In response to the article (“City seeking ways to regulate golf carts on seawall,” The Daily News, March 30): Please ban them. They're designed for streets in Galveston that have little or no traffic.

I watched a young woman, maybe between 20 and 25 years old, with an eight-passenger cart almost flip it over turning from 25th Street onto the seawall heading east because she was going too fast. The golf cart was loaded with people and this would've been a disaster.

During the height of spring break, I counted eight golf carts past 61st Street heading west; one was as far down as FM 3005. This was just one trip into town. I'm sure this happens daily.

How is the city going to police this? The officers are already spread thin during busy weeks and weekends. The city council created this mess when it lowered the speed limit on Seawall Boulevard. It's now time to say that was a bad decision, ban golf carts on the seawall and change the speed limit.

James Gainer



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Matt Havard


Gary Miller

Ban them. If they are not street legal. When cops stop one they should remove key and let driver walk home or call a cab.

Bill Broussard

That’s exactly what happens if and when a cop catches them. I would think, Gary, that people without seat belts would get fined since the TDPS considers them motor vehicles.

Thomas Carpenter

Yesterday two golf carts had traffic at a crawl on the Seawall, but nothing like the line of cars that stretched for blocks parked in the right hand lane on 61st street, parents waiting to pick up their children from the Odyssey Academy. Good grief, I don't know why the business owners put up with it. Entrances and exits from businesses were blocked by parked cars and the unmoving line created a tremendous traffic problem. Where are the cops to move these vehicles? As much as the golf carts on the Seawall inhibit traffic, those parked cars on 61st street create an even bigger problem. Again, where are the cops?

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