In a letter by Don Treshman ("Beto O'Rourke is deceptive, support Ted Cruz," The Daily News, Sept. 12) he goes back to the current playbook of Trump Republicans. He attacked Beto O'Rouke for his name that his family gave him as a child.

He wants us to fear others by using terms like Jihadist left, aberrant behavior, deceit, subterfuge, radicalized socialist views, protester of American values, and funded by ex-Nazi supporters.

Rather than ideas to make this country better, he and others are attempting to pull us apart, install suspicion and create fear of anyone with different views.

I support Beto for the U.S. Senate because he offers hope — not the Republican daily dose of fear.

Jody Phelps



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Paul Hyatt

Yes, he offers hope. ROFLOL@ that one.... He hates our Constitution and wants to take away our God given rights for self protection. He hates the thought of closing the border and locking the gates, even though he locks his own home and cars. He hates the thought of the cutting of our taxes as he thinks his kind know how to handle our money better than we cane. IMHO I do not think he is even fit to run for dog catcher much less a Senator of our great state.

Christopher Fluke

You are voting for Ted no matter what, but just on gun issues, Beto doesn't want to take away your guns or prevent you from self protection. On the border question, since he has lived his whole life at the boarder, he doesn't think a wall will solve the issue and securing the boarder should be done differently.

From Beto's website:

"Texas has a proud and honorable tradition of responsible gun ownership for hunting, sport, self-defense, and collecting. Like so many Texans, Beto learned to safely handle and shoot a gun at a young age — taught by his Uncle Raymond who was a sheriff’s deputy and a jail captain. That shared heritage — that uniquely Texas experience — means that our state should lead the way in preserving the Second Amendment while working together to ensure people can live without fear of gun violence in their communities.

We should:

Require background checks for all gun sales to ensure that firearms only get into the hands of responsible, law-abiding individuals. This means finally closing the gun show, online, and boyfriend loopholes.
Stop selling weapons of war and high-capacity magazines to ensure that firearms designed to kill as effectively and efficiently as possible on the battlefield aren’t used in our schools, our streets, our churches, and our concerts.
Block the erosion of Texas’ license to carry standards by opposing Concealed Carry Reciprocity, which would force Texas to allow anyone from states with weak to nonexistent conceal carry laws to disregard our own public safety requirements.
Fully support federal research on gun violence so that we can better understand and address its root causes."

Rusty Schroeder

Only Hope that I see Beto offering, are the views of an ex-presidents wife of her husbands hometown in Arkansas.

Carlos Ponce

NO'Rourke offers FEAR.[scared]
Look at his voting record. I call him NO'Rourke because he votes NO on legislation that is GOOD for Texas, GOOD for America. He's soft on border security. And no amount of propaganda from his campaign will prove otherwise. Look at what he proposes instead. Look at his VOTING RECORD! If you hate Ted Cruz that's your business but vote for what is GOOD for Texas. NO'Rourke is not good for Texas.

Kelly Willis

What does that even mean!? He “offers hope”...these emotional tag words are what we don’t need! Laws cannot - I repeat CANNOT - be based on emotion. And this is all the left wants. No concept of consequences whatsoever. Here’s some of this ‘hope’ Beto is offering:

“Beto's resume includes time spent in a failed pop-punk band. And pop-punk isn't the only thing he's previously failed at - he's also a failed businessman who moved on to a rather embarrassing political career in his hometown of El Paso. In fact, Beto is extremely unpopular in his hometown of El Paso.

Back in 2006, early in his political career, Beto found himself with a big, giant, figurative-egg on his face when he was essentially accused of participating in sketchy shenanigans with a real estate development group that's local to El Paso [and also happens to be ran by one of his family members - can you say "nepotism"?].

A little over a decade ago Beto had just been elected to El Paso City Council when suddenly people started noticing a strange relationship between him and some local businessmen. An El Paso Leftist-activist named Carmen Felix initiated a recall petition against Beto after learning about details of a peculiar downtown development project that seemed to have a connection to Councilman O’Rourke. The activist and many reasonable folks from El Paso were outraged to learn Beto was quietly supporting and leading efforts on the development project to line his own pockets at the expense of local El Pasoans.

