While picking up trash and cigarette butts, I've received three different responses. One man screamed at me shouting, “You are stupid! Trash is the city’s job!” One woman said, “You're a good neighbor.” And one told me that I was "just enabling people to toss their trash by picking up after them.”

What do you think? What's the answer to not having trash and cigarette butts on our streets, in our yards and in our water — the Gulf, lakes and streams?

• Is the answer more city workers? And if so, who will pay for them?

• Is the answer more trash and cigarette butt bins? And if so, where do these need to be placed?

• Is the answer education? If education is needed, how do we develop a program that will work and who do we direct the education toward?

Please respond with your ideas so we can brainstorm and come up with a plan that will help save our planet for our children and future generations.

Judy Glaister




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David Smith

I've posted this before.. but here we go..

I own property on the Frio river.. up there.. they have available at all convienence stores. rental stores etc. Onion sacks with info printed on them .. they are free and handed out to tourist to use as there own trashbag.. .. Comes in handy when your floating the river.. maybe Galveston can do this and help curb the flow of inconsiderate people who trash the beaches..

Heres another great idea to.the people that care less about trashing the beach..

Galveston needs a couple of code enforcers writing tickets for llittering.. just like they have code enforcers for parking

Brian Maxwell

You have to witness the actual littering and prove intent. It’s not easy writing litter tickets which is why it is the least written citation anywhere.

Judy Glaister

The problem with the sacks is who is going to pay for them.

Bailey Jones

Litter in Galveston will always be a race between those who care and those who don't. When the city reworked 27th street a few years ago they added trash cans. They are convenient for those of us who pick up trash as we walk around the neighborhood - but never convenient enough for those who litter, it seems. I'm less likely to pick up the trash on 25th street because - even though the city has done the same sort of sidewalk renovation - there aren't any trash cans there. When I walk down Ursuline in front of the school I'm always surprised by the amount of trash I find, and I'm left wondering why school kids aren't tasked to keep this area clean. Cleaning up your environment seems like a value worth instilling in our kids.

We have an indigent man on our street that I often employ for yard work, etc. Recently I paid him to pick up the litter on the street. My intention was that he just pick up the litter, but he got the litter, and the lawn trimmings, and raked both sides of the street clean - and was happy to do it.

We have a bnb across the alley that often overflows with trash. If I have the room in my can I'll usually pick up their overflow bags and put them in my can - before the feral cats get into it.

So I guess my advice is, if you don't like Galveston's litter, clean it up.

Jim Claffy

Ultimately, it seems to me, people need to give a sh*t. Not sure what is the best way to get there though.

Mike Box

Is anyone at city hall responsible for keeping the streets and sidewalks clean? If not, someone should be. If so, who isn't doing their job? Not just talking about an occasional visit by the street sweeper. It's an embarrassing problem, and not one a tourist town should have.

Brian Maxwell

By city charter, the adjacent property owner is. It’s that way in 99% of all cities.

Jose' Boix

I think we are passed "educating" folks on curbing their litter! We all should be responsible citizens. Adding rubbish bins does not work for the ones who drive by, open their windows and pitch fast food containers, sacks, "butts," beer cans and empty pints of liquor. Though not in Galveston, I have seen kids using the Nessler Skate Park trash the area but can't walk a few to use the rubbish bins! That is insane; I think we are beyond education. Fines and enforcement would be hard to manage - I think. Just my thoughts.

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