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Carlos Ponce

"The myth that the North was trying to control the activities of the South is just that. A myth." Au contraire, Phyllis. Reconstructions brought in the Carpetbaggers from the North. Aided by Southern Scalawags they did indeed got "control the activities of the South".

The statue does not commemorate slavery but displays remembrance of the Southern men who fought and lost the war - broken sword, dismantled cannon, Naval Jack over his shoulder. The statue was commissioned and paid for the Daughters of the Confederacy - a group Joe Biden calls "very fine people". The Daughters of the Confederacy in Galveston was led locally by Mollie Rosenberg, wife of Henry Rosenberg who contributed much to the people of Galveston. Mollie was the daughter of surgeon Charles Macgill who along with daughter Mollie tended to the wounded. The monument commemorates those men who fought to preserve their homes, their farms, their towns their families as noted in the Galveston Daily News of 1912.

Charles Douglas


Jose' Boix

To be "seen" and "experienced" are the significant and measurable changes resulting from removal of monuments. What will be the expected or projected change events of note? Just my thoughts.

Charles Douglas


Gary Miller

White racists, slave owners were the leaders of the confederacy. Monuments to them should all be destroyed. They were erected by racist, white Democrats and have no place in our country anymore. Democrat slavery was defeated, Democrat Segregation was defeated, Democrat voter suppression was defeated, Democrat monuments must now be destroyed.

David Smith

Good.. take away the boxers monument. im offended

. And my opinion is the only one that matters

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