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Paul Hyatt

IMO the TWIA Totally Worthless Insurance Agency should be shut down. You all charge a fortune and when it come time to pay out you are worse then even FEMA is on the pay out, but at least with FEMA my rates are not sky high like they are with yours.

Miceal O'Laochdha

” …let readers know that we take seriously the impact of rising insurance costs when considering rate changes.” This is a textbook platitude of the sort employed by every large organization displaying zero concern for the effects of their actions on those they are supposed to be serving. Mendacity at its most basic. As for this line: “…the Actuarial & Underwriting Committee didn't determine that TWIA was out of compliance with the law.” Well, congratulations on the high bar achievement of not yet having been identified as actual criminals. We hope that one day soon you will have your license to steal revoked.

Blanca Bell

There are several options in regards to windstorm insurance in Galveston County other than TWIA. Call Rust Ewing Insurance for a WITH WIND Homeowners or Commercial policy.

Wayne Holt

TWIA's legendary history of incompetence and lawyer-feeding frenzies do not go unnoticed by the observant. Our HOA was charge nearly $20,000 a year more (not the premium, the excess) for wind insurance due to the misclassification of our building structure; we actually got one year's excess refunded due to the incompetent inspection but not the previous years. We found out we were OVER ENGINEERED, not under our class.

As long as folks are recommending insurance agencies to discuss this with, let me put in my recommendation for GIA, here on the island and in Friendswood. They did a fantastic job for us and found savings (and mistakes in our coverage) our previous agency totally missed.

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