So many minorities are voting and winning in Grand Old Party primaries that the reelection of Trump is likely. Democrat media’s lying polls will backfire, doing to Biden what they did to Hillary Clinton by creating the idea liberals need not vote because he can’t lose.

Trump supporters, if asked by pollsters, help them lie by claiming they’ll vote for Biden. When polling 1,200 Democrats to only 800 Republicans, what do you think a poll will say?

Violent turmoil in Democrat cities adds law and order votes for Trump. Some Democrats really do prefer peaceful security to shooting, looting and arson. It’s their cities, businesses and homes being destroyed.

Gary Miller

Texas City


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David Smith

Gary you never fail to bring a chuckle with your right wing myopia

Bailey Jones

So Trump supporters are really disingenuous cowards? Wow! That's quite an admission, Gary.

jimmy winston


Gary Miller

Bailey> Trump supporters are willing to help Democrat media elect D. Trump again. Are you saying the lying, lop sided polls are legitimate? Polling half again as many Democrats as Republicans isn't any thing but dishonest.

Mike Zeller

Trump supporters better concentrate on voting, instead of lying. " Democrats currently have about 1.9 million Floridians signed up to vote by mail this November, almost 600,000 more than the Republicans’ 1.3 million, according to the Florida secretary of state.

In 2016, both sides had about 1.3 million signed up before the general election."

Carlos Ponce

Mike cites " Democrats currently have about 1.9 million Floridians signed up to vote by mail this November, almost 600,000 more than the Republicans’. All that tells me is Republicans will vote in person.

Gary Scoggin

“Democrat media’s lying polls” - like those polls from Fox News that show Biden with a lead?

Gary Miller

After being called out on their"lop sided polling" Fox redid it with 1,000 instead of 800 republicans to 1,200 Democrats. Biden's lead in battleground states Evaporated. If the polls used equal numbers of both Trump had a landslide lead.

Bailey Jones

Gary, a true scientific poll will use a random sample of the population. If 60% of the population favors Biden, then that's what the data will show. You don't go out and find 1000 Trump supporters and 1000 Biden supporters, discover that 50% of them are for Trump and 50% are for Biden, and call that a "poll". That's not a poll.

Gary Miller

Bailey> they ask 'are you Republican or Democrat? If they are looking for Democrats they hang up on anyone saying they are Republican. Asking more Democrats than Republicans they get the Democrat answer they were hired to get.

Gary Miller

Bailey> The last time true scientific polls were published was several elections ago.

Bailey Jones

You're not wrong, Gary. I certainly wouldn't trust polling from Fox News or CNN, or from any other partisan group. But there are still professionals out there.

Gary Miller

GARY S> Polls that used half again as many Democrats as Republicans? RE counted with 1,000 Republicans instead of the original 800 shows Biden trailing in every battleground state.

Carlos Ponce

"Democrat media’s lying polls" - Why did they do this? To generate contributions for Joe and Democrat party down ballot candidates.

When Joe loses, those who believe those false polls will then launch a false narrative that the voting results are wrong. "How could Biden lose when the polls show him winning?" Some will blame the Russians or find some other scapegoat. Others will take their anger to the streets with more rioting, looting, destruction. Why will Joe actually lose? Democrats nominated a man who was once moderate but is now running on a platform that would make Josef Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Chairman Mao and Fidel Castro smile. And that's not good.

Bailey Jones

Yesssss - Sleepy Joe Biden - the Red Menace. [scared] [scared] [scared]

1) The GOP thinks Americans are morons.

2) The GOP knows that Trump can't win on his own merit.

So let's play that game I like to play. Please point to the planks of the Biden-Sanders Unity platform that indicate communism.

Carlos Ponce

Trump can win on his own merit. Most Americans know he is doing a good job. We just post to rub your nose in it when he wins in November.[beam]

Look up the Bernie Biden manifesto. If you can't figure it out then I can't help you.

Bailey Jones

I've read it. You're lying. Prove me wrong.

Carlos Ponce

Read it again. Have a dictionary ready for the hard words.

Dan Freeman

Trump's own merit? I have never read Trump and "own merit" in the same sentence. I wonder why[beam]

Carlos Ponce

Maybe because you have a reading problem.

Gary Miller

Bailey> GOP thinks liberals are evil. Democrats seem to think we are stupid but Democrats do the dumb things. Like attacking gun owners, thinking the Tea party is dead, Organizing riots to burn Minority owned businesses, publishing bogus polls, and too many others for this post.

Robert Braeking

Promise everything. Deliver nothing. Blame someone else. Vote Democrat.

jimmy winston

"Blame someone else" should be Trump's campaign slogan. He has never taken responsibility for anything negative while in office.

Carlos Ponce

"Blame someone else" was the Democrat mantra for losing in 2016 and will be again in 2020.

Gary Miller

With nothing negative too take credit for he just takes credit for his positive things.

Charles Douglas

"African-Americans are not like Latinos!" "Latinos have different attitudes about different things, and African-Americans don't!" ....Joe Biden. ( In other words Joe is saying African-Americans are ALL THE SAME AND THEY ALL THINK ALIKE!!!) This man is a RACIST of the highest order! He has been Racist from his youth because he learned racism from his deep friendship with people like Strom Thurmond and Robert Byrd who were affiliated with the KKK! Joe stood against integration and bussing in the sixties, and helped to compose and pass laws discriminating against African-Americans! He is fundelmentally wrong about all African-Americans being the same because here is one, ( me).. among many, who will never vote for him though many others might!

Gary Miller

Charles> Trump is expected to get twice as many black votes as in 2016 and half again as many Latino votes as in 2016.

Jarvis Buckley

Trump will win by a landslide 👍

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