It's beyond belief that Greg Abbott markets himself as a business-friendly conservative. Don’t conservatives promote responsible stewardship of taxpayer money?

He doesn’t do that when he impedes low-cost mitigation actions against COVID-19 in favor of “individual choice” that too frequently (and unnecessarily) results in high-cost hospital care or outpatient therapies that far exceed costs of vaccination.

Does he plan to expand his reverence for “individual choice” to negate restrictions on driving under the influence or indiscriminately firing a gun on crowded city streets?

In addition to the costs of the continuing spread of COVID-19 to the economy, Abbott is directing state monies to relieve costs of emergency staffing at overburdened health care facilities. The unnecessary loss of human lives to the virus robs Texas of productive, tax-paying residents.

How can Abbott promote Texas as a low-regulation state when he overrides policies and practices established by private businesses to protect employees and customers? He decries “federal overreach,” while at the same time interfering with decisions made by local governing entities. Apparently, the term “local control” means to Abbott that he controls the locals.

How many Texan lives will be sacrificed on the altar of Greg Abbott’s political ambitions?

Jaclyn Low

Texas City


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Carlos Ponce

The items Jaclyn Low lists are within gubernatorial authority in the State of Texas and within the Republican platform. Too bad Abbott only remembers he's a Republican around election time.

Rule 1: Never let a LIBERAL Democrat dictate how a Republican Conservative should act. Got that, Jaclyn?

Bailey Jones

Abbott's government overreach is just the latest symptom of the Trumpification of the GOP. Abbott has Looney Tune Allen West running against him in the primary. West - who is too crazy even for the home of "Florida Man" - has ingratiated himself with Cult45 by treating his COVID with Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, (as well as something that actually works - monoclonal antibody therapy - he's not an idiot). Expect more political theater from Abbott as he strains to hold on to his office by ever more ridiculous pronouncements and executive orders in an effort to position himself as the most Trumpy of candidates.

Carlos Ponce

If it was "government overreach" a lawsuit would result in removal of those rules. So far they have failed. But as election draw near look for more lawsuits.

Gary Scoggin

Bailey.., All references to Allen West should contain the word “carpetbagger”, as in “carpetbagger Allen West.” A construction similar to “indicted felon Ken Paxton.”

I guess if it was okay for Hillary to move to NY to run for Senate, it’s okay for carpetbagger Allen West to move to Texas to run for Governor.

Bailey Jones

He wouldn't be the first disgraced politician to be "gone to Texas". I like the sound of "Looney Tunes Carpetbagger Allen West".

When does primary season start? This promises to be hugely entertaining.

Carlos Ponce

Just admit it, you two don't want a Black man as governor! Very Progressive......

Raymond Lewis

How on earth did you draw that conclusion?? What a silly comment.

Carlos Ponce

Not a silly comment. Read THEIR comments. It is evident, Raymond.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Ponce! I guess you should have said Conservative Black man! They did not want Larry Elder, who is BLACK, to be Governor of California, and they called him every kind of BLACK SO-N-SO, and a systemic racist of all things! So I'm glad to see Galvin Newsome is closing up stuff over there, and continuing his rein of control and Socialism against them! Free people ought to have what they want! If they want the IRS spying on their bank accounts they should have it.Lolo. If they want the FBI calling parents of children "Domestic Terrorists"...threatening to jail them for standing against "CRT" in their schools, & for complaining about their daughters getting RAPED in school restrooms,..then they should have it, just don't bring that SMACK to Texas!!!!

Now we have dead Americans dying everyday in Afghanistan, because our Cut-and-Run leader LEFT them behind. We have a thirty year high inflation now, because he is killing jobs, printing money, colluding with China & Russia, and raising taxes on the middle class! We have as divided a nation as it was during the Civil War, because he constantly and consistently divides this nation by race and color, forever referring to SLAVES, JIM CROW, & SEGREGATION, and by digging up old mistreatments, woes, and miseries of minorities for political gains, votes or power!

If he is NOT discriminating on WHITE Farmers, he is calling WHITE school kids racists, and insinuating that African-Americans and Hispanic kids are inferior and need to be graded on the curve, or the curriculum needs to be "DUMBED" down because SLAVES were mistreated so many years ago! This is what's going on, this is what's destroying this nation which so many patriots worked hard, sacrificed so much, and even died to preserved for those who wanted to ascertain the American Dream!

I say if a man can learn who is the real source, and provider of mankind matter if he be BLACK WHITE, BROWN, BLUE, OR POKA-DOT, he can succeed in America if he will focus, and work his [censored]..OFF!

God is the source and everybody else can only be a resource! God is the provider, and everything or everybody else can only rise to be provision!

God gives seed to the shower, bread to eat, and he multiplies the seed sown, then he increases the fruit of your rightiousness. So I say "VIVA ABBOTT!!!!!!!!" This man is the only patriot who is trying to protect our borders and our people because the RADICAL LEFT and those deceived by them, won't even lift a finger to stop Drugs, Sex Trafficking, & Illegals coming from around the world crossing over into our country! Is this what we see now our new future? Really?

Carlos Ponce

Correct, Charles Douglas.

Charles Douglas

One more thing I forgot to mention! When I discover who God is, and what he could do for me,... even though I am BLACK, .....THAT IS WHEN I STOPPED BEING A SLAVE FOR THE LEFT, and walked off the LEFT'S PLANTATION ....that was when I stopped allowing them to buy my vote and to DO my thinking for me! I am proud to say there are many like me who have, and who are in the process of pulling their heads out of their rear-ends. [beam][beam]

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