Ray Holbrook's commentary ("Reelect President Donald Trump to save US from socialism," The Daily News, July 15) was subsequently refuted as not being truthful by two anti-Trumpers: Jane Elton ("Holbrook's campaign to help Trump was a disservice," The Daily News, July 16) and James R. Templer ("Trump Republicans should frighten you into voting," The Daily News, July 18).

One referenced a speech from Joe Biden that included none of Holbrook's points; the other said it was a fear-mongering diatribe. Any truth seeker can go online and do an extensive search, being sure to include the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force policy they released. The most radical, leftist Democrat Party platform in U.S. history is what will be found.

Templer, it is because we "do" prefer the facts that we want candidate Biden to conduct spontaneous, non-virtual interactions with public and press (as other candidates over the years have done), fielding public-initiated questions, as well as non-lollipop questions from a cross section of the press. Only select prescript events, with answers readied beforehand, have been Biden's norm for months.

A presidential candidate has little veracity in claiming to be near-quarantined for months for his own safety — a "virtual" presidency with other handlers doing business in his stead. Now that is scary.

Sandra Woodford

Texas City


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Allison Buchtien

Yes I'm an anti-Trumper. Watch out, I'm scary! [tongue_smile]

Carlos Ponce

You're not scary. But it's sad that you are not voting for someone but against someone based on false narratives. You actually believe all that anti-Trump nonsense.... so sad! [sad][sad][sad]

But not to worry, we still love you. And after Trump wins in November, we'll hear from you.

Charles Douglas

Don't worry Ms. WOODFORD, when TRUMP wins in November, the whole world is going to know there is a GOD IN AMERICA! ( He Who diggeth a pit shall fall therein, and he who rolleth a stone, it shall return onto them ...Proverbs 26:27.) Big Jim Comey, you listening? You blhave been mighty quiet lately brother. What is the matter? We use to hear his mouth forever, now we can't hear not only from him but nothing from BRENNAN, NOR CLAPPER! What's wrong guys?

Craig Mason

Just remember republican voting begins on November 4th. The preceding 2 weeks are for democrats to vote.

Carlos Ponce

Early voting begins October 19 and ends October 30 for all voters.

Craig Mason

Are you sure? Do democrats still get to vote as many times as they want to?

Carlos Ponce

In the election, each legally registered voter can vote only once.

Bailey Jones

How about people stop basing their political views on falsehoods and fear mongering and base them instead on policy? I've made this challenge twice and it's gone unanswered, so I will make it again. Show us where the lies in Mr. Holbrook's original letter appear in the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force recommendations, or the Democratic Party platform, or any speech by Joe Biden or the leadership of the Democratic Party. For convenience, here they are:

judges who hate America

universal abortion in all cases

all historic statutes would be destroyed and history in schools would be anti-American

all doctors would be federal employees.

The U.S. would have completely open borders

The Second Amendment would be repealed along with a new Constitution.

There would be a “universal basic income” for all

police would be defunded and mobs would run wild

Religious liberty would be canceled

The Democrats have a lot of policy ideas. Any principled conservative can find plenty to take exception to. Resorting to caricatures and exaggerations of policy to engender fear actually does just the opposite - it's an admission that there's really nothing at all scary there.

Carlos Ponce

Open your eyes, open your ears, Bailey. You tend to read things into Trump's statements that aren't there but ignore what Biden says and does.

On defunding police:

Ady Barkan: But do we agree that we can redirect some of the [police] funding?

Joe Biden: Yes! Absolutely!

All you have to do is open your eyes and see where police funding has been cut or redirected "mobs run wild".

Bailey Jones

Thanks as always for proving my point, Carlos.

Now watch your mentor make a fool of himself as well:


Carlos Ponce

Bailey, redirecting funds means police don't get that money. Redirecting is just a nicer way of saying DEFUND.

Bailey Jones

I know understanding words isn't your thing, Carlos, but try to follow me. Cops spend 1000s of man hours tending to mental health, homeless and addiction issues. Relieve them of those responsibilities, take the money spent on those man hours, and fund professional social workers to do that part of the job. The police do less, so they cost less. The job they need to do - catching bad guys - isn't affected. There are fewer cops, and more social workers. The amount of policing spent on crime doesn't change.

This is what Biden is advocating. I've advocated for exactly the same thing in comments to letters here. Hey - maybe I should vote for Biden!

Carlos Ponce

When people call 911 they specify what is needed. Calls are for firemen, paramedics or police. If they wanted a social worker they would not call 911 but local clergy, a mutual acquaintance, etc. When they specify POLICE it's because they think something bad might happen. How many police calls for a domestic disturbance have resulted in shooting or stabbing the responding officer? And Bailey wants to put a social worker's life at risk.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey, how many of the following would make the Democrat Party Platform for 2020?

Supreme Court Justices: Select the best available judge without preference for race, creed, gender and who will follow the Constitution of the United States, not laws of other countries.

Respect the Constitutional provision that no one will be denied the right to life, liberty or property without due process of law. (Emphasis on "right to life")

No removal of historical monuments unless decided by authorities.

Doctors should be held to standards established by peers, not the government. Physicians can choose private practice or work in private hospitals.

Maintain border security. Respect Border Patrol and ICE for following the laws established by Congress and signed into law.

Respect the Second Amendment provision to keep and bear arms.

Leave a person's salary in the private sector up to the employer and employee.

Respect police.

Follow the First Amendment provisions to make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

Bailey Jones

I take this diversion as further proof that you cannot justify the lies told by Mr. Holbrook. And as proof that you lack the character and integrity to admit as much.

Carlos Ponce

In other words, not any of what I present will be on the Democrat platform. Thanks for proving Judge Holbrook right.[beam]

Carlos Ponce

Commercial I would make:

Picture Joe Biden dressed as Santa Claus ala "A Christmas Story"

Biden: And what do you want from my administration, person of unidentified gender?

Person #1: I would like the right and keep and bear arms.

Biden: You'll shoot your eye out! (Biden then kicks the person down the slide.) Next!

Person #2: I'm an orphan. I'd like a mommy and a daddy.

Biden: No need for parents, The government will provide ALL your needs. Next!

Person #3: I want a job where I don't have to do anything, not even show up for work and still get paid.

Biden to elf : Speaker Pelosi, we have a new Congressperson for you!


Mike Zeller


Mike Zeller


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