Please allow me to break down what allegedly happened in the simplest terms: among his list of disgraceful big-government political positions, Beto supports a government policy called eminent domain [government seizure of private property] and many Texas residents [from both parties] are strongly opposed to this law. In case you're unaware, eminent domain is legalized theft. It's an action taken by the government to seize someone's property for the so-called good of the general public [as if taking someone's property was somehow good for the community]. Sometimes eminent domain laws are invoked to build highways, pipelines or even parking garages. Suffice to say, eminent domain laws have a history of being misused and abused by corrupt politicians. The problem with eminent domain is that very often the property being seized by the government was previously someone's house or place of business, and those people don't always want to hand over their homes to the State [would you?]. If you're a fan of individual rights and liberties, eminent domain is not your friend.

After the petition against Beto started to circulate, he did an about-face and publicly claimed to completely change his tone on the idea of seizing a law abiding citizen's property for a real estate development project. On the surface Beto acted like he wised up, but in reality the controversy continued.

In September of 2006 a group called the Land Grab Opponents of El Paso filed an ethics complaint against O'Rourke and the Paso del Norte Group, a company who was working with Beto on the development project. The projected reeked of corruption. It was revealed that O'Rourke's own company, Stanton Street Technology Group, was providing services to the Paso del Norte Group [where O'Rourke's father-in-law just so happened to hold a high ranking position]. His father-in-law, his own company and his political allies were all benefiting from this deal. In case you're not catching what I'm putting down here, that's a textbook case of cronyism wrapped up in a nepotism sandwich. Beto allegedly used his political influence as an elected official to try to cut a profit for his own company and another company headed by his wife's father. The people of El Paso didn't like this news and neither should you if you're considering the possibility of Beto being the new Junior Senator for Texas.

Beto spent a substantial amount of his early business career working in New York City. New York City?! What's more Texas than that?! Elitists like George Soros think they know what's best for Texas, and are trying hard to get Beto elected - any idea why? It’s not for “hope”...

So while George-Soros-funded groups like continue to throw money at Beta O'Rourke, just remember: their association with him has NOTHING to do with “offering hope” to Texans!! No self-respecting Texan will ever follow the lead of a former Nazi-errand boy when they walk into a voting booth or his minions like Beto. Beto has raised millions of dollars from people outside of Texas, why do you think that is? Trust me, it’s not to “offer hope” to Texans. People in Texas are never going to take orders from a globalist one-percenter. This goes beyond party lines. We're Texas - we just don't listen to instructions from people who send orders via email from their New York City based crystal palaces in the sky. His money is coming from states that are a crap show and that certainly doesn’t offer hope to Texans!”

KA Rex

Nice cut and paste job. But no cites? Don't want us to know paragraphs from REDSTATE and Ken Webster and who knows what other alt right places?;

And seriously, someone explain to me how a nine-year old George Soros, a Jew, was a Nazi errand boy. Just not true.

Carlos Ponce

From 60 minutes:
Kroft: “My understanding is that you went … went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.”
Soros: “Yes, that’s right. Yes.”
Kroft: “I mean, that’s — that sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many, many years. Was it difficult?”
Soros: “Not, not at all. Not at all. Maybe as a child you don’t … you don’t see the connection. But it was — it created no — no problem at all.”
Kroft: “No feeling of guilt?”
Soros: “No.”.....
"Well, of course, … I could be on the other side or I could be the one from whom the thing is being taken away. But there was no sense that I shouldn’t be there, because that was — well, actually, in a funny way, it’s just like in the markets — that if I weren’t there — of course, I wasn’t doing it, but somebody else would — would — would be taking it away anyhow."
Then he backtracks, "And it was the — whether I was there or not, I was only a spectator, the property was being taken away. So the — I had no role in taking away that property. So I had no sense of guilt.“
A Nazi Collaborator at age 14 in 1944?
Soros’s biographer, Michael T. Kaufman writes, "He collaborated with no one and he paid attention to what he understood to be his primary responsibility: making sure that no one doubted that he was Sandor Kiss (George Soros' alias name)."
But George Soros' father Tivadar Soros writes, “He even helped with the inventory” - something Kaufman omits in the Soros book. No need to wonder why.

