U.S. Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, Rep. Randy Weber, state Sen. Larry Taylor and state Rep. Mayes Middleton should have courage to stand up for what’s right. 

Recently, I read a story in my local newspaper that a 4-year-old girl died from COVID-19 ("County's youngest COVID victim was 'beautiful,' mother says," The Daily News, Sept. 10). What a tragedy that needn’t have happened. In the article, the mother admitted being a vaccine denier. The mother and other family members who had COVID-19 gave it to that child.

Elected officials have a “bully pulpit.” They can influence people to do the right thing. We’d call them influencers, influencers who can save lives. I’m asking these officials to exercise their power. Speak out against the misinformation. Stand up to party members — tell them it’s time to put the hateful rhetoric aside — that lives are more important than elections.

Urge anyone who will listen to run to the nearest vaccination hub, get in line, and get vaccinated — and to get their second dose, as well, when the time comes.

It’s too late to save that child and the hundreds of thousands of others who caught COVID-19 and died, but by speaking out, if they save even one life, wouldn’t it be worth it?

Susan P. Baker



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Carlos Ponce

Speak out against misinformation? You mean all that propaganda put out by the Biden administration, the CDC, Dr. Fauci?

If you REALLY spoke out against real misinformation Liberals will flail their arms screaming you are anti-SCIENCE. What they call SCIENCE is in reality PROPAGANDA.

And now we have Susan P. Baker using a 4-year old girl's death as a political SOAPBOX. I find that disgusting!

Bill Broussard

Carlos: here’s example to help you in your quest for reality

Example of reality:

1) The child’s parents were unvaccinated

2) the child came down with Covid symptoms and died within 8 hours of showing symptoms

3) Given her age, she most likely caught Covid from her parents who tested positive

Here is an example of misinformation

“The child’s death was an act of Carlos’ god because her parents were not good parents” in a recent commentary by Tucker Carlson

If you still have questions I can forge example using Ashley or the Q-Shaman but I suspect you already have examples of those

It’s you who are disgusting

Gary Miller

Bill > Her cause of death has not been determined yet. If it turns out to have been something other than COVID you will owe an apology.

Carlos Ponce

Bill Broussard, the 4 year old tested NEGATIVE.

"Kali never tested positive for the virus, and she wasn’t confirmed to be carrying it until she was examined by the Galveston County Medical Examiner’s Office."

Bill Broussard

Interesting. What did she die if Carlos?

Carlos Ponce

Because Kali tested positive for COVID-19 [after death], the virus will be listed as a contributing factor in her death, medical examiner’s office spokesman John “D.J.” Florence said.

“The child was definitely positive for COVID,” Florence said. “I can’t tell you, and we won’t know until after the autopsy and any tests they run after that, what the official cause of death will be.


Ted Gillis

Really Carlos, you did the same thing with the death of Ashli Babbit.

Ed Buckner

Thanks Susan Baker--and thanks, Ted Gillis, too.

Carlos Ponce

Not really, Ted. Maybe only in your mind.......

George Laiacona

You evidently don’t know that the actions of the Republicans that are supposed to represent all of us only support Republicans ideals. The Fox News Republican propaganda station will only inform you of the Republican Party views. If you want the truth you will have to look at an unbiased TV network or newspaper. We know just who the Republicans really are. Remember January 6th !

Gary Miller

George > You may be unaware that more citizens get their news from FOX than all liberal outlets combined. WE, Americans, fact checked them all and FOX won on reporting the truth. After you watch CNN you can turn to FOX and see how many lies CNN told.

Bill Broussard

Another example of misinformation

“ Washington insiders told us that Nancy Pelosi was heard chanting while wildly dancing on a toilet seat in the Capitol women’s restroom with the stall door closed saying “ I hope Ponce’s god takes a child from a Red State. It would be good for my ambitions to control the Western World and besides it’s child death by disease instead of abortion or cannibalism I am Catholic after all!” This was so unusual we checked out with two other of our contracted stall-stalkers and both said it was true but—no surprise here- she wasn’t wearing a mask! What do you think about the corrupting influence of strawberry jam on today’s youth?” Said Tucker Carlson on last nights broadcast

Carlos Ponce

Chanting? Who posted that? Oh, yes,, Bill Broussard.[rolleyes]

Bailey Jones

Yes, Gary - and yet we keep hearing how conservatives are being "canceled" by the "main stream" media.

Actually Fox News isn't the problem, they're not that bad, just right biased. It's what goes on at Fox in the evenings when Fox News becomes Trump TV. Tucker, Hannity, and Ingraham are mental poison that destroys the brains of all who watch. For proof of this I'll just point to to every single comment here from the members of Cult45.

Carlos Ponce

We'll remember "The Summer of Love 20220" with its killings, rioting, looting, maiming police.

Bill Broussard

Elephants don’t forget even if it’s selective, Carlos

Carlos Ponce

Voters should properly vet each candidate, their policies and platforms..

Henry Hansen

Yes, George we remember January 6th. Every single Republican in Congress immediately condemned what those knuckleheads did. And, Mike Pence, unlike our current Vice President, did not lead an effort to raise bail money for those arrested.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Hansen> I get mixed up. Can you help me? Was January 6th when a young woman got shot dead for climbing through a window in the Capitol Building unarmed, and the LEFT refused to tell the world who shot and killed her for just overtly protesting?

I don't know! Was it when a rogue, yellow belly General of The Joint Chief Of Staff, who committed Treason by going behind the President's back and cohootimg with the Speaker Of The House, and the Senate Majority Leader to take power away from a duely elected President by the American Electorate, and also if that was not enough of renagading, undercutting, and Treason, he called the Red Chinese behind the President's back and told them THAT HE WOULD LET THEM KNOW IF TRUMP MADE A FALSE MOVE!

