara Reade worked as a Senate aide in Joe Biden’s office.

January of 2019 — Reade first begins talking about her sexual harassment allegations against Joe Biden on Twitter.

September 2019 — Reade calls on Joe Biden to be investigated for his dealings with Ukraine

January, 2020 — Reade continues to praise Vladimir Putin on Twitter.

"I am in a creative writing group and in writing a novel, the poetry is part of the novel and the blogs because I watch and read a lot of Noam Chomsky."

In the article “Bring on the Light,” which Reade wrote in December of 2018, and has since deleted, she stated that she left politics and Washington DC because she was sick of American imperialism and because she “love[d] Russia with all her heart.”

“President Putin’s obvious reverence for women, children and animals, and his ability with sports is intoxicating to American women”

“President Putin scares the power elite in America because he is a compassionate, caring, visionary leader.”

When the anti-Russia, anti-Putin propaganda starts up, personally, I shut down. I love Russia, I love my Russian relatives and friends. And like most women across the world, I like President Putin… a lot, his shirt on or shirt off.

Carlos Ponce

Lucy Flores' statement:

"As I was taking deep breaths and preparing myself to make my case to the crowd, I felt two hands on my shoulders. I froze. 'Why is the vice-president of the United States touching me?' I felt him get closer to me from behind. He leaned further in and inhaled my hair. I was mortified. I thought to myself, 'I didn’t wash my hair today and the vice-president of the United States is smelling it. And also, what in the actual fu*k? Why is the vice-president of the United States smelling my hair?' He proceeded to plant a big slow kiss on the back of my head. My brain couldn’t process what was happening. I was embarrassed. I was shocked. I was confused. There is a Spanish saying, 'tragame tierra,' it means, 'earth, swallow me whole.' I couldn’t move and I couldn’t say anything. I wanted nothing more than to get Biden away from me. My name was called and I was never happier to get on stage in front of an audience."


Jim Forsythe

March of 2017, Reade made a tweet claiming that Joe Biden “speaks truth,” and encouraged her followers to “listen” to him.

A former boss of Reade’s who claims Reade stole from her non-profit animal rescue while she was a volunteer at the organization

In 2017 Alexandra Tara Reade praised Joe Biden for his action in helping stop sexual assault, not just once, but on multiple occasions.

Reade retweeted a tweet by Margaret Cho that appears to commend Joe Biden for working with Lady Gaga to end sexual assault.

April of 2017, Reade liked a tweet by the Huffington post that praised the former Vice President for helping men realize how important they are in the fight against sexual assault. The article commends Biden for the steps he has taken to encourage men to take responsibility in stopping assaults against women.

Carlos Ponce

She's a Democrat who wanted to put the incident behind her. When Democrat State Senator Lucy Flores had the courage to speak out then Tara found the courage only to discover the "I believe" crowd only believes if a Republican is accused.

But the NYT found her claim without merit [rolleyes] after a "thorough" investigation.

Joe, did you do it?

Come on, man. Would I do something like that?

Good enough for us. Joe did not do it.

There is MORE corroborative evidence dating back to 1993 than there was against Brett Kavanaugh.

Jim Forsythe

Received this e-mail today from former Nevada Assemblywoman and 2016 Bernie Sanders surrogate, Lucy Flores (D. NV), on behalf of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, in support of U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s (D. MA) presidential campaign. She was just shopping her support. When Sanders and Warren did not get the nod, she said she would go with Biden. As early as 2019/08/03, Flores in her hometown of Los Angeles, she said she will vote for Biden if he is the Democratic nominee. Why would she say this if she was upset with Bidden?

Lucy Flores, a former Democratic candidate for Nevada lieutenant governor.

"Even if his behavior wasn’t violent or sexual, it was demeaning and disrespectful. I wasn’t attending the rally as his mentee or even his friend; I was there as the most qualified person for the job."

If it was wrong why would she say this? Was it because she wanted a job?

Carlos Ponce

"Why would she say this if she was upset with Bidden?" DUH! She's a Democrat! Probably the "Yellow Dog" variety.

Jim Forsythe

You are saying she is helping the one that she accused of those things?

Could it be what she said, that his behavior wasn’t violent or sexual?

Once Bidden goes to trial the truth will come out.

Until then he is not guilty until proven guilty.

Carlos Ponce

So Jim, are you implying what Joe did to Lucy was acceptable? And the man has no shame since there is video out there that shows him acting that way with women and young girls.

Charles Douglas

Don't forget Biden told the World how he enjoyed young kids playing with the WHITE hairs on his legs! ( This clown is not fit...and Obama begged him not to run! Obama was successful in stopping him from challenging CROOKED HILLIARY, but he could not stop Biden from doing his thing this time. Obama knows Biden has flipped mentally! He is being fully "HANDLED" not only by his wife now, but by DNC & OBAMA specialists...because ..this Pony Soldier..is in the dark! Keep your eyes peeled as to how they will protect him from Trump in any debate which might take place! The whole world needs to witness that quagmire. The game and masquerade will be up then! Biden wants to give China back everything Trump has taken from them, and China can't wait to see if he can win. Cuba will be back in good graces and so will every other country who the Democrats in power have been "SUGAR DADDYING" ..with taxpayer money for the last few decades. No more borders, First Amendment gone! Second Amendment gone! Due Process gone! America will cease to be what America was created and organized to be ..if Joe the clown is elected! Look at the way Democrats are treating those who are accusing Joe, and those who accused our latest Supreme Court Justice of wrong doing? Due Process? Lolo

Ted Gillis

I read all of the comments, except I have to skip over yours Charles. I just can’t get past the first few sentences without losing the whole train of thought.

What are you trying to say?

You were obviously not one of Carlos’s school students. He would have never passed you on to the next grade.

Charles Douglas

Gillis I could give a " rip" concerning you skipping my comments! You act as though you are attracted to me somehow. I have seen your kind before. I don't care about you okay? I have a relationship.. go find you one. You can't resist trolling me. I observed this kind of stuff from some people in the military years ago. Hey dude... take no, and I don't care... for an answer and move on!

Charles Douglas

What is that saying they have out there for people like that guy? OH, "No means No!" It wasn't like this year's ago! Lolo.

Carlos Ponce

Charles passes! Not too sure about that Gillis boy.

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