KA Rex

Carlos Ponce

The author of this article calls him Jewish, and he does have Jewish ancestry BUT doesn't believe in God. So much for labeling him Jewish.

KA Rex

Historically, Judaism has held that a Jew is anyone born to a Jewish mother or converted to Judaism in a halakhic manner (that is, according to Jewish law).

So what if nowadays he doesn't believe a god. I don't think the Nazis asked each Jewish person they exterminated if they believed in a god before sending them to the gas chambers. He was a Jew to them.

Carlos Ponce

He was a Jew to them - not really. He took an alias and said was a Christian. To them, he was not Jewish.

Christopher Fluke

You lost your argument at the beginning on your post. First, what does a failed pop-funk band really have to do with anything? And second, it immediately talks about failed business? I'm betting you voted for Trump and didn't care about is many failures and bankruptcies, did you? So when you start a point of view by pasting something with items that are either hypocritical or just flat out irrelevant, people on the other side aren't going to listen to your argument, it just isn't going to happen. When Ted, who's real name is Rafael, goes after Beto for using a nickname instead of Roberto, he tuned off people who wanted to hear both sides because of the hypocrisy and irrelevance in that one thing. I've actually voted for Democrats, Republicans, Independents, etc., trying to vote for who is best, but when the conversation starts with stupidity and not the real issues, I won't vote for the person. I wasn't going to vote in the mid-term because I didn't care if Ted won or lost, however, after seeing the attacks from Ted on Beto that are false, misleading, hypocritical, etc. and seeing Beto only talk about issues and not attack Ted with false, misleading, hypocritical, etc. narratives, I decided to vote this mid-term and it will be for Beto.

Carlos Ponce

Your choice. I bet you voted for Hillary in 2016. I spot a trend.

Christopher Fluke

Your choice. I bet you voted for Trump in 2018. I spot a trend.

BTW, I voted for Bush Sr. and I voted for several Republicans and non-Democrats over the years. You apparently missed the point, which is that when you start off an argument attacking the other side for petty thinks that are either hypocritical or irrelevant, the other side tunes out. When you see an attack on something or someone you care for, you tune out anything said afterwards. So rather I voted for Hillary or rather you voted for Trump has no bearing on that fact because if you want the other side to listen to your argument, you don't start off by attacking them with irrelevant or hypocritical statements.

Jarvis Buckley

I for one would appreciate it if these liberal democrat progressive socialist could just give the reason they support their candidate without making a derogatory remark about
the opposition. They are petty beyond belief.

Christopher Fluke

You might want to tell some of your Republican's the same thing. It isn't limited to the Democrats.

Carlos Ponce

I look at their voting records and only glance at the campaign rhetoric on campaign websites. That's why I call him NO'Rourke because he votes NO on everything good for Texans.

Gary Miller

Beto is about HOPE. Hope of getting id of the bill of rights. Hope of open borders. Hope of unliminated abortions. Hope government will spend more of our earnings with higher taxes. Hope of increasing poverty for more dependents on government. Hope Texas voters will vote against Texas success. Hope we won't think promises made before the election have any value.

Carlos Ponce

HOPE - sounds familiar. That's right, Obama promised HOPE. He received a grand total of ZERO electoral votes from Texas in 2008 and 2012. HOPE is one of those nebulous words that means different things to different people. It didn't work for Obama in Texas.

George Croix

After 8 years of 'hope and change' you'd think 'fear' would be what anyone awake during that time would have of anyone running another campaign based on 'hope'....

Doing the same thing over again hoping for a different outcome...very 'progressive'...

Mike Meador


Lisa Gray

Beto offers nothing but pie in the sky freebies, which as hard working taxpayers know, is non existent. The working taxpayers of this country know all too well the cost of funding democrat dreams. You don't get something for nothing and if you haven't learned that by now, you are either very young and naïve or a liberal.

Jarvis Buckley

I always thought Jessie Jackson was about Hope. "Keep hope alive."
Now it's Beto. Time has wings.

Jarvis Buckley

Cruz by a landslide. 9-10 points
Willie backing a loser.

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