If it ever.was insurrection, un-Americaism, Treachery & Treason in January or in that general time period....it was the RADICALS doing it! Why were they.protecting that Minority Securty Guard who shot and killed that woman for protesting? It was a thousand ways he could have handled that situation without killing that lady! If somebody disagrees, then please at least talk from being in Law Enforcement or retired from it with past trainings verifying why the guard should have ended the lady's life. If the guard had nothing to hide, why did the LEFT hide him out for six months before they let the public know who he was? Yeah! Right!

Charles Douglas

Anybody who thinks CNN'S crew of Don Lemon, the "Luv Gov's brother, Gupta, and that "Freak" Legal Adviser who GOT CAUGHT WITH his hands in a bad place while being on the air,.. & who also works for CNN, .. are honest and fair with the news,....are being disingenuous, and willingly dishonest!

These Liberal news outlets make no beef about being in the tank with the Radical Left! They not only pack water for the LEFT, They BLACK OUT harmful news against the LEFT, they ( Big Tech & Facebook ) ..censor conservatives, while they allow the Taliban and Al-Qaeda to say whatever they like! They also cover for their master the CCP out of Red China! I know the truth hurts, but the LEFT has always been known for accusing others for the low-down things they practice and do! Things like holding SLAVES, & mixing it up with them ..IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

Other low-down things they practiced were "JIM CROW Tactics" ...Banning African-American Slaves from being taught to read and write, another is SEGREGATION & separate but equal facilities! Another form of Slavery was "Share-Cropping! Oh I remember wearing second & third hand equipment, using ragged books shipped over from LaMarque High School! Oh I remember being BLOCK out of Blue Collar Apprentice Jobs in this area years ago! I remember having to integrate a public facility I the South in the sixties, just me and one other brave student who decided to stand up and risk the rope, than to be treated like an animal! I was victimized by all of these things from the LEFT, but physical slavery from two hundred years ago!

I however did suffer from the LEFT'S Idelogical slavery process they practice now which include " Poverty Facilitation, Stagnated Education, and Vote Harvesting" ..of minorities!!

I did NOT want to get into all this, but I...I was forced to make these remarks!! I love my RADICAL associates! Why would I get into this kind of verbiage & rhetoric, unless I felt forced to do so, Mr. Miller, ...Mr Hardee? It just does not make any sense!!!!!

Bill Broussard

Anybody who thinks CNN'S crew of Don Lemon, the "Luv Gov's brother, Gupta, and that "Freak" Legal Adviser who GOT CAUGHT WITH his hands in a bad place while being on the air,.. & who also works for CNN, .. are honest and fair with the news,....are being disingenuous, and willingly dishonest!”

I don’t think much of these folks either Charles.

Anyone ever tell you that you drift a bit? 😊 when you start out with Din Lemon take us through Texas city textbooks and end up with

Ideological slavery, you’ve covered a lot of ground my friend

I’m happy that you like your radical associates. I hope you all have a long and troubled friendship. Keep em near you.

As for me, I’ll keep the council of a person I knew years ago. He said “ Bill you’ve studied years sorting out how people feel and why they feel that way. Tonight do an experiment

When the sky clears go outside and yell at the stars about how unfair life is and who has taken advantage of you or overlooked your wants and needs. Include what you feel and think about everything

Then, watch the sky very carefully and discover for yourself that nothing in the universe gives a s$&@ about it”


Charles Douglas

Mr. Broussard! I want to thank you for making my point! I have long preached to my kids that "Nobody" gives a"fat rat's" butt about you, especially it you don't care about yourself enough to, Plan, Prepare, and Work your butt off to compete with the next guy from anywhere, or everywhere!

My point is we have plenty minorities who have been sold "Wolf Tickets" by the DEMOCRATS & RADICALS ...for decades convincing them of the fake love they have for them! I want anyone who reads this post to know I support what you said about going outside and looking up......and waiting see WHO GIVES A RIP ABOUT YOU! Thank you again for helping me out on this! Much appreciated!

George Laiacona

Here we go again, running off to a tangent! The subject is the “Right Thing”. Now that becomes a matter of political opinion. The Republicans have their idea of what it is and the Democrats have another. Go me I will always remember the Trumpers Republican traitors that showed us just what they really represent. Remember January 6th !

Charles Douglas

Like Mr. Broussard said I drift! I own that! Lololo. I like it! I cover a lot of ground like that! "POBODY IS NERFECT!" ....( Jon Wayens ).

Charles Douglas

I would remember January 6th, but I am having it so hard trying to digest August 31, 2021! From this point on I want you to remember the thirteen innocent military heroes we lost ...who died because of stupidity in the White House! ( farming out security to Terroists ). I want you to remember those Americans who were left behind when Joe China cut and ran from Terroists in Afghanistan, and many are being hunted and executed tonight because of Joe's idiocy, and lack of knowledge. January the 6th does not even touch August 31!!![wink]

Bill Broussard

“ 55pm

Chanting? Who posted that? Oh, yes,, Bill Broussard. 😊”

Was this bizarre comment meant to imply that I beg for rice at airports while dancing in saffron robes and with a bald head?

In catholic school the teach one not to mix metaphors. Chanting -as in Gregorian- is an appropriate word to use in a farcical description of a Catholic…a fact I was sure you-of all people-would know you bitter old apostate

Carlos Ponce

You posted it, you own it, Bill Broussard.

Bill Broussard

I do own it you bitter apostate

Carlos Ponce

Neither bitter nor apostate. [beam]

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