In Bill Sargent's column on gun control ("'Red flag' gun laws clearly are unconstitutional," The Daily News, Aug. 28), the first two paragraphs describe what the Nazi's did in the 1930s.

In 1942, British-trained Czech and Slovak soldiers killed Reinhard Heyrich (second to Nazi SS Chief Heinrich Himmler). He was one of the main architects of the Holocaust.

Adolf Hitler wanted to randomly kill 10,000 Czechs. He was talked out of this. Then the German Intelligence falsely linked the assassins to the villages of Lidce and Lezaky.

Lidce was razed to the ground. All adult males were executed. All but a handful of women and children were deported to concentration camps where they were killed. At least 1,300 innocent lives were lost.

The Nazis had strict gun control laws. If these people had guns the result may have been different, perhaps worse, but at least they could've defended themselves. What if the Jews had guns during this time period? The Holocaust could've been different. Maybe the war would've been shortened because it takes more soldiers to round up armed people than unarmed people.

The only ones that benefit from gun control are criminals and tyrants.

Robert Hart



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Gary Miller

The only gun control law criminals ever paid any attention to was the NRA developed "project exile". It included an automatic ten years in jail added to other penultys when a gun was used or owned. Also included was no bail, no plea bargen, no parole and no early release. Nineteen states that adopted "project exile" saw an instant reduction in gun involved crime. Criminals didn't like the idea of being treated like criminals instead of valued guests. Project Exile was working in all nineteen states until liberal judges decided it was too tough and they controlled penulties instead of state law makers. Real gun control is now judge control. No gun control law can work until liberal judges agree to support them.

Dan Freeman

Project Exile was first adopted in 1997 by Richmond, VA. The evaluations of the program are not clear cut. Judges did not overturn the program, which are still in place in several cities such as Rochester, NY. A recent summary of evaluations and the inconclusive results can be found at:

Gary Miller

Dan> Liberal judges did not overturn Project Exile, They just refused to enforce it's rules. They claimed they controlled the penulties for laws passed by lawmakers.

Dan Freeman

Again not true. Read the 538 article. There were 633

sentences in Rochester resulting in 3,411 years in federal prison under Project Exile. You will find similar results in other cities with these laws. This is a Federal not state program that has resulted in centuries of jail time, almost exclusively to minorities.

The problem is this "cruel and unusual punishment" had little demonstrable effect on crime.

Gary Miller

The crazy thing about "anti gun laws" is if every one were repealed there probably be no change in gun crimes. The only people observing anti gun laws are the honest and law abiding who don't need a law to do the right thing. Criminals don't pay attention to any laws, civil or anti gun alike, so why have them? Gun control people want "universal" background checks. Who will that influence? Only the honest, criminals will buy guns outside the law. Criminal gun sales can't be controlled by any law.

Bailey Jones

"Criminals don't pay attention to any laws why have them?"

Gary Miller

Bailey> That's why I think Project Exile was a good law. It was and still is the only law criminals paid attention too. Criminal conduct is against the law. Criminal conduct with a gun was a more serious crime with swift and sure penalty criminals sought to avoid.

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